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Menehune: Small Adds Up!

Aloha Friends!

Happy Friday to All! I hope your last workday of the week {for many} is productive and encouraging. We have the opportunity each day to do small things that can make a huge impact. You may not see a small smile and cheerful “Good Day!” as much, but to the recipient of that…well, maybe their ears haven’t heard a word and a smile to spur them on in a long time. Holding the door for 3, 4, 5, even 6 folks to go ahead of you isn’t a big deal, after all it sets you back what? 45 seconds? But to the person with their hands full {or arms sore} your gesture was as cold water to a parched throat.

Small pieces add up! Grabbing 10 minutes a day to knit yields over n each week! Picking up three pieces of trash on your way out of the bookstore is three fewer bits of trash! Writing that thank you card and handing it to the cashier as you leave the grocery is a good idea. All of us doing one nice thing would add up to a bunch of little nice things!

It is like the Menehune… the small people of legends in Hawaii. Overnight they built the most beautiful fishpond! I remember kayaking with the family through there and hearing the story for the first time. It went something like this:

The Alekoko Fishpond is near Nawiliwili Harbor and can be viewed from an overlook on Hulemalu Road, which was just up the road from where I lived once upon a time…
Legend has it the fishpond was built overnight by Menehune, Hawaii’s mischievous little people who were incredible engineers! Menehune aren’t seen very often, in fact they generally stick to the deep forest hidden away from the bigger folk. The Alekoko Pond was built by the Menehune overnight legend says by working together, each doing a small important part. They managed this amazing task by lining up for 25 miles, passing stones hand-to-hand to build the pond, which is incredibly beautiful!
Menehune are small but impact Kauai in a huge way…

That little excerpt is pulled from the Menehune Shawl pattern page on Ravelry. It is a free Knit With Me activity we are doing together on the podcast. Part 1 and Part 2 are up with knitters plugging along . I share the directions and visuals in bites, with a new segment and variations to post this weekend. You can knit Menehune this way gratis! If you want to wait just a bit longer you can purchase the written instructions in the more traditional way 29 August 2014.

Quick details for Menehune Shawl: {men-ah-hune-ā}

I recommend HIGHLY ENTHUSIASTICALLY UNASHAMEDLY recommend =) CopperCorgi Stormy Marsh on her sock base. The colour is at once deep and moody with pops of brighter spots that lighten the mood. (If you want to see a better look in the sidebar menu there is a button for CopperCorgi. The yarn in that photo is Stormy Marsh. For better views click that button and head over to see Sarah’s photography skills 😉

Gauge   18 stitches and 38 rows = 4 inches in Gauge: 18 sts by 38 rows in garter after soaking and blocking

Needle size   US 6 – 4.0 mm
Yardage  420 – 450 yards (384 – 411 m)
Sizes available  One size with variations
I share the variations of the shawl for those who are wanting to knit with a different yarn from stash. They may have less yardage, different weight, want to create a different size. There have been lots of interesting alterations. I share some hints and suggestions, but encourage you to be flexible and patient with yourself if you decide to change Menehune. Altering a pattern in stitch count, yarn weight, or hosts of other things takes an adventurous spirit as well as creative ownership! You should be ready and prepared to head out in to uncharted territory…and those sometimes reveal spectacular views not seen by many!
 I look forward to seeing you when we chat this weekend! I took you somewhere simply incredible. We will add more to our shawl and I will share a few things I have been up to…and expect you to be ready to share your things as well!
Before you click out of this blog, be sure to re-read the different ways You can make a simple gesture go a long way today…and then do one! In the comments below be sure to share with us some simple thing you think might be a great effective kindness to do! The best ideas are sometimes the simplest!



9 thoughts on “Menehune: Small Adds Up!

  1. I try to smile and greet everyone I see in the halls at work everyday. Sometimes we are so engrossed in our day that we forget to pause and take time to recognize others around us. Thank you Mel for reminding me of this. Happy Friday, oh and I have two shawls started and patiently waiting for the next instruction release.
    Aloha to you too😜


  2. knitstostaysane says:

    I’m a firm believer in the “little things”. You never know when a little thing you do can make someone’s day or even week!
    Sometimes, just giving a minute of your time can brighten the darkest of days you never even knew existed.


  3. I find a lot of little things take place in the grocery store! I never fail chatting with people out of the blue, even sharing recipes or
    sharing how to cook and eat an artichoke! And meeting friends in a long line waiting to checkout!


  4. I am quite tall and I love, love, LOVE helping those who are not, particularly elderly ladies and gentlemen, reach things on shelves at the grocery store. (just last night it was Maxwell House Coffee Bags – “two boxes while you’re up there young lady!”)
    I’m loving my Menehune shawl and now I have something to call it!


  5. Mel! I love the name and I was just popping in to tell you how much this shawl has meant to me…Last Friday my husband went in for emergency surgery (his appendix ruptured) and as I was there during his surgery and then recovery I was knitting on this shawl. It has been such a comfort to me as it is easy to knit and I just needed something to keep my hands busy while hubby slept and recovered. So I guess this is your little things adding up to big things as this shawl has kept my sanity through some stressful times this week!!!! A little shawl to knit but a big blessing to me!! I am sending you lots of hugs and wanted you to know how very special this shawl is to me.


  6. With all the technology around us we have become focused more on machines than people. I make it a point to make eye contact and speak to the person on the other side of the counter whenever I am out and about.


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  8. Reblogged this on msknits's Blog and commented:
    My Menehune is sooo close to being finished! Have you ever had a pattern that was so easy and worked up so quickly that you had to stop and check to make sure you were doing it right? This is that pattern for me.
    I will be making more Menehune in different colour ways. #love #Menehune


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