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Delayed Gratification {sorry!}

Let us get right to it!

Somebody won a book and somebody won an awesome kit!

And somebody is way late announcing it (after the announcement, I will tell you why)


The winner of Laura Neklin’s autographed KNOCKOUT KNITS book is…..

sea_otter3 {on Instagram}

And the winner of on of Laura’s incredible kits is…

Rowena Philbeck who said:

I loved the Hibisco necklace and the Butin Collar kit. They are all very pretty.

I loved the Hibisco necklace and the Butin Collar kit. They are all very pretty.

Congrats! Both of you are such lucky ducks! Please email me at connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and we can hook you up!

Sooooo….Sometimes you lay your plans and they work. Sometimes they don’t. And sometimes you just have to dig in and work your plans until you are dog tired.

That last one has been me. (woof! woof!)

Working hard at hard work can cause you to have laser beam focus…or if you are like me, it forces you to force yourself to have laser beam focus. =) Anybody out there feeling me? You been there?

So I got a bit distracted by trying to focus! I am sorry it happened. I get distracted easily…you should see me in a real yarn shoppe…I can’t even carry on a conversation…not just because the choices are so beautiful…but because I see so many “POTENTIALS!”.

The things I have been working on behind the scenes are so gratifying to me and I hope they will give you a moment of peace or happiness, tranquilly and {maybe} delight…

Be patient with me. I am not perfect. If you are, I would love to know how you do it!



9 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification {sorry!}

  1. Melissa Bittner says:

    Oh Mel. You are loved and admired exactly how you are! If you want to call that “perfect” or “fill in the blank, some other modifier less than perfect” well . . . okay. But it doesn’t really matter. 🙂 Your beautiful site always has me pausing a moment to relax and see possibilities. And that is perfect enough for me! (I love, love, love the blue sweater picture!) 😉

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  2. Lists, lists…oh look squirrel!… and more lists. Alarms, reminders….oh look another squirrel!! This is me on a daily basis. I completely understand and the truth is that there is just so much life to live I hate to miss out on anything. I bet you are a bit that way too?!! Enjoy life Mel and always continue to be your sweet self!!

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  3. Congratulations to sea_otter3 and Rowena Philbeck! You will both so enjoy your prizes!

    Mel, perfection is waaaaaay over-rated! If everyone was perfect, think how boring that would be. It’s when you make mistakes that you create the most beautiful patterns, colors, and so on! Perfect is not something that I work to be. I would rather do my best and be original. It didn’t hurt anyone to have a wait a little longer to find out who won; instead it just heightened the anticipation! Keep on keeping on, I’m certainly enjoying this interaction with you and creating this beautiful cowl!

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  4. knitstostaysane says:

    Striving to be everything to everyone is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes you need to get your head down and put your shoulder behind one thing.

    To be fair to yourself Mel, how many balls are you juggling right now?!

    Congrats to the winners! You’re going to love the book I’m sure – so many things to make, where to start?!

    Well, I need to get off my bum and get to work. Time and prescriptions wait for no man.

    Have a wonderful day folks

    Ellen x

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