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Quick language lesson: Da kine is “that thing”…or sort of… in Hawaii we use small kine when referring to “that small thing”

Keiki is a small child or offspring. In Hawaii it can refer to orchid offspring or little human kiddos! But small kine is whatever that thing is… small kine = small thing

So What Is Small Kine Knits?

And why am I wanting to knit small stuff? Or more importantly: Why am I encouraging you to knit small things?

I need to see some results! I have so many BIG things with lots of yardage all over my needles. They are not going to get done today…

or tomorrow…

or by this weekend…

And I need to see some Finished Objects stacking up here people! I want to see some results! I want to wear some knitted pieces PRONTO!

So I got these sweet skeins here (yeah, photo is a wee bit blurry, but do you see those sweet kitty paws!?)


And this new pattern here:

gloria gloves



And I am going to blast my way through some knit-today-wear-tomorrow things!

And I want to see if you are interested!

No?!! Not yet?

What if I told you the AMAZING author of KNOCKOUT KNITS Laura Nelkin will be chatting with us in order to get us stoked about knitting smaller pieces with POW! Power? I am excited to share with you an interview with her soon.

What if I told you there would be some small kine treats for you?


Stoked yet?

Here’s the plan:

  • Focus on small
  • Try something new
  • Find additional community by knitting one of the themes!

Define “Small” Mel…

Let’s say 250 yards or less? Though I must tell you the Gloria mitts are ready to go and require 1 skein of Piper. So let’s not be sticklers on yardage… Let’s just think about having me whoop and holler for 25 to 50 yards! Let’s see how small you can go!

What about New?

Perhaps a new technique, new fiber, new colour, new genre altogether? You are the boss, You decide!


I know, I know. I am such as sucker for themes and categories! So how do these sound:


  • Gloves & mitts
  • Hats
  • Necklaces
  • Cuffs


  • Pencil bags
  • Journal covers
  • Mug rugs



  • LOL! If I knew a few suggestions to put here than the title above wouldn’t be the best title now would it?
  • For serious: nose covers, hats for cats, if you think it would surprise me then it goes here—nothing that my mum who reads this blog would be embarrassed by though, so steer clear of those things…

I plan to think small and satisfying but beautiful and wearable.

You can think whatever you want!

Participation will be super simple as well! Knit whatever you want. Knit as many small kine things as you want! Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #SmallKineKnitsWithMel and tag me @MSkiKnits so I don’t miss them! Add in your comments what category or what you learned!

Not on Instagram?

Post on Rav! Post on your blog! Post on Twitter! Just start adding up all the small kine fun for now! Between all of us we will see what you are up to! Also make sure to update us in the comments on how you are doing!

When should you start?


And how long do you have?

Let’s start now and see how much we can accomplish by Feb 15th!

Lots of little posts to follow!

Small Kine FTW!

And now here is BIG NEWS before you go!

The winner of the pattern on Kollabora is…..

drum roll please…

DOBSONEMILY! who totally made me blush when she said:

I have a bit of a girl crush on Mel and love all of her lovelies that she makes. She is quite inspiring to read as well, I’m glad you never gave up making knitted items!

Hey Emily! Contact me at connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and I will hook you up!

Mahalo to everyone for the sweet words of encouragement regarding the interview!


Let’s get some big momentum going for lots of small kine knits!


5 thoughts on “#SmallKineKnitsWithMel

  1. Lynne says:

    Some small projects to make while getting on with my lace shawl which is best done in daylight hours due to it being black sounds like a good plan of action.


  2. knitstostaysane says:

    When you’ve got deadline knitting small kine knits are just what you need. I’ve got a hat and 2 shawls I’ve promised. Every time I pick up my needles for some ‘me’ knitting i feel guilty – I should be working on commissions, but sometimes I just need a break.

    Small Kine knitting is the way forward!

    Liking this idea a lot!

    And I need a teapot cozy!

    Win win I’d say!


    • I love Buddy! Right now I am working on cuffs from Knock Out Knits by Laura Nelkin’s and a hat from that book too! It makes me feel productive to knit these little things as I am working on sweaters!
      I look forward to seeing what you create!


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