Gimme 20! And I’ll make you a superhero!

Quick?! What is better than a fast, cheerful knit?

A fast cheerful free knitting pattern?

C l o s e !

A fast, cheerful, free knitting pattern you can use to teach someone how to knit!

Seriously, BE A HERO!

Even better:

Be that hero in 5 easy steps!  

  1. Save the PDF below to your handy electronic device or go WAAAAY old school and print it! (Whaaaat? Like paper?!)
  2. Gather hero gear in a little bag: a few pieces of chocolate, knitting needles and 3 balls of spare bulky yarn…or get yourself some Elara! I knit this in 3 balls of Elara and LOOOVE it!
  3. Repeat step 2 once more because we have to be a hero TO someone to really be a hero, you dig?
  4. Head to the nearest place where there are people…coffee house, library, bookstore, work and look for someone who needs you {Interrupting Mel interrupts herself here to say: YOU are a Knitting Superhero and could really make someone into a Superhero too. Don’t be stingy! Share your awesome self! Look around for that face that you connect with because you know that they need some knitting creativity introduced to them}
  5. Walk up to that {perhaps complete} stranger and say “I have a gift for you! Want to be the next Knitting Ninja?” Then slowly show them the ropes and get them started on this scarf.

Then you have to tell your new protégé “Now we must multiply our crew!” and both of you start over from step #1 above. Give your newbie knitter a wee bit of time to eat their chocolate before this part though, k?

Bear in mind you can print the pattern below, gather the materials and make a sweet little Learn To Knit gift to give this holiday! I would urge you to enclose a thoughtful note telling the recipient you will share how to use these things over a cup of tea at their earliest convenience. You know you have enough stash to teach 87% of your city’s general population how to knit, so liberate yourself from the clutches of unused stash and school up some folks to knit in the new year!

Here are the specs:

Finished Measurements

60” [152.5 cm] by 6” [15.24 cm]


Yarn Elara by SpaceCadet (100% Superwash Merino 3-ply; approx 120 yds/100g)

•2 skeins in Dark Skies for MC

•1 skein in Lemon for CC

Needles  •One 40” circular needle in size US 11 [8mm] or size to obtain gauge

Notions •Tapestry needle or crochet hook to secure loose ends when finished

Gauge 11 sts x 26 rows for 4 inch in garter stitch after blocking

Stitches Used ==>>ONLY Garter stitch<<== (my Kryptonite!)

Here is the PDF: Gimme 20! Scarf

Download it and either be a superhero today to one person, or share this post every where you can and be that hero to many! I make it easy with share buttons below! Go on! Take a leap and let your hand knit cape fly in the breeze as you share the knitting love!

Happy Knitting!


17 thoughts on “Gimme 20! And I’ll make you a superhero!

  1. OffToExplore says:

    Approach strangers and try to get them to knit? Eep! But I do love the idea.

    How about I meet you halfway. I can put together a kit, then put a notice out into our local crafting (of all types, not just knitters) group that I have a learn to knit kit available, with help, for the first newbie to stop by my knitting group.


  2. Great idea, but being an introvert, it😨just won’t happen, but, I will teach someone if they are interested in learning. I bought some Space Cadet yarn ( not the bulky but worsted ) and can’t wait to get started…thanks for the pattern!


  3. I knit at my daughters practice all the time and people frequently say I wish I knew how to do that. Having a kit to whip out and say let’s learn may surprise them but what fun! We’re usually there for about two hours.

    Liked by 2 people

    • What a fantastic plan! I hadn’t thought about sports and activity practices! You are right, whipping out a kit would be so fun! Especially as so many of us knitting at these events often draw the notice of others, you are sure to get a few new knitting pals. And think of the fun of an impromptu knitting group every time your daughter practices!


  4. You gave me the nudge that I needed. I spend a lot of my time knitting for my daughters, grandkids, husband and son in law. Today while visiting with my daughter I asked if she would like to learn how to knit. She beamed! She said she would love to. It would seem that she has wanted to for awhile but didn’t want to ask for fear of being a bother. What!?!? That surprised me. I explained that it would be my pleasure to teach her a skill that brings me so much joy.
    After I got home she called and asked if she could invite a couple of friends that want to learn too. I said of course. We will be meeting once a week beginning right after the holidays.
    What my daughter doesn’t know is that now she will be receiving a complete set of needles and a healthy start on her future stash for Christmas this year.
    Thank you, Mel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had wanted to learn to knit as I watched my grandmother, never got the nerve to ask and she never offered, I finally taught myself years later. So glad to hear you asked and are gifting that group such a wonderful treasure, knitting will always be something they remember ♡

      Liked by 1 person

    • I had wanted to learn to knit as I watched my step-grandmother, never got the nerve to ask and she never offered, I finally taught myself years later. So glad to hear you asked and are gifting that group such a wonderful treasure, knitting will always be something they remember ♡

      Liked by 1 person

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