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Some Bunny Special

For Easter I like to make the kiddos something special. This year they each got a little bunny.

They were easy to make. Fun to personalize for each of my Dear Ones. And the finishing work had me giggle with all the joy of creativity I was allowed.

And the response?


A 17 yr old girl was, in a word, stoked.


An almost 13 yr old boy spent quite some time marveling at the construction, as well as the unique feel of the Romanian wool used to make his.


The “I will be 11 in less than a month” daughter {I wish she would stop reminding me how quickly and uncontrollably she is growing}…well that kiddo must’ve said “Awww!” 36 different ways.


Each bunny was in bed with their new owner when I tucked them in last night.

It was a good feeling.


Pattern I used:

The pattern is a modified version of this awesome free pattern Tumbling Bunnies on the Simply Notable blog which I discovered quite by accident when looking up bunny patterns. It is a lovely blog filled with lots of interesting things and not all are knitting!

Yarns I used:

  • Umbra: a decadent camel yarn from Infinite Twist which is only available at present to the Outlander Clan Members. Hopefully one of them will comment below about how they feel about this incredible yarn!
  • Helix in Dune, a 100% wool yarn available from Infinite Twist and Umbra held together
  • Elena from Moeke yarns. This 100% natural wool felt so good, largely due to the minimal processing it undergoes
  •  peachy colored yarn from Shepherd’s Wool

Other things used:

  • I stuffed them with dried small red kidney beans. They just felt right
  • Eyes from Fresh Stitches. Stacey has a great variety of eyes in her shoppe!
  • Needles: I used a variety of DPNs. The pattern suggests dropping down to a needle size that creates a pretty tight fabric
  • Tapestry needle


  • Obviously my bunnies have no feet or legs as the original pattern does.
  • What they lack in foot-gear they make up in the tail category! Each have sweet little pom poms I made from the three main yarns.
  • I went a bit on my own for the ears as well. White bunny has a very thin line of Dune outlining an inner ear. The other bunny you can see how just worked around each inner in that peachy colour. Instead if weaving in ends of that I tied a little bow…the little one this is for is still technically 10 yrs old and I want her to have bows…
  • The bodies are as per directions though. And the pattern was well written, with great photos! A very very quick knit overall. I plan to knit a few of these for little treats this spring with a note to the recipient that says: “You are some bunny special.”  Why keep bunnies just for Easter? They are so darn cute!

3 thoughts on “Some Bunny Special

  1. Amy G says:

    These are adorable! Really like your idea of “out of the blue” gifts. We could make a little drawstring totes, and they would always be safe and warm. Thank you for sharing so many parts of your life with us.


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