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Wanna Catch Up? Yeah, me too!

I had to sit and chat with you! So much has been going on here! I am preparing for lots of fun new adventures ahead, but I have been missing chatting with you! Pretty soon we can sit together face to face, but I have to put some final touches on a few things before that!

For now lets chat!

Things I share on the podcast:

SpaceMonster Club! This actually is an awesome affordable gift! You can give a gift that the recipient will get treats for months to come! Pop over and peek!

Gimme 20! The heavyweight version and Gimme 40! The welterweight version will be coming out in time for you to whip up one or two or three before Christmas! The scarf kits are going to be so incredible…oh the colour!  And best of all…well the best of all is yet to come! The picture is a teaser, me sporting it with flannel as soon as it was off the needles!


Here is the Pound and Then Some fiber collection I have to spin. So eager to do this! Infinite Twist has a fiber kit for a shawl by The Knit Girllls. Have you seen it? I have signed up for Infinite Twist’s Critter Club Sock Membership. Seriously. GO. Look. ==>> and if you are tempted to buy anything use the “withmel” code for extra goodies and treats!

There is a spot for you in An Outlandish Clan Kit. Want more info Head Here. Ready to join in? Click that button below!

Tartan Buy button

I am knitting a vest and a pair of striped socks. I have come a much longer way that both these photos show. I will talk more about the vest for my little man in the days ahead, so look forward to more info on the pattern to come!

I am knitting like a ninja---see the blurred hyper speed shot? (And I am wearing Ikaika...another colourful sweater!)

I am knitting like a ninja—see the blurred hyper speed shot? (And I am wearing Ikaika…another colourful sweater!)


O K! Now go give a listen to the podcast! At the end are details about the Outlander inspired kit so be sure to give ear to the details! Here is a glimpse of the Highlands…by way of the project bag creator Louise of Caithness Craft Collective. Looking at it makes me want to buy my husband a kilt and raise wooly friends in Scotland!



I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you find yourself today!

My best Aloha is to you!



3 thoughts on “Wanna Catch Up? Yeah, me too!

  1. OffToExplore says:

    I love that grey and yellow combination! I have been trying to branch out to some more colorful knitting, too. I got a big box of yarn today — rainbow, hot pink, deep red, and yes, dark grey. I have 4 hand knit grey sweaters in the closet, but I am thinking you’re the winner in the grey sweater front.


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