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Permission Granted!

On the first Friday Night’s Free Pattern post I said something that I did not think would be a big deal, with either Hoorah! or Whhhaaatt? Crowds.

It was such a little phrase and when I typed it I thought not much of it, aside from the fact perhaps someone at home might like the opportunity to know I had considered it.

What I said was: “Knitters can make this for their own use, as gifts, or to sell…you read that right: put them in your etsy shoppe if you want.” And my how the emails came!

“What I said was: knitters can make this for their own use, as gifts, or to sell…you read that right: put them in your etsy shoppe if you want.”

And my how the emails came! Everything from: “Really? Awesome!” to “Isn’t that illegal?”  There were other questions: “Is this an ok practice with your other patterns?” “Is it only ok to do as long as it is for charity?” “If I do, will I have to pay a fee for each item sold…”


Well let’s talk through some of these as they pertain to Lehua, the pattern pictured below.Lehua

First, to those of you in the Awesome! Camp, I am glad you are stoked about knitting Lehua for anyone and everyone wether it be for pleasure or profit!

For the Legal Eagle Camp: ex gratia would be the Latin legal reply (the permission to knit it is out of grace or goodwill, without legal obligation…) Nope, no fee for you to pay. It is a free pattern from me to you and given to do what you like with it.

And then the next question… Is this an ok practice with your other patterns?

Here I had to pause for a lengthy think….

Yeah…more thinking…

There were lots of things to consider, and I came up with something I thought was good for me and good for you!

If you want to knit any of my personal designs to sell, go ahead, provided you do these very simple, very ethical, things:

  • Email me (connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com) and request a Cottage License. For what you may spend on a good cup of coffee, you will get the legal permission to knit that pattern, a form to keep handy that verifies that permission and the peace of mind knowing you are legit! This permission is only available to request on patterns I have self published.
  • Give credit where credit is due. If you post a finished sweater for custom orders in your Etsy shoppe, be sure to say it is an MSkiKnits Design. Please provide the link to my website.
  • Do not use any of my images for advertising purposes. I pay a professional great wages for those pictures. Respect my work, respect my ownership rights of images.
  • Don’t sell the pattern, only what you create from the pattern.


I have all sorts of patterns that would make fast knits to sell, especially helpful this time of year for those looking to add custom order specialty gifts to sell their handmade sites. Things like Hapa, Menehune, Lehua are  simple, fast wraps. Drizzle and Intersections Break work up easily in a variety of yarns.

Not every designer feels this way, so be respectful of everyone’s right to ownership! If a designer says: “For personal use only,” they aren’t being stingy, they are completely entitled to retaining what is theirs. They have worked super hard to create their pattern and should be honored and respected in their choices.

For me, I gave this matter a lot of thought, a lot of thought. I feel comfortable with this decision. If you choose to knit something from one of my patterns to share with the world for a profit then… Go ahead you little knitting entrepreneur! I wish you loads of success!





12 thoughts on “Permission Granted!

  1. michelleowls says:

    You are so generous and sweet Mel. I am so glad that somehow I found you a year ago on Instagram, because you are just a ray of sunshine in my day.


  2. knitstostaysane says:

    Once again Mel, your generosity knows no bounds. I feverently hope that knitters out there respect that generosity. It must have taken a great deal of thought, weighing up the pros and cons to get here.



    • hahaha! nahhh… I just had several smart knitters that asked! They prompted me to think it over. For myself and my patterns. I totally respect other’s judgement call on their own patterns!


  3. barbharding2014 says:

    You are beyond generous, you beautiful designer and all around fabulous person! of course, if I were to sell any of the things knit from your patterns I’d want to charge, oh, maybe around $5000 for something like menehune…any sweater? prob around $10,000. If I charged any less I’d probably be making around $0.50 an hour. :/


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