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Aloha Friends! A new episode to listen to is ready for you! So do enjoy it! And then head back here to read up on the show notes!

Head Here:

Things I share:

The book I am starting is called: Hard Times Cotton Mill Girls written by Victoria Byerly. I plan to spend time this Spring/Summer learning more about history of mills that create our incredible yarns. I will share what I discover with you in weeks to come!

A mini book that wraps up all the ideas and tips I shared on the podcast can be found HERE.  If you are interested in receiving the PDF mentioned in the podcast, it will be provided free in the June newsletter. So join the mailing list! Simply Click Here

Please remember to thank our podcast sponsors for allowing me to do what I do as well as share with you! Infinite Twist has new Hawaiian inspired colours you really should see! If joining an out of this world yarn club is on your radar then you seriously want to get plugged in to Space Cadet Space Monster Club! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor I would love to hear from you.

And last but not least, I have so many things to share with you in days to come, but right now I want to hear about YOU! What are you working on today? What are ideas you are filling your head? What tips and tricks did you want to share about gift giving?

I look forward to hearing!

I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are!


Ps. The featured image is one of the knits that make up a 6 piece collection that will be available to order 25 May. What do you think? There is a giveaway on Instagram until 5 pm 25 May 2015 if you’d like to try to win a collection for yourself and a friend!




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