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When The Frost Is On The Punkin…

The season is cooling…which explains the bit of strain between Alpha Male and Omega Femme here under the roof of our hale…

The most recent power play for control of the indoor atmosphere went something like this:

Him: 78 degrees?! Are you kidding me?!

Ω: In the summer you have it set somewhere near 72… I am only going up 6 degrees…

Him: Do you have any idea what it would cost to heat a house this size to almost 80 degrees

Ω: {pausing to crunch the numbers, realizes answering that question may just cause that throbbing vein in Alpha Male’s temple to burst…instead mumbles an incoherent response}

Him: Says lots of things but Ω is hearing only “Blah blah blah I don’t love you enough to keep the house at temperatures found in Paradise blah blah blah you have to freeze to death blah blah blah blah something about wearing a sweater…”

90 degrees would be ridiculous.

78 I thought went along with the luau theme I planned for dinner.

Ah well… there goes a hot Friday night…

But for you dear friend and incredible knitter I offer a little chat time. Hope you enjoy!

And if you want to subscribe it is in iTunes Here is the iTunes link:

And yes, I am working on adding the video podcast to iTunes as well. Just not this Friday night…I am too busy knitting myself a sweater…it’s going to be a long cold winter…

Much love to you all this bitter cold night where the temps have plummeted indoors to 68,

Mel “Ω”

And PS. For those of you planning to join me in my Challenge, here is the link to the poem I mention A GREAT THING TO COMMIT YOUR LITTLE GREY CELLS TO!


7 thoughts on “When The Frost Is On The Punkin…

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    I loved chatting with you today. I’m intrigued by the poem. The way it’s written in dialect my own grey cells are mulling over the vague memory of learning poetry written in dialect.

    I’m off to research it. I’m sure we did, but 25 years of self editing in my brain mean much has been permenantly archived 😉

    Ellen x


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  4. I listened in Aranjuez, Spain, in the early hours of the morning in bed in our caravan(trailer). I loved hearing your voice and the poem! All around me there were people partying but my dh and I were travelling from UK to Southern Spain and needed to sleep….and couldn’t. So I grabbed my Kindle and looked for your page. Thanks for a lovely podcast. x


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