Trading Ashes for Beauty

{This post will make more sense if you have read THIS POST first}


You are a POWERHOUSE of amazingness! You really are!

And the fact that you can knit is an extra super power!

I went away for a week on adventure north…waaaay north…and I will share with you all that incredible time in days to come. Today I want to brag on You!

When I returned from Maine there were boxes and envelopes from everywhere each addressed to “Helping Haiti With Mel”. My kids opened them, I logged the contents and our whole household erupted in squeals of delight!

To date we have received 62 hand knit wash cloths to send to Haiti as well as 2 dozen toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste’s well as donations to purchase needed items!

See the rainbow of knitters love and kindness?

Rainbows from Knitters

To answer a common question that has arisen:

Is it too late?

NO! I checked and you can still send off your gift of encouragement and help (which to some may just look like wash cloths and toiletry items, but we know better don’t we?). Mail yours before 15 October and I should receive it in time to pass along to the teams that will follow the first team leaving in just days. The team of men and women headed to Haiti want me to express their thankfulness to you. They promised to get a few photos of your gifts being distributed there. A gentleman with whom I spoke asked “The Knitters realize what these will be used for, right?” I think he was referring to the fact that these hand knit and crocheted items would be used to scrub off dirt and grime. “They realize that they are trading ashes for beauty and rags for love.” I said.


Every thing you do, everything you knit.

YOU are awesome.

And I appreciate you.


16 thoughts on “Trading Ashes for Beauty

  1. I have 5 so far I knit in under 24 hours. (Unfortunately I injured myself in doing so.) I am shipping the completed ones today or tomorrow. Please keep me informed if more are needed in the future. I will be loom knitting future washcloths. Photo of completed is on Instagram, Mel. Username: linnster63


    • Oh no! Please do not work so hard as to injure yourself. That isn’t the goal at all. I admire your enthusiasm but please be kind to yourself! Ice and rest your tired hands! Hope you feel better soon!

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      • It’s okay, Mel. I enjoyed it, I learned a lesson, and am back to all right. Wasn’t as bad as first thought. I have rested a full week and back to near normal. Another week i will be good as ever. Thank you for your kind words. You cheered me. Dud you receive the package I sent last week in time?


  2. lindatytko says:

    Hi Mel ,
    Thanks for asking us , I sent mine of a few days ago toothpaste and brushes, I have been on many mission trips , El Salvador and Russia And even here in the USA , I know the people really appreciate it , I show love and that they are not alone.


      • 2014 Oct 16

        Hi Mel,

        Meat to let you know that I’ve mailed the dish cloths. That was on Tuesday, 10/14, around 1pm. I remembered to ask, was told that it’ll take about a week to get to you 😦

        I would still be learning and practice knitting dish cloths. If you think that the organization can always use dish cloths, I’ll mail them off whenever I get so many.

        Thanks, R. C.


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