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Mixed & Blended

My husband is Hapa. My favorite rice is hapa. The aunties on Kauai used to ask “What kine Hapa are they?” when looking over my kiddos.

In Hawaiian Hapa is mixed or blended.

That rice I love? Brown rice and sushi mixed together. One of the only ways I can make the rest of the fam eat brown rice. They love love love their sticky rice.

The Hapa Hubby? His mother was 100% Japanese, arriving in America as an adult woman newly married to husband’s haole (white) dad. So My Man is blended.

Little Hapa kiddos on Kauai are not rare, but they are special…as all kids are… but unless you live there it’s a bit hard to nail down in words the excitement that creeps up on some of the older auntie’s faces, deep in their smile when they recognize a little bit of themselves and their lineage in a small kid.


But distinctly maintaining the line of its heritage.

Some parts the two parts that come together have clearly defined lines

Other times the blending is blurred

I wanted to capture both in my newest shawl pattern.

image 4

Crisp || clear || bold || transitions

>—Right alongside—<

blurred~~blended~~marbled places

Creating 4 very district parts to 1 shawl

A shawl that is an effortless work of art to create.

Knit completely in garter, the colour changes are created simply without a bunch of loose ends left to take care of when you cast off

Hapa has a split middle at the lower edge and gives it an added element of distinction of parts that come together to form a whole.

The pattern will release very soon as a blended collaboration. I had a brilliant time creating this shawl using both handspun and millspun yarn from Infinite Twist.


The smallest shawl was worked in Infinite Twist Qinghai Handspun Spooky Purple & Dovecote offering a sampling of what sheer delight knitting with handspun can be—even if you didn’t spin it! And the simplicity of Hapa’s beauty allows even the novice an opportunity to use handspun simply and effectively to cause everyone to enjoy the handiwork!

Medium and Large Hapa were knit using helix and you will meet these larger Hapa siblings soon! In fact I will be sharing more details about the unique custom shawl kits available only through Infinite Twist!

What I would be interested to know is what would be YOUR Hapa blend? Share your colour combo below after visiting Infinite Twist‘s site, admiring all of the vibrant colors offered there and creating your own duo! Your idea may become a kit!

My hope is that the sun is shining on you wherever you find yourself,

Much aloha,




23 thoughts on “Mixed & Blended

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    Hapa is stunning. Such simplicity in colour, texture and shape together combining to create beauty. But then, that’s the definition of Hapa!

    My colour combination I think, would be something bright and something neutral. I’m thinking of my handspun now. I’ve just finished a fulled single of BFL/silk blend which is a natural brown. Then I have my colourful handspun mixtures of greens, pinks blues and yellows. Decisions.

    All of which is not helping the chances of me reducing the WIP numbers !!!!

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  2. If I was picking from the colors I see on the Infinite Twist page and had to pick 2 colors, my combinations might be:
    the Iris Garden and the light gray from the Carousel Scarf Storm Cloud kit
    Helix yarns in Sakura and Elbi-I’d have to look at that one in person since I’m not sure how pink and orange would go together
    or Helix in Hooker’s Green and Good Earth.
    I wouldn’t be plying the colors together, but making a two color something.
    Her colors are amazing, so it’s really hard to choose. I’ll be bookmarking her site for the future when I have a day I just “need” some new and wonderful yarn.


  3. OffToExplore says:

    I am thinking that Fluffy Clouds would pair really well with Meringue for a bright and cheery wrap! There are loads of good colors to choose from!

    I know exactly what you mean about the hapa phenomenon. In the area around our base in Japan, there are many mixed and blended families. I was just noticing last week at a local festival all the amazing varieties of features that arise! Just lovely!


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  5. I think I’d choose the colors Sunflower and Red Devil. Reminds me of a bonfire in autumn. Although all the colors are beautiful! I love the shawl pattern — so simple and elegant!


  6. What a beautiful shawl !

    And what beautiful colours at Infinite Twist…. I bet it wasn’t easy for you either, to choose…
    As I’m quite the autumn type, I’d go for Marigold with Persimmon.
    ( though I think I nearly evenly like Dragon with Ebi, as those colours would look to me like sea with sunset… )


  7. cheriherbek says:

    I am loving Tibetan Turquoise and and a lime green as shown in one of the bundles. Or Spooky Purple and Soft Gold! This yarn is brilliant! I love ALL her colors!


  8. deniseinchina says:

    I love love love that this yarn comes from my neck of the woods. To make this shawl I think I would use the colors of graphite and dovecote. I am planning my Chriatmas shawls right now and this would be a beautiful one for one ofmy friends he’s in Beijing.


  9. what a lovely new word to me – Hapa! my personal hapa blend is mostly English and Lithuanian. 🙂 I went and looked at the colors at Infinite Twist, and wow, I see why you love them, they have such a Mel-like feel. I’m tempted to try and combine Spooky Purple with Lichen. I’m so into purple and green in a muted way but pops of the more saturated bits here and there. My newest socks probably are influencing my feelings 😀


  10. westbrookstudio says:

    Wow – there are so many combinations I would use! I love Badlands and Dune. I also like Badlands and Good Earth. Clear Water and Fluffy Clouds looks great together too!


  11. I’m hapa (mother Chinese, father Caucasian, his parents were from Poland). Obviously I must make this shawl! I love infinite twist, discovered them when Susan Anderson announced a kit with them and have browsed the site but haven’t purchased anything yet. I like Good Earth with persimmon or maybe soft gold.


  12. I think this shawl is lovely! I just started getting addicted to knitting shawls after a friend of mine convinced me I could knit such things! I think I would use Helix Ebii and Tibetan or maybe Badlands with Dune. I don’t know. I probably should check with my knitting consultant. He loves to help me with color combinations. He’s 10. And lives with me so he’s very accessible which is nice😄

    Love the new blog, Mel💛


  13. I love this yarn!! Such a joy to knit with!! SQUOOSHY!! I think I have decided on a Sun and Sea combo in the Meringue and Clear Waters colors! Out of my normal purple and greens, but sometimes you just need something new, huh Mel?!! HUGS!!!


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