Still A Chance!

Un-Pack, Un-Wrap, Re-wrap, Re-Pack, Repeat, Dance and Giggle and Squeal!

That is what has been happening these last few days in preparation for mailing the Outlandish Clan Kits!

Oh the fun of it all!

There were squeals as each item was admired and wrapped. Moments of “I want to keep this one!” (That was actually me most times I wrapped a skein of yarn!)

Stickers and wash tape, tissue paper and envelopes, skeins to be wound, needles and notions and gifts to enclose!

Oh my goodness!

Like Christmas!

< < < And as if by some Christmas miracle: we have a couple spots available! > > >

If you missed the opportunity to grab the Outlandish Clan Kit here is the quick scoop:

  • 3 incredible kits for 3 accessories to knit inspired by Outlander, the book and the tv series!
  • Decadent, delightful, exclusive colourways of yarn & patterns, as well as needles and notions for the projects!
  • A project bag crafted in Scotland from dear and fine Highland wool tartan, with hand dyed fabric interior.
  • Treats within each parcel as extra goodies to delight the Clansmen that are part of this gathering!
  • And they all arrive at once…you just have to restrain yourself from tearing in to them tot quickly!
  • Community with knitters who love a good knit and an exciting adventure story in a fun forum!

So if you want a spot or more info email me faster than you can faint at JAMMF’s sultry gaze!

connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com



13 thoughts on “Still A Chance!

    • Lots of work went in to creating these kits from multiple people worldwide. We collaborated as a team and spent lots of time crafting the best kits possible. If you email me I’d be glad to send you supplies for one of the month’s knitting. Profit is good but definitely not my only motivation.

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    • twinsetjan says:

      Karen, we are all entitled to our own opinions and conclusions, but I hope you are open to changing yours. Respectfully, I’d like to try to make the case to do so.

      Mel certainly is a businesswoman. She invests, works, and benefits from her efforts. Some people who do this only care about receiving the benefit themselves. Some people work only for the benefit of financial reward. I want to assure you that this does not describe Mel. Not only is she generous in bringing new makers into her circle of partners, but she is generous to ensure that they benefit financially too. At the same time she invests her time and effort in finding just the right combination of products, all of very high quality, to put smiles on the faces of crafters around the world. Most, if not all, find the kits to be a very nice value that saves them the time of tracking down the individual products and purveyors. And Mel absolutely LOVES bringing the joy of crafting to others. I’m sure this is one reason the prices on her kits are so reasonable — she is paid in money for sure but also in the pleasure of knowing she is putting smiles on others’ faces.

      Mel’s blog is a window into her world and it is also her marketing face to our worlds. If you don’t want any marketing with your free reading pleasure, then perhaps this is not the blog for you. I find so much pleasure reading it, I don’t mind that it also promotes Mel’s designs and kits. In fact, I enjoy that aspect too. It is, however, entirely your call. I hope you reconsider your conclusion about Mel’s motivation and have lots of fun with your own crafting journey.

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  1. Ted says:

    I was worried I hadn’t ordered the kit. I couldn’t find confirmation in my emails. Thankfully, Paypal had a record of the transaction. Whew!!!


  2. brandybj says:

    Having seen the handcraft involved with the bags, and heard the review of them from the Knitmore girls….these kits could have gone for a good bit more. Thanks for including as many people as you could.

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  3. knitser says:

    How rude, Karen. Maybe you are just having a bad day but if you are a follower of Mel’s blog, you well know there are so many lovely dimensions to Mel and her messages. Her sincerity and authenticity always shine through. Thanks for all your efforts with this Outlander opportunity , Mel!

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  4. Judy11 says:

    With the holidays and family birthdays in December, then snow, snow and more snow (oh and hand surgery) in January, I had lost track of this. Ordered a kit at the time but totally forgot about it. It was so nice to see this blog post and remember what I have to look forward to and soon!! Can’t come soon enough, as I watch the snow continue to pile up outside my windows as I type. ❤

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