Seven Shares On Sunday


Ahhh Sunday! You are here! Hopefully a day to rest and relax for most of us…

But in case you are in need of some spunk added to your day:


#1. The Remembrance Poppy

On twitter I saw this tweet and thought you would appreciate how heartbreakingly beautiful it is:

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>

Had a play with this image. #toweroflondon #TowerofLondonPoppies #TowerPoppies #poppies #RemembranceDay pic.twitter.com/hrscsBIOsX

— Chelsea Codger (@chelseacodger) November 9, 2014

Remembrance Sunday is a time of reflection and thanksgiving for soldiers who have died in war. The poppy can be seen in so many places, real poppies or handmade, all beautiful and all vibrant reminders of cherished life lost. Want to knit or crochet your own? Try this link from Woman’s Weekly or this link from Lion Brand Yarns and make your own tribute. 


#2. Spineless… 

When doing research for a project I happened upon the title of a book Spineless  and my initial vibe was: This must be a harsh book…

It wasn’t. It was breath-taking. 


I kept looking at the cover.

Try it. Sit and look for a full 60 seconds and you will see  much more than you did at first. 

There are so many things that race through my thoughts looking at the cover of this book: THE EYES! The suction circles, the translucent beauty and vibrant spots!

I want to knit this!

Interestingly, this isn’t what I was researching, but it did set me sketching for a shawl and a sweater and a wee little accessory that in no way resemble this beautiful creature. Or at least, not on the surface. But I know a lady that did make something a bit like our fluid friend above…


#3. Free Pattern for 20,00 Leagues of Fun!

squid banner

Infinite Twist is giving away the pattern for Tako the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid to those subscribed to her newsletter. (Not on it? Join in here asap because she emails a free pattern each month!) Cate of InfiniteTwist dyed up some incredible fiber for me to spin and then knit this adorable guy. You can get the kit to spin (but there are less than a handful left) or you can get the yarn and skip the spinning. Even more generous, you can get the pattern free this month if you are on her mailing list. But you have to be on that list before midnight Tuesday November 11th in order to net him. (Sorry! Couldn’t resist) This will be my first time spinning intentionally. I am excited and looking forward to sharing as I go! Here is my colour way for “Squidward”. And remember to use your “withmel” code at checkout for extra awesome goodies and treats!





Each month, as a thank you to readers for sharing my post with others, I share a free pattern with one randomly selected share-er. The more you share the better your chance! And sharing couldn’t be simpler! At the bottom of each post are share links from social media to a one on one personal email link. The winner for the month of October wins Ikaika, my kimono inspired cardigan. 

And the winner is a share via twitter:


CONGRATS!! So if this is you be sure to connect me connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and I will get you a copy!

Annnnnndddd: Ikaika has been released for individual sale now and I have a great interview with a test knitter this week for you!

Want your chance to win a pattern in November? Just share! You can mention it in the comments too if you share a post in more than one place!


#5. A Really Awesome (Knitting) App! 


I find myself just sliding my fingers across my iPhone to hear the click, click, click as the Item changes from Vest/Shrug to (tick) (tick) (tick) Long Tunic Sweater (Tick) (Tick) Mittens (Tick back) Hat… If I choose Hat I can decide upon head circumference, below that stitches per inch (or centimeters) and drop down one more line and you see estimated yardage (or meters). Genius! Best $4.99 I spent all month! (It makes a great gift too! I have gifted a few for fun and it is such a blast to share it!)

Hannah Fettig collaborated to create this mini Stash Movie. Grab a wee little chocolate and watch:

#6. A  Really Awesome Organizational App 



This a gem for me to unearth. I like using Twitter to discover and learn and there is so much out there that at times keeping things sorted that I want to read gets overwhelming. Clicking to  favourite on Twitter as most of you know isn’t really “liking” something, that is more of what a ReTweet is… When you click the star on Twitter you are in essence dog-earing a page in a book to come back to later. Sight allows me to snap a screenshot of the article I like (not only on twitter mind you!) and save it as a visual cue in  the Sight App to come back later and read! I don’t need to copy and paste URLs anymore and everything is neat and tidy. And there is a PHOTO!! I love visual aids!  Did I mention this app is free?


#7. A Great Sound in My Ear

At present I am listening to an audio book by a writer I admire, Mark Twain. Somehow this title got past me in high school and college: The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg. It is performed by Norman Dietz and is quite a lively way to be reminded of humility and human nature. It is one of a collection that also includes The Invalid’s Story and The Stolen White Elephant. 

What are some fun shares You have? Why not share an interesting discovery you had recently?

Looking forward to a great week ahead!



6 thoughts on “Seven Shares On Sunday

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    The outpouring of love, gratitude and respect for all those who died in World War I over here has been heart wrenching. The installation pictured was due to be removed on Remembrance Day. There is one handmade poppy for each allied solider who died. Over 800,000 of them. Each one has been sold. Mainly to family members of those brave boys who gave their lives.
    An outcry from the public has meant that some will remain a little longer so that more people can pay their respects.
    It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

    On a lighter note, the stashbot app is a must have! I’m completely in awe of it! No more do I have to guesstimate how much yarn I’ll need! I feel more confident about yarn substitution too. Happy days

    As for what’s in my ears. Right now I’m catching up with podcasts. The middle two weeks of the month are Audible weeks when I absorb the delights of new audio books. The nect teo weeks are for catching up with my fiber friends all over the world.

    I love that i can knit and listen. Whst more can you need in life? A good yarn and a good yarn!

    Ellen x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hello! sea_otter3 from Instagram (and twitter – I get around!) here. Yes, the Tower of London poppies are certainly one of, if not the most moving, visceral memorials I’ve ever seen, and it brings a lump to my throat to think that some of the poppies are for my relatives who died in the war too. I know someone who was one of the volunteers who helped to ‘plant’ the poppies, and she said that each flower is different – some are in bud, some in full bloom, some withering, and all the leaves on the stems are different too, just like the individuals they represent. Someone I work with said that when they went to view the poppies, the names of those who fell were being read aloud, and there was complete silence from the crowd – certainly not something you often get in London. Part of me would love to see the poppies, but recently we lost our beloved old dog, and at the moment I just can’t bear any more sadness so up close.

    That was a bit heavy, wasn’t it? Something more cheerful…. I’ve discovered a new favourite (or, okay, one of my favourite yarns – Rowan ‘Thick n’ Thin’ – via this pattern, which is fuelling my Christmas knitting frenzy. I’m new to cowl knitting, but they seem a good idea – they keep the cold wind from going down your neck, but don’t add too much bulk, and also knit up very quickly! Here it is… http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/2014/10/knitting-pattern-smart-bitches-last-minute-cowl/


  3. I didn’t see the various poppy pictures but I have a visual memory of poppy fields I’ve seen over the years…as for the stashbot app, I have the booklette…I’m not a big fan of putting apps on my cell phone or iPad. Thanks for sharing your Sunday finds.


  4. Eileen C says:

    I couldn’t get through your list the first or the second time. I had to RUN over to iTunes and purchase Stashbot, then you had me run back over for Sight. Thank you Mel.


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