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Bougainvillea & Bob


When I think of bougainvillea, hibiscus and plumerias I always think of Bob. 

Bob, our African Tortoise. 

That tortoise would cruise our backyard looking for flowers that had fallen from trees and bushes, especially delighting in hibiscus, and claiming the bougainvillea bush as his lair.

Alana and Brother would head out in the afternoon about 4:15 to watch Bob usher in the evening festivities…that is to say Bob would totally crash at 4:30! No matter where in the yard he was or what he was doing, he would make for the bougainvillea bush, push his way through the brilliant green leaves riddled with 2 inch spikes and call it a day. Total pau hana!

One day I will tell you the story of how he managed to let himself into the house from the back lanai and made it all the way in to the family room… It was hysterical!

Bob gave us lots of laughs, many tender moments and memories that make me long to rub his back shell.

That bougainvillea bush taught me a lesson in colour! Greens and pinks are insanely awesome together!

The plumeria gave me the chance to consider pinks, whites and yellows in new ways.

And hibiscus…oh brilliant bright hibiscus showed me that the bigger and brighter you flower, the happier you make those watching you bloom!

IMG_0751 IMG_0509

And these flowers have been brilliantly captured on yarn by Cate of Infinite Twist!

When Cate and I started chatting about Hawaiian flora and fauna for her new colour pallet, I immediately revisited all the magnificent hikes where I tripped over flowers, yards I raked plumerias like leaves in the autumn, leis given in love for special occasions (or bought for no other reason than they made you feel beautiful!). Flowers impart so much joy and happiness, it seems only fitting to borrow their perfect hues for yarns to knit!

What are some flowers that you love for colour inspiration? Share below!

My best •Aloha• to you!


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10 thoughts on “Bougainvillea & Bob

  1. Ted says:

    Great story! Love the yarns, especially plumeria and bougainvillea. Though anthurium doesn’t have the deep blood red I remember from the my grandfather’s house in Honolulu.

    Peace Rose, Abraham Lincoln Rose, and the Teddybear Rose, have inspired some color choices for me in the past. Though since moving to Texas 11 years ago, the Texas Bluebonnet, and the Texas A&M “blue”bonnet have started playing nicely for colors.


  2. Pat says:

    The brightness of yellow daffodils and the variation of pinks in azaleas. Those are the two favorites that immediately come to mind. The yarn colors and the kit are beautiful! (What happened to Bob?)


  3. I am so pleased to meet Bob and share your memories of your Hawaiian life with the children- Alas they grow up and move away as my have… thank goodness for telephones and the magic of Skype and Hangout – I love the white hibiscus -make me want to knit a cool summer top


  4. Lilikoi!! Passiflora Edulus – commonly called Passon Fruit. The pulp from the Passion Fruit provides that definitive flavor in Hawaiian Punch products. The white and purple flowers on my vines fill the yard with their perfume in the late afternoon and evening.


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