With Mel {Video#5}

We head out and about, not straying too far from H2O…or things crafted by hand!


You can see from the photo I have my Menehune…do you have yours? I can’t wait to see it! Share with me your progress in any way you feel comfortable… Twitter or Instagram are fun places for “selfies” and I would love to see your smiling face wearing Menehune! As you watch today’s episode I will share with you how you can let me know you would like the Menehune Pattern in its traditional form, written out on paper. The free pattern option will be available to you until 10 Sept. 2014 if you have been knitting along with us on the podcast.

Today there is a lot You can share with me…everything from what you are knitting now, to Greek Mythology, to proudly listing what things you have finished or just begun this month! So enjoy the adventure, then hurry back and share your thoughts…and then share this post! If YOU smiled during our time together don’t you think someone else might too?


And be sure to keep up with the blog by subscribing! if you don’t you may have missed some incredible things!   Or may miss what is set for this week! I have a very unique Knit2Gether coming soon with SpaceCadet Creations. Did you see it? It will be a whole new approach for me…knitting little by little, together, sharing insight with each new bit of the pattern! So be sure to stay connected with the blog! Not just the blog, With Me! And bottom line… I blog to share with you! When you aren’t around I notice. When you share with others what I share with you, I notice! Each Re-tweet, each repost, every like on Instagram…all the ways You engage with me and then pass on the aloha makes me smile! So Mahalo to You! Enjoy the podcast!

Aloha Friends,



20 thoughts on “With Mel {Video#5}

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    Morning Mel! Morning everyone!

    Happy Sunday

    This morning I am mostly psyching myself up for another day of house work 😦

    Today I’m gutting my kitchen and lounge. Once I’m done though, my reward is a roast dinner cooked by my wonderful MIL and a whole lot of knitting.

    I’m trying (with not much success) to clear off some big WIP’s. September sees the start of another epic KAL in my Evenstar group on Ravelry. ‘The consequence of Evenstar’ is a gorgeous shawl. We will be casting on the In Dreams shawl by the uber talented Susan Pandorf.

    I had hoped to finish the 2 lace shawls I’m knitting, but I think I’ll just put them away for a while. I can’t see me finishing them in the next two weeks!

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store With Mel this September

    Hope you all have a great holiday weekend

    Ellen x


  2. thesnailgarden says:

    Hi Melissa, thank you for another great podcast. I love seeing the places you visit and look forward to going inside your LYS. Your Menehune Shawlette is gorgeous! Mine is blocking as we speak, so I will show it to you at a later date. This was the first time that I have knitted along to a podcast and really enjoyed it. I hope we can do it again sometime. Thank you for the offer of the written pattern, I’ll contact you via email soon. Best wishes, Pj x


  3. Thanks, Mel, for another great podcast. I am still working on my Menehune. I am just finishing the second section of the applied edge. The applied edge is a new thing for me and I have loved learning it by watching you. I hope to have enough knitting time today to finish it so that I can post pictures.
    I really enjoy your field trips and the places that you take us to see in NC.
    Have a nice holiday weekend with your family.


  4. Working on my Menehune too! Iam always inspired by new projects and ideas! Always something fresh! That dress pattern looks like one I would love to make and great options! I need to build up my wardrobe!


  5. miazoe1955 says:

    Hi Mel! I just love when you take us ’round with you on your local jaunts and adventures. Your Menehune is beautiful and I’m looking forward to your segments showing us how you wear your shawls. I recently finished my Menehune and have followed your instructions for receiving my printed copy. I plan on making another one very soon. I’m about 1/2-way done my Hapa. At the time, Cate wasn’t shipping to Canada (she is now…yay!), so I’m knitting my Hapa in a mill spun yarn from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill in WI. It’s a nice bouncy yarn called MerMade DK. I’m also working on my crochet squares for Camp Aloha Friends. It’s slow going, and sometimes tricky to determine where I am in the pattern. When this happens, I just smile and remind myself that this was what knitting was like in the beginning. Happy Sunday!


  6. windybrookspinner says:

    Such a fun episode! I am working on a bulky vest and it is a little too warm on my lap, but I am almost done. Starting two KAL’s tomorrow with the Foxes in Socks podcast. I’m so grateful for wonderful podcasters like you who share of themselves and make my world a better place!


  7. First opportunity I have taken to watch your podcast and I must say….I will be carving out time each and every week to watch as I am hooked! Really enjoyed it. Also, your Menehune shawlette explanation and description has intrigued me so I will be casting on and working that. I don’t mind if I don’t receive a free pattern of it, I am doing this to challenge myself.


  8. You are such a tease,,can’t wait. I love the free pattern will be making many of the little town..and I am hoping your productivity rubs off on me as Christmas is getting closer..hoping you have a awesome week and will catch you next week.


  9. Ann Paltridge says:

    So glad to have found you via SpaceCadet. I’m on the garter portion of the Menehune edging so will be finishing the shawl in a day or two. I find the pattern very intuitive and enjoyable to knit and I can think of several variations I would like to try in the future. I personally like the smaller size.
    Love your podcasts!


  10. Mel, Thanks for the tour of Swansboro. Looks like a great place. I haven’t started on the Menehune shawl but plan on soon. I have 2 jobs and its hard to find time to start the shawl but I am for sure going to make it. Thanks again for the podcast.


  11. Hi Mel. Another lovely new video. I am loving your videos. I am knitting along belatedly on Menehune??, not sure of the spelling. I love this shawl and am almost at the edging. I hope to wear it to Rhinebeck this Oct. Thanks for taking us places and making great videos.


  12. Hi there Mel,
    I named my daughter Melissa, and Mel is her nickname too, she’s 27. Shanda turned me on to you! We both bought a special colorway of yarn from Dizzy Blondes for a special event she has at Disneyland every year, Knit Dizzney. So this year her theme is “Stitch Dizzney”. Her inspiration was Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch”. Sooooo, Shanda and I were chatting and going back and forth about our plans for this yarn. She told me about your Menehune and that I had to watch your video for the pattern. I watched and I love it!!!
    How apropos. This “Hawaiian” inspired yarn and Menehune!!!
    Well, I just started mine, I hope to have it done soon, i can’t wait to see how it comes out! I’m looking forward to seeing where you’ll take us next.
    Hasta Luego.


  13. Hi Mel…I finished my meanwhile tonight. Can’t wait to block it and wear ! I actually was in the space cadets Yarn alliance and use the Celeste yarn in Alpha Centauri colorist. Blues greens and a bit of limey yellow…


  14. Thanks for the lovely tour of Swansboro – it looks like a beautiful town. Very much looking forward to seeing inside the Salty Sheep in the next episode.
    It’s mid-week for me (Wednesday night) and I’m having a bit of ‘me’ time with my knitting and some podcasts.


  15. catherinew28 says:

    Lovely spending time with you. I still need to weave in the ends of my shawl too. I recognized Quince yarn right off. So you are coming to Maine! Fun, you will be here in time for fall colors. It is getting chilly.


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