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Dinna Fash…

If you read the title and thought “What in the world Mel?!” Don’t worry…or dinna fash! 

Somehow, probably because I live under a rock, or maybe because I am simply un-hip, I missed this book that just came out— and by “just came out” I mean like 1991.

O U T L A N D E R .

For those of you in the “You are just NOW discovering this?!” eye rolling camp… in my defense, I generally read books that are older than the country in which I live.

Either that or they are children’s books or non-fiction.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is neither of those things.

So it took time before I found it. But then I found it.

Those of you in the “Not THAT book!” eye rolling camp…hang on!

I am not going to give you a book report right this moment, but I am going to share a quick word about the tv series BECAUSE OF THE KNITWEAR!


These images are swiped right off the intewebz when you google Outlander Series Knitwear:

Chunky yarn. Garter stitch. Jamie. Deep dark brrrrroooooowwwwnnnns! Jamie. Wool. Texture. Jamie. Kilts. Plaid. Berets. And then there is Jamie… I did mention him, right?

77688952c5f9df1c6496426cb97dd6b5.jpg^^^^JAMMF. Right there^^^^

(you are welcome)

So, where were we?

Ahh yes!

We were wrapping ourselves in beautiful kilts from Scotland!

Or dreaming about men in kilts anyway…

All kidding aside, there is an entire collection of Outlander fans who tweet, blog and gather together to discuss and enjoy their love for the Outlander series! Sounds a little like the knitting community to me.

I dug deeper and discovered some really interesting things: Outlander fans have loads in common with knitters!

  1. I know not a soul reading this blog will find point number one that odd at all: PODCASTS! One that has a solid foundation of devoted viewers is My Outlander Purgatory, MOP for short.
  2. A variety of bloggers love to share all about the books series, the tv actors and the author. Musings of a Blithe Spirit is one I enjoy. And hey ya’ll, she is interested in knitting!
  3. Just like Ryan Gosling and the Hey Girl knitting fun,Outlander fans have awesome memes!
  4. The fans love all the knitwear in the tv series!
  5. They have An Outlandish Clan Kit for Knitters (kinda like a 3 month club that you don’t have to wait each month for) with a project bag made in Scotland from the Ancient Weathered Fraser Tartan, 2 speciality yarn colourways inspired by this tartan, another yarn colour inspired by the story’s heroine, 3 awesome patterns for these specialty yarns, a kilt pin…. Oh wait! That club hasn’t released yet…

It is open for pre-orders on 21 November at 9 pm Scottish Highland time…

And if you are too excited to wait for more details have a listen to the Caithness Craft Collective podcast  and see if you hear any hints! Or look for the Outlandish Clan Kit info page to go live! You will see it on the main page here when it does!



Now, be a lovely lass (or laddie!) and share this post with others anywhere you find yourself! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…feel free to reblog it too! It’ll make me as happy as an Outlander fan in April 2015! Ya ken?



11 thoughts on “Dinna Fash…

  1. So glad you found these books, I read them when they came out and having been born and raised in Scotland was absolutely ‘gobsmacked’ that Diana Gabaldon was not Scottish, she did such a great job with these books. Love them! The knits are fabulous, oh and I always thought there was no-one good enough to play Jamie, I stand corrected.!


  2. brandybj says:

    Donna Fash indeed!!!! I speak Gaelic and was so amused to see that-and this WHOLE POST had me in smiles. Lastly, Thanks for THAT. (You know what. Them blue eyes….sigh. )

    What was I saying? Oh right…ahem.

    Love this whole thing and will ABSOLUTELY be sharing the post tomorrow on FB. I am happy you have some “fun” (aka 1,000s of pages and 8 books) ahead of you. Have fun wee Lass!!! Cacht a Cacht….

    ‘Chapter by Chapter’


  3. knitstostaysane says:

    Focus!!! I loved reading this entry. Thanks Mel. And thanks for the outlander photos. Phwor!!!! Just what I needed to get me up and moving for anther day on the treadmill that is work.

    AND!!!! I could be classed as trendy?!?!?!?!!! That fab cowl above, the one that sits over her shoulders and gives a fab slouchy neck line. Yes, that one 3 rows down on the right. I HAVE MADE THAT COWL!!! Well…… One so similar as it makes no odds! Get in!! I’m on trend…… If that trend is based 400 years ago!!! Oh, yes, maybe that’s not as bang on cool as I thought. Bum

    Ah well, happy days. And here, it’s definitely cold enough to be wearing that very cowl

    Right I can put if off no longer, I’m off to work.



  4. First…thanks for the Jamie pictures (sigh)…I too have just found out about the books, I finished the first in the series and now I’m reading the second (Dragonfly in Amber). Second, I’m a fan of the TV series as well.
    The knitted items on the show are very nice…I have a couple of patterns based on the shawls in the programs. I will be looking forward to the kit you mentioned…thank ye lass, I ken about it before.


  5. Iam a complete novice when it comes to the Outlander series! Should I read the books first?
    The tv series appears to be on demand. What is the name of the first one? The episode numbers are confusing! I don’t know why this whole bit has escaped me either! But I’d like to get on board!


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