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Gift Ideas for Knitters

{Errr…rather “Gift Ideas that You, Dear Knitter, can pass on to a loved one to help them shop!” but that blog title wouldn’t fit so well in the title line!}
I am not knitting many gifts for people, I never do. I AM planning on giving knitting and yarn treats to others though, to be an ambassador of yarn and fiber arts! Join me this weekend for the start of what I hope to be easy ideas to share the love of Yarn Life this season 😉 And when I say “join me” I mean sit down and watch me do a few things…that’s right! The podcasts airs again this weekend! Is anyone excited? These will be simple fun ideas for us to showcase the joy and beauty of our passion, or as others may be inclined to mis-label it: “our hobby”
Apart from this fun there are also a few ideas that qualify as those gifts this time of year “that keep on giving”. There are some awesome treats perfect for knitters (though these may actually be perfect for YOU my knitting companion, so forward this post to your significant other…there is a handy share button at the bottom of the page!)
Here are 3 treats that are so rad they would make any knitter burst into squeals of joy:

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Now if you are looking for a few ideas to keep knitters (or yourself!) happily knitting after the holiday has passed allow me to share 3 simple solutions that may be what you are looking for:
Hold on to your kilt: A kit that arrives all at once with supplies for 3 perfect accessories to knit your way out of Outlander doldrums! So many Outlander fans are waiting for April 4th to arrive—knit your days away with a collection of exclusive materials and treats inspired by the hugely popular Outlander series, one goody ais a project bag a la JAMMF!  Details Here! 


An equally awesome club for those of you hooked on socks or are just incredibly awesome and unique: Critter Sock Club Membership! This winter, Infinite Twist is offering a three-month club of thick and wooly sock kits with stranded sock patterns inspired by cozy Japanese house socks. Designed for maximum cuteness and wearability, each sock pattern features an animal face on the toe, and a wearable motif on the leg. And it is packed with goodies to boot! Use the “WithMel” code when you order and see what awesome extras come to you! And all for under $100! Pop over Here to become a member! I did and can not wait to get my first parcel!


And one of my favourite treats that keeps on giving…one I signed my daughter up for 2 years ago is the Space Monster Club (Talya and I take turns with the OUT OF THIS WORLD goodies!). To hear me chat more about it be sure to listen to the podcast that aired Dec 3rd. Sign-ups for this club start Friday Dec 5th.
Okay My Friends! I did my part to help your loved ones with last minute gift ideas! =) Be sure to let me know what you get!
And remember, look for some fun new adventures starting with this weekend’s podcast!
My best aloha to you!

10 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Knitters

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Sooooo, in what way can I bribe you to tell me if my husband has already purchased #1 for me??? I don’t know if I can wait until Dec 25 to find out and if he didn’t I’ll be terribly disappointed that I’ve missed out on such an incredible looking kit!


    • Oh my goodness! This made me laugh so hard! Here is my promise: if he did not get it for you, email me after all the gifts are unwrapped and I will have one set aside for you to nab for yourself! =)


  2. Nina says:

    I really want to join this KAL and buy the kit …. I am waiting for an annuity payment, thought it would be here by now, but it hasn’t arrived. When is the deadline for joining and buying the kit ??

    Nina Norman Longmont CO



    • Hmm! I just popped over and tried it and it worked for me! Did you make sure to choose from the drop down menu which version of the kit you wanted?
      If the code doesn’t work in the “promo code” box, you can include it in the special instructions and will get the little extra goodies InfiniteTwist shares with followers of this blog! =)


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