Spun Up


Aloha Friends! October is here and I am still in disbelief! The weather is cooling and the beaches are emptying. The cooler weather does not make me as happy as the empty beaches, but since they go together I will take it!

Just as the costumed kid pops from door to door Chanting “Trick or Treat!” hoping for something delightful from each stop, in much the same way I am trying to beg from each day an experience to remember!

The idea filter or matrix is:

  • Is it a Trick (or tip to make things easier, faster, more enjoyable)?
  • Did it Trick me (as in “Ughhh! The trick is on me for starting this project)?
  • Is it a fun Treat of an activity, pattern or technique…one I am glad I tried?
  • Or a Treat purchase?

For example, yesterday was a bit of a Tricky that became a treat in the end!

I spun some wonderful Malabrigo fiber and then used the Navajo Ply technique to finish. I purchased the Malabrigo braid from my LYS The Salty Sheep. The reds, oranges, and deep bits of plum declare autumn and the price was reasonable (which explains why I bought a blue braid as well…)

I watched some incredible spinners a few years ago chain ply, which is another name for Navajo plying (Knitabulls Aunty Diane and The KnitGirllls Leslie and Laura).  As I watched I knew, “Not today Mel, this is so not happening today…unless you want to spin a human sized cocoon and become trapped forever within it…” I knew I could give it a go another time.

And so I did.


Navajo Plyed

Malabrigo NUBE Roving/Hand-dyed

100% Pure Merino Wool 4 oz.-113 grams (approx)

Cost: $15.50 purchased at tThe Salty Sheep in Swansboro NC

Chain or Navajo Plyed yielded approx. 278 yards  Not soaked, or thwacked or popped just yet


First the fiber braid Piedras was fun to spin. It really is autumn in a braid. When I got to the little bits of purple I thought of those deep magnificent purple leaves that are on the ground this time of year. The fiber was smooth and fluffy as its name would imply, Nube is Spanish for cloud.

Second the plying. I watched the video by Funhouse Fibers (video linked here). Miki was cheerful and clear in the video and though I am sure I won’t be accused of being her best student ever, I did enjoy the video and the act of Navajo plying. She recommends plying on the e-spinner, so next time Ruth and I will work together. This first one was don’t on Brightly Cate my traditional spinning wheel.

I can see after finishing I need to spin my single with a bit more twist packed in it! I worry about overplying my singles, but I am a long way from that being a real threat!

In the end, this was a bit tricky. I am still not as coordinated as I would like to be. However, it became such a treat in the end! I held the skein in the window to see it, took it outside to get a better view, wrapped it, unwrapped it, picked out little spots that I LOVE and others that I learned what to do better next time… SO a Tricky Treat!

On Instagram? Join me throughout October using the #TrickyOrTreat hashtag to record something that stands out to you.


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