Angry and Sad

I have tried to start this post so many times. Nothing seems to be working.

Yesterday a woman walked her dog. Out the door she went with the dog. She closed the door behind her on the husband who serves his country faithfully each day. The door shut on the three kids they shared. Off she walked, down her own street, with her dog.

And a stupid drunk driver hit and killed her.

My hands shake with anger as I am typing, anger at another stupid senseless death that was 100% preventable.

COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE. If you drink, don’t drive. How many times does that have to be said?

Instead of wasting anger on a man who robbed a family of a wife and mother I want to do something positive.

I am a wife and a mother to 3 kids. I walked my dog yesterday morning. The neighborhood where this happened was about 20 minutes from mine and not too different.

My heart hurts thinking not of the kids and man who have to continue moving forward in life without her, but the moments She has been robbed of experiencing. As a mom I look forward to so many experiences with my family, moments from reading a book with my littlest and laughing to moments of tears as my eldest heads off to college one day. Moments of noticing my little boy resembles a little man…or not so little man. Finding glasses for my husband as he grows old with me.

This woman should not have had these times taken from her. No one should.

Today was supposed to be a post giggling and showing off a bit about the tutorial I created for Hapa. Hapa was released for purchase yesterday. I was super excited. I had plans to get You Dear Reader excited about it too.

In light of this senseless tragedy I just can’t post those. I don’t want to. What I want to do is fix everything for this family. I know the whole world is a wreck at moments, but this is happening here. And now I know about it. Moreover I feel compelled. For me not to respond would be wrong to my conscience.

This week all profits from the sale of Hapa will be donated to this family. It certainly falls short of fixing things. It is after all just a pattern.

It is what I can share. Hopefully it will help. As my neighbor tries to plan a bake sale/ bazaar to fundraise, I have this.

It isn’t what I intended for this pattern.

It is much more important.

I know the number of You Thoughtful Readers that see what I post. I know that You have the ability to share in different forums as well.

Today I ask that you do.

And share again tomorrow.

And the next.

So from Aug 19 – 26th your purchase makes a difference. A very small difference in the wake of a horrible thing.

I am going to be with my kids today. Thankful for my today. Wishing and saddened.


If you want to buy Hapa head here.

I unashamedly ask (beg?) for you to share this post on any and all social media.





15 thoughts on “Angry and Sad

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    Melanie, my heart aches for the family and your whole neighbourhood. Life’s tragedies continue to rock my soul. The words angry and sad don’t really cover it. They don’t scratch the surface.

    For those who have faith, I hope you find the comfort you need. For those that don’t, I hope that you find solace where you need.

    To the family, words can’t begin to express my feelings

    To the driver…….. Well I hope you find peace with what your actions have caused.

    Time can’t heal. But with time we find ways to cope and continue on.

    I will share this post. In the hope that the family, with time, find their way on the new path life put in their way.

    Peace to you all

    Ellen x


  2. It is with sadness that I write this post for that grieving family. May our prayers give them peace and hope for their future.
    I am glad that Mel is sharing the profits from Hapa today. I will share this post as well. Peace to all


  3. We just recently had a similar tragedy in out area…husband/father and wife/mother walking on the road and a drunk driver hit them. Killed the husband and injured the wife. They have three children the oldest 16 years old. Such sadness!!! I will share this post on my blog and facebook and will be praying for the family as well!


  4. I too am saddened beyond words, at this senseless tragedy and others similar to it.
    Our world forces us to observe and process grievous acts every day. This one is more personal.
    Mel, you have a beautiful heart.
    I am posting on FB.


  5. OMG what sad news Mel!! Makes me feel so angry to think that some people are going around with no caution endangering other peoples lives 😦
    I will be thinking of them hoping that they can find peace and some comfort in time.
    Big hugs to you too Mel!!


  6. I am grateful I have the funds available to purchase this pattern today. While tragedy abounds I am grateful I find my peace and assurance in my personal relationship with Jesus. The storms of life toss me from side to side yet my anchor holds in Him. Such a blessed comfort.


  7. ozzie5111 says:

    Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show shared Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show’s photo.
    Yesterday · Edited
    We are heartbroken as we learned Joanna, just 500 miles from her destination on August 13th, met with tragedy and was killed by a drunk driver while riding her bike on her personal “I Have a Dream” adventure, which she started in Astoria, Oregon. She lived a life doing what she dreamed of…that is the 2% we adore and hold in high esteem. Our hearts go out to her family in Australia. May they know the hundreds of people she met along the way travelled with her on earth and now. May she Rest In Peace.
    Johanna A., from Australia, is riding the Transamerica Bike Trail inspired by Rev. Martiin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech. She stopped in Sisters and now has less than 4,000 miles to ride. Inspired!
    Photo: Johanna A., from Australia, is riding the Transamerica Bike Trail inspired by Rev. Martiin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech. She stopped in Sisters and now has less than 4,000 miles to ride. Inspired!
    Mel, when I read your sad news I had to share yet another story of a drunk taking a life. My heart is sick from such wrong doing.
    I share in your dis-pare..


  8. That is truly sad. My heart aches for all involved. A friend of mine was walking her dog and a car hit her. She is alive. But so much was taken from her. It has been a year and she still cannot walk or speak well. She will never be the same. Thank you for giving us a way to help someone.

    You are very kind.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Reblogged this on Bridgwater Crafts and commented:
    I hope all of you who knit or know someone who knits or simply feel like contributing will help Mel in her support of this very deserving cause. What a senseless tragedy!
    I purchased my copy of Hapa tonight. Tomorrow I think I will gift it to some friends.
    Thank you!


  10. mrsdennis93 says:

    This is so heart wrenching. Prayers for the family. You are so thoughtful to help them out in their time of grieving. God bless you and them.


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