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A Part of Something Bigger


It is my ABSOLUTE.

Absolute what?

Absolute EVERYTHING of course!

It is the best shade of the sky,

the perfect colour for hair,

my favourite t-shirt’s stripes,

my yarn and fiber of choice…

It is to me comfort.

It also is comfortable.

Comfortable isn’t always a good thing though. We don’t stray from our cushy spot, our minds aren’t challenged, they aren’t pushed to experiment. In knitting, I see the truth of that as I am confused by things aside from grey.

For instance, when I needed to create a bold look to knit Hapa I came up with this:


And that combo was a  – – – s   t   r   e   t   c   h  ! – – –

My first choice was grey and dark charcoal. My brain almost popped coming up with DoveCôte Grey and Spooky Purple as the handspun combo.

Cate is the mastermind behind the colorful combos of Hapa as seen here:


Cate and I chatted a lot about colour for Hapa and several upcoming projects. She taught me a lot. She has incredible insight with colour, but is able to break concepts down in to steps to follow, thoughts to consider and activities to practice. She shares a great lesson on her blog (photo below from Infinite Twist Blog)Gradient of Helix Mini-skeinsCate’s post The Perfectly Colorful Shawl kicks off an amazing collaboration of The Fall Shawl Together: a collection of designers, bloggers and podcasters sharing and teaching interesting elements about the shawl! This Thursday, October 16th, I weigh in on ways to wear your shawls that move your shawl from functional wardrobe pieces to focal fashion accessories. So get to know Cate, the mastermind behind beautiful things at Infinite Twist. You can visit her blog and study colour with her. As you play with ideas you can listen to a 2 part interview I did with her earlier this year. The interview is a great opportunity to gain insight about Cate, but to have a more comprehensive view on life in and around Shanghai which couldn’t be done in simply one hour:

Or head directly here: My Audio Feed and listen to parts 4 and 5

===>>> If you enjoy meeting interesting people, hearing them express what motivates them to create and discover as well as their take on everyday things apart from their craft, then you will be stoked about another interview that posts tomorrow! Here is a hint of who that may be: hint…hint... <<<===


3 thoughts on “A Part of Something Bigger

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    The thing I love most about knitting is the challenge.

    Not just creating a new object, but the challenge of using colour in ways I’d not have considered if left to my own devices.

    Not just colour though, I love to be inspired by designers different approaches to textures, shape, construction.

    Knitting provides me with oppotunities to learn every day, to stretch myself, to live outside my comfort zone for those precious moments I get to spent with my yarn and my needles


  2. knitstostaysane says:

    Cate talks about knitting in China. They hook a needle under their armpit and knit REALLY fast. This is how the Scottish knitters knit! It’s increadble to watch. You can barely see their needle tips. They’re a blur! Awesome to watch.


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