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Here comes Holiday Happiknits!

I have been knitting a ton lately

Well at least pounds if you put it on the scale…so not really tons in weight!

Mauna Kea has been zipping along, practically knitting herself up! I have to confess, sometimes I receive yarn from dyers that I look at and wonder “HOW am I going to knit with this non-grey yarn?” It isn’t too bad if it is a natural colour, but bright and vivid shades aren’t my thing.

Or at least they weren’t… Then SpaceCadet Fervent Gradient Kit happened and the rainbow floodgates were thrown wiiiiiiide open! Pop over here for a look: http://spacecadetcreations.com )

 I knit in colour and I liked it!

Now I can not help myself! At all!

Colour is popping up everywhere!

And I must say…

I knit in colour and I liked it!

What about you? What are some ways you’ve stretched yourself lately? With hues or  tones? Blends or weights? New styles or techniques? It is fun to break out in a new direction!

Which is exactly what I am doing over here! And getting more and more excited as the days pass with what lies ahead! Oh! The things I have to share!

Holiday Happiknits is in the air! Share what you are knitting—snap pics and share with the #HolidayHappiknits hashtag =) What makes You a Jolly Knitter this time of year?


3 thoughts on “Here comes Holiday Happiknits!

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    Stepping outside our comfort zone can be so rewarding. Just one little change can stretch us and enrich us. Who knew that a skein of pink, scary yarn could open up such A huge new world of opportunity and potential.

    Welcome to technicolor.


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