While You Were Sleeping

It is a great night

I am headed towards my pillow

12:28 am


And missing Kauai

But mostly Happy =)

I have this to share with you:

MK ScreenShot

And even more fun…

A new way to share pattern info!

I {the designer of the item} share with You {the incredible knitter} in my own words and images

In one minute

And wait until you see what SpaceCadet has up their sleeve!

All the fun things involved with this knit are so unique an fun! From the construction in knitting to the way we knit-together, just a bit at a time…to the amazing ways one kit can create a host of different looks! I can’t wait!

Mauna Kea 3



16 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

      • Sadly, the paper-writing never really stops :(. I had to write three papers in the summer (and I am still not done… urgh) and my dissertation is hibernating (at least it’s not dead… haha). The sad thing is that after so many years of study, I am not nearly as passionate about politics as I used to be, but I would definitely regret not finishing this ****** PhD ;). Knitting helps me to stay sane though… at least most of the time. Haha!


  1. miazoe1955 says:

    What a pretty, pretty sweater! Mel, you amaze me with your creativity – you keep coming up with these amazing designs! I’m off to see Space Cadet Creations lovely kits, and I look forward to the KAL.


  2. simplymamacita says:

    I never ever knit pullovers. Until now. I want to knit this by the dozen! Looks like it’ll be a favorite in my wardrobe. Love!!!


    • Aloha Patti! Welcome! Glad to have you here! How did you find me? In answer to your Q: Yes! This pattern will be available in mid December to purchase on it’s own. SpaceCadet will have kits available for custom orders in the shoppe then as well as I understand it. I promise to announce when it goes on sale individually here on the blog. =)


      • Mel, this made my day! I’m always the last to know about awesome KALs and kits. I’m so glad Space Cadet will be making the kits available again. Yay!

        I found your blog through many clicks… Ravelry -> Baah! La Jolla project gallery -> Knit-stigator’s Perfectly Hapa -> Hapa pattern page -> your awesome blog.

        Interesting tidbits: 1. My sister lives in Honolulu. She moved out there 1.5 years ago, originally from NY. 2. I was just reading about Space Cadet via the Yarnover Truck’s newsletter the same day I found your blog and KAL. I just joined their mini-skein club. I love how the universe brings all these wonderful things into my life at the same time. 🙂


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