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Make Your Own HAPA {free}

I love this shawl!

I love its simplicity.kca-zY-EJBiUpTee4XzdpKaVJ2Cpw4UgA7fNGeOrLDU,LDkNeCZibpYqN3C4tGgibf2D89zRHzd71InFuIUjlXs,t8VbufY4Q1bK5AJnZt-4kyYSF46YJobInegTatv33Lc,2TRuD-lxHlz4Tdlxxyhpr1vGSMArwKso7dAqlbFMBWg

I love the response YOU have had to Hapa.

So here is your chance to receive yarn and a free pattern to make the medium version of Hapa using Sakura and Japanese Iris.

sakura and j.iris

Simply add your name to the With Mel blog as a subscriber over there in the menu bar.

That is it!

Already a subscriber? You are so in already!

One random subscriber will be chosen from the list. Saturday morning August 9, 2014 the winner will be announced here.

Don’t watch the waves roll too long as the drawing happens Friday night!

Much aloha to you,



16 thoughts on “Make Your Own HAPA {free}

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    Wow! A lovely opportunity to work with a great yarn and pattern combination.

    I think I’ll cake my yarn tomorrow. I should be working on socks, but what the heck!!

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  2. I’m so happy for you, Mel! The coconut was a crazy, random thing in your life… glad your body has healed! I’m coming to Kauai in September for the first time! I can’t wait to see your beautiful island!

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  3. bluebirdgirl says:

    Hi Mel, I was so happy to see you using your arm it brought tears to my eyes! It is a miracle for sure!! Yippee! Love the idea to knit a shawl with Mel, but I tired to figure out how to pick up side and bottom stitches (wee little ones 😦 and I don’t know how. Any tutorial you could point me to? I have never used fingering weight yarn before and it is so tiny. Thanks! Barbi

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