#SimplySeptember Starts

So many things vie for your attention. I will try to make this short and sweet.


#SimplySeptember is incorporating what you are already doing but maybe considering them a new way. You don’t need to knit or sew or sign up or purchase or watch or DO anything with me. I am just going to share a few things in this series that I do. They aren’t hard, but can be enriching…and sometimes they enrich because they minimize!

Today I am sharing a simple way to arrange a shawl, the first in a five part series.

Most of us have shawls perhaps knit by us, a friend, courtesy of the accessories department at the local boutique. They serve a great purpose for warding off a chill, which may be why they find themselves over our shoulders so often.

But what if you took that same shawl and did a wee bit of Human Oragami!?

{You will need a larger shawl and not a shawlette for this. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. Try this pattern here to knit one or tune in for this weekend’s post on creating 5 incredible wraps in 55 minutes…}

Using a medium to large shawl or wrap, cover your shoulders with the shawl thereby centering yourself (literally take time to “center yourself”… put You in the middle and then take a few relaxing breaths…you deserve a moment to ground yourself…especially if this activity goes awry and you find yourself cocooned like Frodo Baggins by Shelob…just kidding! This is supposed to be simple remember! What could go wrong?)

yRcmBXltOpWcnsyOUoojlJG9qwNZVgQpXFwzcfb67bw,C-GuCB103DqgXIu7XL4zY8iCQKzilMkXAiQkZoiBkLE,cjMhXmncSizNYoYv1GbqA8cYE0KgfK2kkmU-rBmpeIE,5YMi46c6V2fZ6HzG6GFa9bsNf5Jhl6YDeAhY787YI2w,OXpm-oOqUGVRm9TazwFpR4IoQKQqiyPYiILe-ekBnvg YAd-wPYGmJDxho6yjrfFRviFtv3DxF8-RboAYQsZP0M,rpdNmdx9BJ8BNAOTzHwWPwrDYqDikk6_-kbCJ2ZB0CM,C0ALAioQ32U0kjfoHoUdvaPiwueuWrFEXOYeGGxHWQM,jxVfGmo_w_zl32s229sPfwgzOQqpuSGb_7tXQvdAyQM,mhLz21_pPpWrui_RAewb4Qy1cteBgNH9k9Q-wYCxWM0

Cross the shawl in front of you, left over right or right over left doesn’t matter. We will come back and style it in  moment, for now just crossover…just not to the other side please…I need you around in the next few steps…


Take the shawl ends to your back and tie in a knot. I like to place my knot either in the small of my back or just beneath the draping part of the shawl tucked away.

That knot can serve as a reminder when your posture is not up to your fullest as you sit. When you feel it pressing a bit more than comfy lumbar support you have begun to hunch. I am totally serious: lifting up or “sitting up straight” is better for your body, avoid the hunch and look and feel your best.



24H6nMQ7RNfzTCNxO8MRmSm5UUdVm_MHA1YByTDO3-Q,gvAetC7FGUjWaA-1lbBbtLhRjsep72K1QmEzKvjzTFk,z2pZ5SSWxs0bGPQ53wC8Daj32y20IwhtHNdSMhHTkuoThis origami wrap will look beautiful after smoothing and adjusting. You can use smaller shawls and create an empire waist version wrapping beneath the bust line as opposed to low on the hips as shown.

Wrapping this way not only works for knitted shawls, but equally lovely for stoles and oversized scarves.

So a simple criss-cross-tie and you now can add a bit of pop to your wardrobe!

Show me your shawl wrap! Use the #SimplySeptemeber hashtag and tag me as @MSkiKnits

Love this shawl? Make one for yourself! See here for details.

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9 thoughts on “#SimplySeptember Starts

  1. Gina McCoy says:

    Thank you so much for this post!! I’ve found a love for knitting shawls but have felt completely lost about various ways to wear them. btw, I’d love the Menehune shawl pattern to download. I requested it but not sure I followed all the steps correctly. 🙂 Thanks Mel. Love your podcast and your patterns are gorgeous! Gina

    Sent on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5


  2. miazoe1955 says:

    I’m working on my medium-sized Hapa and this post makes me want to knit a large one, too! This is brilliant and the photography is beautiful.


  3. linnstercrafts says:

    What a beautifully written post. It promoted a sense of well being within my spirit today, Mel. Thank you. I will share a photo of my origami shawl wrap later. For now I am enjoying basking in relaxation mode.


  4. knitstostaysane says:

    I have a huge shawl I made using Aran weight yarn. It’s loosely based on age of brass and steam. I often wear it like this. It’s a flattering way to show off your shawl even if coughs you’re more generously proportioned 😉


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