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{T i d y i n g • U p }

I try to keep things simple.

But everything needs to be refreshed once in a while.

Which is why I am tidying up right now.

And YOU can help!

If you subscribe to the blog by way of emails, you are alerted to each new post I create, such as this one.

It is not the same as being on the mailing list though.

The mailing list (by way of MailChimp) has news

about early releases of patterns and sometimes exclusive offers and gifts.

There are lots of incredible things in store for 2015 and i don’t want you missing a thing!

 Want to be included? Simply Head Here


9 thoughts on “{T i d y i n g • U p }

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  2. mrsdennis93 says:

    Love your blog, Simply September. Love that wrap. And can’t wait to start on Akamai. Aloha Mel, hope you are having a great day. It feels like fall weather here today. Wrapping up in a blanket my niece crocheted for me, wearing socks I knitted… Happy teaching your kiddos and us.


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