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A Little Love Goes A Long Way


How incredible are YOU? 

I bet you don’t know the answer to that.

Luckily I DO!

Remember that little post asking for a washcloth made by you to stand in for an old rag…


You all knitted, crocheted and even weaved (wove?) over 800 washcloths in under ONE MONTH!! And there were dozens upon dozens of store bought ones added to that number!

You shared more than 350 toothbrushes and toothpastes, hundreds of toiletry items as well as cash donations used to purchase band-aids and soaps.

There were individual knitters and groups! Friends who dug deep in to stash and crocheted! Letters of joy and excitement for being able to give to others. All shapes, sizes, patterns and techniques! Those pressed for time bought lovely washcloths and those were equally appreciated!

This past Sunday scads of volunteers gathered and packed 1700 hygiene kits. We did it in about 1 hour! Behold the power of the assembly line:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have been trying to record all the donors addresses to send thank you notes. It has been overwhelming! YOU are cherished! I am currently putting the final touches on a Mahalo Nui Loa pattern for you all as a small token of my gratitude. Once the medical team distributes the kits we will get an update and hopefully photos. They are eager to distribute your gifts. We had HUNDREDS more kits this year thanks to your kindness and efforts. (I believe last year they took about 500 total kits, so your help added to the tripling of that!)

How amazing you all are with your love! Kindness seems to burst out of you! I am so proud of all your hard work! Can you believe it?

 A little love does go a long way!

On that note, I would like to share a quick easy “love” thing that you can do that doesn’t cost you any thing but a moment of time! I created a new pattern as many of you have read about in a recent post. Oftentimes creating something means you put a bit of yourself out there for the world to see. Having others affirm your work really ignites the excitement to create more! Even the most confident among us need an “Atta Girl!” from time to time. So if I could ask you to show it some love by heading over to Ravely and clicking in the upper right corner where you see a little heart. That little gesture goes a long way in helping my patterns get noticed. It may seem like just a click or two to you, but to me it shows You like what I have made.

So Click HERE and share a bit of love with Ikaika! Then head back over here and let me know! Also, feel free to chime in the comments about your donations! There were groups and individuals from so many places, it would be lovely if you all met here in the comments!


MAHALO NUI LOA TO ALL OF YOU! The washcloths impressed and inspired people in ways you can not imagine. They are on their way to people you may never meet to continue sharing Your generosity!

Proudly share this post on social media and inspire others to give of themselves in small ways today! Simple acts have unimaginable impact in the world around us!

Biggest of hugs for YOU,



12 thoughts on “A Little Love Goes A Long Way

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    All hail the power of the knitter! As a group we are unstoppable!!
    All hail you Mel! Your inspiration empowers us all.
    Me? I’m now more motivated than before. Soon I’ll have lost enough weigh to fit into Ikaika. Then it will be mine.


  2. I am so inspired by you and happy to be “with Mel every day – I was happy to knit my share of wash cloths and solicit my dentist to send toothbrushes and toothpaste– people loved sharing in this most thought full gesture- happy to be a part -of your new creation I tapped the heart for Ikaika with pride – you are the best Mel luv you


  3. lindatytko says:

    Thanks for asking us to help out with the wash cloths Mel, I was wondering if the pattern Ikaika will ever be for sale without the kit ? You see I used to work at a yarn store , which is now closed, and I acquired much yarn in that closing , so I would really like to make the sweater but don’t need to be tempted by that beautiful yarn in Persimmon , that I really want . 😉


    • Aloha My Friend!
      Yes this pattern will release after the exclusive period with Infinite Twist finishes. Right now it is available with the kit (because the yarn is so incredibly wonderful!) and in November will be an independent release.It sounds like you managed to accumulate quite a stash! =0


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