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…Ahhh Kollabora!


839e9472927741b95c75d7689c777666_400x400We are what we makeYou may not be familiar with this awesome site for makers and I want to help remedy that!

Kollabora is an online hub of creative muses sharing what gets them stoked! What draws me to this community is the photo rich platform–vivid LARGE photos… eye candy to make me want knitting, sewing, crafting ALL AT ONCE!

I was humbled to be the focus of the Nora Meets The Maker on Kollabora over the Holidays. Since I was on my first vacation in forever… I didn’t get a chance to tell you about it at the time of its posting. It was fun and I don’t want you to miss it!

To celebrate Kollabora’s kindness in featuring me, as well as show YOU and Kollabora some love and aloha, pop over to the post and comment after the interview for an opportunity to win a pattern from their site up to $12.00! Pop back over here and share what you liked best about Kollabora for an additional chance to win. And definitely use the social media shares both on Kollabora and below here to spread some warm sunny aloha! With temps threatening to dip in to the teens tonight, I am all about keeping it toasty!

Be sure to let everyone know if you are on Kollabora in the comments below! I am there as With∞Mel and would love it if you follow me! I have some fun things in store to share in the coming weeks over there and would love to see your awesome self plugging-in!

Peace, love and aloha in 2015,


{{Quick but important details: No purchase necessary to win free pattern. Simply comment on the Kollabora Blog here to enter. Additional chance earned by commenting below on this post. Opportunity to win runs through 14 January 2015. One winner will be randomly selected and announced here on the With∞Mel Blog on 15 January 2015. Prize must be claimed by 15 February 2015.}}


14 thoughts on “…Ahhh Kollabora!

  1. Mel, the site has potential. I’ll check back from time to time to see if they have improved maneuverability around the site. Right now it is far too clunky for me to spend my minimal crafting time trying to find my way around.


    • I find myself using my crafting time as you suggest—jealously guarding it to craft! I am not sure about you, but do you ever seem to pop on-line “just for a second” and find you’ve lost track of 30 minutes or more?
      Quick suggestion: maybe sometime if you feel up to it, contact the awesome folks at Kollabora and share some thoughts on how to improve it. I am sure you would have some great ideas they could consider.

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  2. Melissa B says:

    Great article. I really liked getting to know you better, Mel. Very interesting site. I will spend more time checking it out and possibly joining the community. And yes the photos are inspiring.

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    • Rav is awesome! For sure! It is fun to see knitters on Kollabora showing off loads of non-knitting as projects in addition to what they have knit. I especially like all the cross stitch things!


  3. Mel, thank you so very much for bringing this site to my attention! I was so favorbaly impressed by it I joined immediately! Left a comment on Kollabora regarding your interview, was beautiful reading, ❤ and appreciate you so much, Mel. Xxx!

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  4. Judy11 says:

    Haven’t had a chance to poke around the whole site but love finding new sites and blogs to follow. Thanks for pointing us over to the nice interview she did with you.

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