With Mel {Video 2}


K4, *K 2 together, YO* repeat 6 times, then slip, knit, pass

This update applied to viewers who watched the video riot to 5 pm EST 11 Aug 2014 Podcast was removed and edited to correct mistake!

Today I am pleased to share with you:

  • The next portion of The Shawl
  • A glimpse at Hapa in Marigold and Persimmon
  • An incredible new book
  • Helix Yarn Giveaway from Infinite Twist
  • 10 free Hapa patterns
  • AND A CODE: If you shop at Infinite Twist and enter the code “withmel” at checkout, you will receive Free Shipping and a great pair of snipping shears!

The Shawl Together:

Today in the podcast I teach you the applied edging. For those of you planing to go larger than the pattern suggest, reserve 40% of your total skein weight in order to ensure enough to finish. Another beautiful variation would be to reserve 25% and find an appealing contrast yarn that can be used for the center garter work we do. Resist the urge to just attach garter for the middle if you finish before we chat again! There is an important step to do in between that you won’t want to miss.

As you work the shawl, consider sharing some photos for everyone to see! You may mail them to me:

mel4shk {at} gmail {dot} com

I would love to include your beautiful handiwork in a slide show here on the blog. There will also be an update to Ravelry so those of you wishing to add this to your project may do so. That information will be announced Wednesday here on the blog so be sure to pop in and get that info!


The largest size is such a comforting wrap! I have had a blast playing with different ways to wear it! I look forward to showing off photos of this beautiful version in weeks ahead!

Bookshelf Addition:

Dutch Traditional Ganseys is a rich book filled with history and heritage of mind-blowing sweaters. The photos are beautiful and peppered with so many things you don’t see right away..or the second time or the third time you look! I am delighted beyond measure with this book. If you aren’t at a place where you want to add to your book collection by purchasing it, I encourage you to ask your library! My husband, my mum, my littlest daughter and son have enjoyed looking through it. Eldest daughter is a bit confused as to why I purchased it, but secretly wants to get her hands on it…if only she could get the opportunity!

Helix Yarn & Pattern Giveaway:

Well CONGRATS to You eileensblog! You were randomly chosen to receive the 2 skeins of Helix and a free Hapa Pattern! Please leave me a message in the comments below and email me at the aforementioned address to claim your prize! You have 2 weeks to claim the prize so hurry!

To Everyone reading this:

I love sharing treats with you! But it isn’t just me sharing with you. This particular treat was provided by Infinite Twist. Can you join me in offering her a solid Mahalo either on her blog or via twitter? It is very generous for businesses to extend kindnesses to others. I hope we can show our gratitude collectively by keeping in touch with our awesome benefactors! =)

10 Free Hapa Pattern winners are shared in the podcast!

I am glad we were able to catch up today! Keep your fingers crossed we have better weather so we can go off exploring!

Much Aloha,





23 thoughts on “With Mel {Video 2}

  1. Hi Mel,

    In making the shawl larger, I’m changing my rate of increases later. Can you give me a percentage of when to do that (at 2/3 of the body seems to be when you did it)? Does the rate change make the shawl start getting deeper rather than longer?

    Also, do we just need to make sure the ending number of stitches on the body is divisible by 3, or is it “divisible by 3 plus a a certain number of stitches for the beginning and ending garter rows” for the applied edging?

    I’m using a smaller needle and my gauge is usually a little tighter than yours so I don’t want too small of a shawlette to be wearable.

    Hapa is really cute too. My budget is too tight for it right now, but it love the marigold and persimmon together. So sunshiny and cheerful!!!!



    • Hi there Sally!
      In the podcast I chat about reserving a certain amount in order to ensure enough yardage to apply the border. I would hold to that if I made changes to the shawl. You can change things within the shawl as you feel adventurous enough about trying, but I would maintain a 60/40 spilt with your total weight to ensure ample yarn for the edges. If you have a complimentary yarn that you could use in the center garter applied edge then to could make it a 70/30 or 75/25 split.
      Your final number needs to be divisible by 3 as we will break the shawl in to 3 segments to apply the border, so create your final number with that goal in mind. Having said that you could always add a few more rows of garter to the ends… I hate to ever have a hard and fast rule to give to adventurous knitters. I find if they are willing to change the pattern up, they are super clever and can always rearrange anything I say to suit their needs! YOU are definitely one of those clever adventurers!
      Hapa will be around for awhile! Don’t are knitting a beautiful shawl right now with lovely yarn! I hate to make people feel like they need to knit and buy everything I share. When the time comes that you want to knit Hapa in those beautiful Helix colours, remind me that I said we would knit it together. I will join you when you are ready. Perhaps then we will both be back on Kauai. =)


      • Thanks, Mel. I did watch and hear what you said about the amount to reserve for the edging. I was specifically asking about the rate change from increasing 2 st/row to 1 st/row in the body. Does that make the depth start growing faster than the length? I want my shawl to be long and shallow so my brain says to change that rate later. That was what I was trying to confirm with you.


        • Yes! You are correct. It slows down the expansion of the shawl and concentrated more on depth. It sounded to me like you were on the right path which is why I didn’t comment. You seem like you are set! Happy Knitting!


          • Awesome! Thank you! I will get Hapa as soon as it’s individually released so that I can get yarn when I’m able. Both shawls are so nice and designs I would wear.

            BTW, it was nice to see you knitting. You “flick” kinda like me when you knit. Will you go back to left-handed knitting at some point?


  2. knitstostaysane says:

    Finally I sat down to knit with you tonight. Phew. What a day! I loved chilling with you, my knitting and a nice cup of tea. Happy days. I’ve made a note of this week’s homework 😉 and I’ll be working on it while I’m with my other half in hospital. I’ll need plenty to keep my mind occupied. And then Wednesday sees Hapa launch. Squee! My yarn is caked and ready to go !! Can’t wait!!


  3. OffToExplore says:

    I started my shawl in commercial yarn, but I have handspun drying for the edging. I think I might use the original yarn for the garter band as well. I am having a lot of fun knitting along with everyone!


  4. I was thrilled to reconnect with your new blog and to find you in beautiful NC! What a blessing to see that you have regained the use of you arm; you are such an inspiration.
    I am a hat and sock knitter and would like to try a shawl and I was delighted to find your KAL with such great instructions.
    Thank you,
    Judy from SLC, UT


  5. Thank you Mel, I will email you some of the pictures – I did start a Raverly Project page, and will change it when you give us the information. Thank you for taking me on so many journeys. In my hectic life, it is a Blessing to sit and knit and dream I’m walking with you on the beach, or in a garden, or next to you! I loved how you switched the camera angles to teach me how to do the applied edging. I won’t lie, I’m a bit nervous, so I watched it before I need it, then when its time to do the applied edging, I’ll come back and look over your shoulder – perfect camera angle, thank you! I hope I make you feel as important to me – as you make me feel! You truly are a gifted person and I thank you for sharing and giving of yourself! Mahalo indeed!


  6. Mel,
    Approximately how many yards are needed for this. I am close to finished with the first part using a partial skein that started with 72 grams and am pretty sure I am not going to have enough yarn. Thanks


    • Since I like actual numbers, I thought I’d add this: Mel says in the first video that she only used 60 grams of her skein on her first shawl, so if the skein was 420 yards, the whole shawl would have been approximately 252 yards. If reserving 40% of that 60 grams for the edging, then the edging would take approximately 100 yards. Of course, if you make yours larger, then those numbers would change. If your skein has 400 yards and you want to use all of it, you would need approximately 160 yards for the edging.



  7. deniseinchina says:

    I watched video one last week when I was away from home, away from my stash and didn’t get to start the shawl till two days ago. I finished the garter stitch part in record time. I was so happy to be able to watch video two today and start the applied edging. I will send photos later today. I am knitting mine in a malabrigo sock, turner color way, which is an olive green color. I love my greens.


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  9. I love the marigold/persimmon combo ! To me a persimmon looks a bit like a kaki ( ), do they also taste similar ? ( Never seen a persimmon here in Nederland.. )

    And ow… that book ! I had already heard some about it on the radio a good while ago, but I still dont’ own my own copy, shame on me… Now that you’ve shared glimpses of the actual inside, it sure is high on my list 🙂


  10. I have some confusion – perhaps it’s because I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee yet ;-). You give a number of repeats that you will do to constitute using 1/3 of the body stitches, but aren’t you only using a body stitch every OTHER row? Did I miss something?



    • Aloha! When you watch video 3 you will see I do fewer repeats (as I share on the video) for a few different reasons. One being to address a possible change of colour spot for those people not using the recommended yarns (and yardage). Also in video 3 I knit using fewer stitches to save time when teaching you all.
      Hope this helps and enjoy your coffee!


  11. Dear Mel,
    regrettably I’m a bit behind on the Menehune shawl because my work was more demanding than I had hoped these last few weeks, but whenever I have the chance, I take my knitting with me and add another couple of rows. This week I was able to finish the first part, so I started watching this video. To my surprise you are showing a book that I’ve been looking at only last weekend! (only my copy was in Dutch) My mother had borrowed it from the library, after I had asked her some questions about knitting sweaters. By the way: you pronounce Urk exactly the right way and if you ever come to Holland and ask to go to Katwijk the way you said it, everyone will understand.
    It’s great knitting along, even if you’ve already finished by now, I really enjoy your stories.


    • I am thankful you took the time to let me know I wasn’t too far off the mark! And take your time knitting with us! One of the joys of knitting along with the podcast is determining when you are prepared to do the next part with no pressure! =)


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