Bella’s Mitts & SNOW!

Yes, you are seeing that right!

Well, you are seeing it right if you see me giving you shaka as I wear my most fave mittens ever! These are Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault  and I LOVE THEM!

Mine were a gift from a dear friend Barb, who collected the fiber from her own animal friends on her farm, spun the yarn and then knit them. For me! I love her. I love them.

They make me feel beautiful and loved and warm!

Also included in the picture is SNOW!!

Dude, if it snowed during winter where I live more frequently winter wouldn’t be so wretched and we wouldn’t be getting together our passports and dreaming up a move to a hot tropical place. Snow makes things so darn pretty! Yes, yes, I know some of you are OVER the snow, but this is our first all season, so be patient with me! It isn’t much snow, but it was a treat. The world became quiet, the swirling bits of snow felt magical, the quietness in the woods today was surreal…

I am eager to sit beside the fireplace tonight and knit mittens!

What are your favourite mitten patterns? Free or paid it matters not, I would just love for you to share! Links are awesome… if you want.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, I have so much fun planned!

peace, aloha & joyful-knits,



13 thoughts on “Bella’s Mitts & SNOW!

  1. barbharding2014 says:

    I’m so glad you love your mittens. I must say I don’t think I’ve ever given a gift that was appreciated more!!! That makes me want to knit you more things! Wait – do I see an ulterior motive here?!
    I agree totally about the snow – if it’s gonna be cold, there needs to be snow.

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  2. I really enjoy knitting, gifting and wearing Bella’s Mittens. The other pattern I really enjoy knitting is the first pair I ever knit which are Fisherman style felted mittens. They are wonderful! Warm, virtually waterproof, and just so wonderfully loved by my husband. I ourchased the pattern from Patternworks in NH.


      • Yes, it is a wonderful pattern. 3 options actually, regular mitten style, fingerless mittens, and the fisherman mittens. Well worth the price for the pattern. Funny thing is I taught myself how to knit in the round with this pattern. Didn’t do too badly! Didn’t know how to pick up sts, I made that happen, didn’t know how to reattach the yarn, made that happen, etc. It was fun and I am quite proud of them. My husband loves them!


  3. knitstostaysane says:

    I made my first ever handspun into fingerless mitts. I love them. I love the thick and thin nature of the yarn. I lost one for ages and was so upset. Thankfully the fairies found it for me ;-).


  4. Jolie says:

    “Fiddlehead Mittens”…they were the first knitting project I did and I have made them three times since. The Bella mittens were the reason I bought my first knitting book. I haven’t made them yet, but your beauties have inspired me to go and find that pattern and make them…I’m in Canada…we should have snow (and therefore a reason to wear mittens!) well into April.


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