With Mel {Video 3}


{Featured photo is the beautiful spot we had our picnic after filming the podcast}

Aloha Friends!

Join me today as we add even more to the Menehune Shawl! Once we are set with how to knit the next portion, adventure on the water awaits us! So grab your knitting Dear One and let’s enjoy some beautiful sights together!


21 thoughts on “With Mel {Video 3}

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    Water, water everywhere!

    This morning I loved watching you all cruise around the lake as big fat rain fell out of the sky where I am. They don’t call it the Lake District for nothing! Menehune is knitting up beautifully. I can’t wait to finish it up with you next week.

    Have a lovely week.


    Ellen x


  2. OffToExplore says:

    What a wonderful location! The lake with the cypress trees is just magical, otherworldly! Thank you for sharing it with us, and thanks to your family for sitting quietly to let you chat! I don’t know that mine could have done it (though admittedly my kiddo is a lot younger than yours)!

    You didn’t mention what to do when we come to the end of the garter section. Should we stop there for the week or continue back into the lace pattern? If the latter, is there anything special we need to do?


    • Aloha Friend!
      The fam is fantastic but used to long moments of being quiet. We are a family of Read-Aloud-ers so we all take turns being quiet as somebody else makes noise. And in the off camera moments there were shouts of laughter and much merriment being made 😉
      —> as far as the Menehune Shawl goes, just do the portion discussed this week. That keeps us all knitting together 🙂

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  3. deniseinchina says:

    So fun to float along with you and knit on my shawl. I loved seeing the wildlife, especially the blue heron! Living in our big city gets a bit stale.


  4. I loved watching your video. It’s so gracious of you and your family to include us in these adventures. That was such a beautiful place. What a beautiful way to start a Sunday.
    Can’t wAit for the next time.

    Alohas to you and your family till the next time.


  5. Beautiful! Now I want to visit this lovely location.
    I’m behind on the shawl because My original yarn was too little yardage. I did not have another good option in my stash so purchased a beautiful skein from Briar Rose yarns that I started this afternoon while watching. I have some catching up to do.


  6. skispinner says:

    I checked for this next part early, early this morning before I left for a class. I just couldn’t wait to work on it again.


  7. What a great outing to share with us!! It was fantastic to see your response to the wildlife! I’m like that here when I go to my sisters near the beach in New South Wales in Australia & I get excited to see bunnies & wallabies they have roaming in their back yard! Though not wishing to see the snakes they claim to have as well LOL! Really liked seeing your handspun – jealous that you were able to get such wonderful people to show you how to spin! See you next time!


  8. Valerie Rennell says:

    What a delightful way to spend an early morning. I loved knitting with you as you took us around the lake. Here’s to a great day!


  9. I am making my Menehune larger using Mel percentage 60/40%. I have now got 198 stiches and about to start the edging. In view of the fact that the knit part of the shawlette will be deeper than the original, should I cast on more than 17 stiches in order to end up with a nicely balanced shawl? Would the 40grams I have left allow for that?


    • Aloha!
      When you adjust the body of the shawl it shows an adventurous spirit! In continuing in that vein of thinking I can see how altering the applied lace edge would be the next logical step for you. Having said that, I did not experiment with increasing the size for applied border. I think it will look just as lovely at the present size. If you have ample yardage to experiment then adjusting the edge isn’t quite as daunting. If you are limited to yardage then i wouldn’t stray too far from the recommended border unless you are ok with perhaps running the risk of running out.
      There are so many variations to consider, but as the designer of the shawl in the manner I shared, I can speak with confidence to constructing it this way and the 60/40 split for the edge I recommend. Although I think increasing slightly would work, i hate to recommend it without testing it or crunching all sorts of numbers… which as it is right now I am unable to do.
      Keep me posted though!


  10. Jeannette Larson says:

    I was working my Menehune (still on the first lace section) while watching you and your family gliding along on the lake. Will you please Thank your Beloveds for letting us come along with them on this day. That was so very special for you to include us. I loved the Great Blue Heron. I used to have a customer that would walk into the Bank where I worked, and he looked and walked just like the Heron. Even had the grey wave in his hair. Very handsome!
    Jeannette in St. Louis


  11. Aloha, Friend! Mum and I enjoyed our journey this evening with your family. College Sis has moved back to Ohio – I sent her a brief video clip – of the apron! How cool! I’m glad you like it. We thank you for taking us to the little oasis! May I write up a crochet version of the Menehune Shawl for you? I’m able to knit, but much prefer crochet. My plan is to ‘read’ the stitches on the shawl that mum is knitting and translate to crochet-landia. Aloha and look forward to next time.


  12. thesnailgarden says:

    Hi Mel, I’m really enjoying knitting along to your podcasts. I’m still playing catch up as I am going slightly off piste to accommodate my yarn. Thank you for the lovely boat trip with your gorgeous family. Best wishes, Pj x


  13. Mel,

    I loved this podcast and probably will just print out the pattern for your shawl so I would have it. Love seeing how its done of course hopefully I can remember it when I start knitting it. Thanks for the great boat trip and turtle, cypress trees etc. That was really nice of you and your family to take us all along with you. Thanks and Have a Great week,



  14. mrsdennis93 says:

    Love the water and the views of the park. I am still early in knitting the shawl but am having a fun time doing it. Glad to see you again, Mel. Have an awesome day.


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