fun, words

Smiles, Treasures & Springtime Fun!

Enjoying simple moments.

Sometimes they occur with needle and yarn, pencil and paper, sand and salt water.

Always with Ohana in tow.

There are moments where you have to look for moments to enjoy, really look! I am there with you Dear Reader as hard times try to elbow in and take over the day. That is when you have to dig in your heels and make your own fun, make your own smiling moments.

I have one to share today with you! It was one of the 5 Shares I posted last week. I received a few emails mentioning they started reading, clicked on a link and almost missed this fun activity! So in the hopes of giving you something small and simple to do that will yield little happy treasures I share this:

 Spring is finally sprouting here where I live! How about with you? I enjoy springtime for many reasons, and one is perhaps an odd tradition I have kept since just a little kindergartener that has evolved in to something so much more than as it started. I’d like to share that with you today and invite you to join in on a swap that stems from it…CLICK TO READ MORE IMG_0886


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