Not A Catchy Title {but start here first!}

I tried


to create a title that would

GRAB you…

>> s u r p r i s e <<  you..

WoW! you…

Nothing came to me,

except Hello Again Friends! and Hello Again Left Arm!

Neither are very inspiring for the first post on a new site.

But both capture why this blog is new, why I am slowly transitioning away from SinglehandedKnits to this new place, With Mel.

SinglehandedKnits was the most incredible journey I have had apart from those of wife and motherhood. It was not only a time for me to rediscover myself, but to meet myself anew in a raw, stripped down form.

Many of you are familiar with my story:

Happy girl walks dog at home in Hawaii.

Coconut meets girl’s shoulder on walk.

Nerves decide to vacation after the stress of meeting coconut.

Girl relearns lots of things…and learns even more for the first time!

3 years later, nerves decide extended vacation can come to its end and

Presto! Girl gets new blog.

It’s a story as old as the beaches of Kauai…

Well, maybe not. But it is my story. And was my story. And will continue to be part of my story. But now I feel the need to move away from it. There were absolutely incredible things I experienced over the last 3 years that I am thankful for…but I would be untruthful if I let it seem like it was a happy, fun-filled journey the whole way.

Bottom line: I have wanted to be a two handed Mel every single moment since June 2011.

So can we all share a new adventure together?


I am thankful to everyone that came alongside me as I started the SinglehandedKnits blog. I am thankful for those of you who never met me there that I am meeting here for the first time. My plan is to blog, video, share, create here with YOU!

I started SinglehandedKnits with the intention of making 5 new friends. The goal hasn’t changed. Except now instead of Hi Five-ing you, I planning to give Big 10s.

Here is to hoping that we can still share the Aloha,




16 thoughts on “Not A Catchy Title {but start here first!}

    • knitstostaysane says:

      I’m in!!
      I can’t wait to see where I end up “With Mel”
      The last 3 years have been quite a journey for you, they have also been epic for me too!

      Watching you on your podcast, reading your blog, joining the SHK community have been so inspirational.

      I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again – Mel, you have a beautiful soul.

      Your passion for life, for people and for your craft are infectious and I’m happy to say you got me!

      There are so many things I would never have done had it not been for the SHK community.

      I can’t wait so see where the path leads With Mel


      Liked by 1 person

  1. mrsdennis93 says:

    Mel, you are the best. I love your photos that you have posted with this new blog, I cheated and looked at from twitter. You continue to inspire us and guide us with your knowledge.


  2. My life has been so crazy this year and I feel so out of touch with everything! I am so thrilled about your arm! Holy crow, you must be so happy and relieved? I love this new website and looking forward to following along on your new adventures.

    All the best to you and your family,


  3. Not sure when I first started following you Mel but have loved you from the first time you began to podcast from the beach and took us on field trips- You are fantastic full of life and just so very talented- I am so grateful for my new swap mates and Instagram and Melody- bmandarines, whpsticher thank you for all your gifts and giving – My life is fuller now because of you – I am so glad that you have overcome your disability but I must say I always thought that you would because it is your nature. I love your New website and the new chapter of your life- I will be following – thanks for YOU!


  4. It’s wonderful news that you have your arm back. That must have been quite an adjustment, and may I say, you seem to have taken it all in stride and not let it stand in your way. Thanks for all your sharing and ideas. More than one of your patterns have inspired me to try something new- granted some are still in project bags waiting for their turn. I’m enjoying the new shawl that we’re knitting, the finished project is great for Texas.


  5. mrsdennis93 says:

    Mel, i have a question about the shawl. Pick up stitches from the side and from bottom. Can you show me what you mean or speak slooowlu. Thanks!


  6. I subscribe to the Space Cadet newsletter and heard about your incredible, miraculous news yesterday. I just wanted to drop by to congratulate you and express my happiness for your regained ability to use both arms/hands! That’s just fantastic!!!


  7. I love it all, Mel, but most of all, I loved the moment when your left arm followed your right arm as you showed us the shawlette to knit along. I can only say, as you might, ‘I was so stoked!’. So happy for you.


  8. Mel, I so remember watching your first ever podcast and whilst I have had to watch you from afar due to life’s demands, I am SO happy to find this post and new site. Isn’t life amazing!!


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