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{A wee bit of housekeeping: I am recovering from a huge computer crisis…more on that another day…but I did want to let you know if you have not seen me in a few days it is because I have somehow managed to work a 40+ hour stint at my desk with computers and related electronic since Thursday…Yes, over 40 hours in 3.5 days…my eyes are bugging. SO if you have been expecting a message from me and wondering Where Is Mel?! I have been at my desk, doing nothing glamorous, nothing fun, nothing in fresh air and daylight. So afford me a bit of grace and I will get back to you soon!}

And now on to MUCH more pleasant things: Yarn, yarn accessories and amazingly wonderful yarn shoppes!

This week we (ad)venture off to my Local Yarn Shoppe (LYS). The Salty Sheep is a delight, and not due entirely to the incredible collection of Kelbourne Woolens in stock, though that is a real draw! I don’t want to say too much and spoil what is sure to be a great time together, so just enjoy the podcast. Be sure to share with me what YOU are knitting at present. Are you enjoying your project? Your yarn? Be sure to tell me in the comments! Just a wee little reminder, YOUR voice in the comments IS WANTED. You bring something very special to this blog: Your Insight! You know things that someone else may not, you have knitting or crochet someone has never tried, and more importantly You are such an incredible human you should definitely share yourself! So be sure to share a little!

Lastly, since this week and next we will be visiting the LYS I get to call home I want to spend time encouraging LYS Owners! What is your LYS like? Share about it! Use the hashtags: #withmel #LoveMyLYS and add a photo on instagram or twitter. You can just give your LYS a shout out in the comments. Feel free to add their website in the comments so others can look around where you knit! n the podcast I encourage you to encourage you LYS. Get creative and keep me in the loop! You may have a great idea to cheer on your LYS that others might benefit from hearing about and putting to practice.

Later this week I share more about things discussed on the podcast. As long as the computer doesn’t gobble me up…

With Aloha,



16 thoughts on “#LoveMyLYS

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    I loved looking around your LYS. all those gorgeous colours! As I watched I worked on my Hapa. It’s coming along nicely.
    Hope you’ve recovered from your IT fail. Computers – can’t live with ’em, can’t live WITH ’em!!!!


  2. I love my local yarn shop. It has been open three years now and I can’t imagine my life without it. Twill (that’s the name) provides more than just yarn and fabric. It has developed a community of folks who come together on a regular basis to create, share, and enjoy each others company. If you are ever in New England – you must check it out on your journey. If you live here and haven’t participated in the community, taken a knitting class or stopped by – what are you waiting for???
    http://www.twilnh.com 100 Main Street, Nashua, New Hampshire USA.


  3. Currently on my needles are…..Menehune (ready to view Podcast #3) and ZigZag Mittens (don’t remember designer name). Thumb needing to be knit on mitt #1 then onto #2. Can’t wait fo watch this episode of WithMel. 🙂


  4. Really enjoyed seeing your local shop. I don’t have a local yarn shop. So, I try to visit as many as I can when I travel! I think the two at a time socks bags are made out of “oilcloth”. I am working on a Boneyard shawl out of Malabrigo Arroyo in Pocion!


  5. margaret tyler says:

    This video sort of bittersweet – one of my two local yarn shops is closing. But on the flip side, San Diego is also hosting the second annual Yarn Crawl. I think there are 10 or 12 yarn shops plus two alpaca ranches and the YarnOver Truck. So sad and happy yarn things!

    Love your LYS and the tour!
    happy knitting


  6. reardonknits says:

    I am very fortunate to have two LYS’s near me. The first is Knitting on the Square (KNOTS for short). This shop is located in lovely Chardon OH and is owned and run by the lovely Kate Jackson, designer of Kate Jackson Knits on Ravelry. It’s a small but inviting shop that is friendly and always willing to help with anything. http://www.knittingonthesquare.com

    The other shop that is very close is The Artful Yarn. This is another small shop but with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Cathy, the owner, loves to chat about yarn, patterns along and anything local. She tries to bring in as much local yarn as she can. http://www.theartfulyarn.com/

    We in NE Ohio are very fortunate to have a lot of shops we can visit within about a 70 mile radius. While some are not close, the yearly Yarn Discovery Tour brings them all together. Love LYS’s and try to visit as often as the pocket allows! Thanks, Mel, for our visit today. Would love to be able to visit the Salty Sheep as well.


  7. OffToExplore says:

    I started this podcast knitting handspun mittens. Over the course of the podcast I realized that my yarn wasn’t consistent enough for mittens — the second one was coming out a different size solely because the (thick and thin) yarn was that much thicker. Oops. One handspun hat coming right up!

    I loved seeing your LYS. I don’t have anything remotely like that here in Japan, but I am eagerly awaiting a move in the next year somewhere with better local options!


  8. What a great episode and i can’t wait to see the second part next week. I so wish I had a LYS, yours looks amazing and makes me yearn for one even more.
    I’m working on a test knit at the moment with an amazing yarn called Pearl by Lanamania, it’s is 50% pearl fibre and 50% tencel. There is a story behind this yarn and where I bought it so I’ll share it on my blog. Have a great week, Mel.


  9. mrsdennis93 says:

    The Salty Sheep looks heavenly. I love the colors and vibe of the shop, allll the yarn, and finished projects, the books, and the little sheep. I will be checking out her online shop. I wonder if I get a pattern for those pumpkins. Thanks Mel


  10. Wow, what a wonderful shop! I don’t have an LYS and the shop that is closest (about 50 minutes away) charges $20 per session to attend Knit Night. And hey, that’s their business model and it obviously works for them, but it unfortunately puts it out of my price range. So thank you very much for sharing your lovely LYS and telling us about the Knit Nights/Days they have there. Looking forward to seeing more next week. 🙂


  11. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    Hi Mel, just wanted you to know that I went right out to find the printed StashBot and discovered that “there’s an app for that.” In the iTunes store is a $4.99 StashBot app. I’m much more likely to have an e-version than carry around the printed copy, so I was thrilled. Thanks for the info!


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