Releasing Is Good….

But releasing a new pattern can be a bit of a mixed bag! You certainly feel stoked that all the hard work, the effort, the revisions, the craziness…you get the idea…

You feel stoked that all of that is done…

But then you wonder…

Will they like it? Is it clear? Is it too long? Not long enough? Did I pick out the right font?

And then there is the video tutorial you really wish you hadn’t done a massive spring cleaning the day before filming because your nails and hands look wretched! Geeze! 25 minutes of beautiful yarn and helpful tutorials juxtaposition with nubby nails…


But then you realize…



With needles and yarn will make this

Perhaps as their first shawl

and then you do a petit allegro of Yellow Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty around your office and squeal with excitement…

Don’t YOU?

Yeah buddy! That is exactly what you do if you are me.

It is pau and ready to be knit by you so go take a peek!



10 thoughts on “Releasing Is Good….

  1. Theodore Woodward-Partridge says:

    Wow! I love the shawl!! I was hoping to do the Qinghai yarn, but that an expensive shawl.

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  2. Habibi Tagati says:


    Quick question. I’m doing the Menehune shawl (using the 60/40 recipe) and my lace portion doesn’t look like yours. Are you still using a size 6 needle for the applied edge?




    • Aloha!
      I used the same size needle throughout knitting Menehune. If you started with size 6 I recommend continuing with it for the applied border UNLESS you are finding yourself knitting too tightly. Sometimes as knitters we pull a bit more tightly with yarn forwards. If you see knitting the lace portion as being knit very tightly you could try a size up. Keep in mind that the lace will block a bit more open.


  3. Thanks for your new pattern Mel and I am so sorry for your pain-
    I purchased pattern as you requested to help the family who lost their mother -I am heading to beach next week and will begin the new shawl as I pray for the your neighbor’s family – and for you – thank you for being the special person you are with such a large heart -Fran


  4. miazoe1955 says:

    I love this shawl, Mel! I was so hoping to get Cate’s kit, but unfortunately she is only shipping to U.S. and China; not Canada. I did purchase the pattern, though, and I’ve splurged and ordered Miss Babs Yowza What a Skein. My shawl may be a little heavier weight, but that’s ok with me. It’s going to be beautiful! Thank you for another lovely pattern.


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