Summer Time Excitement

I have had my head down these last few weeks…maybe months…working, working, working…

And now I have a few things to show for it!

And to show YOU for it!

In time for summer knitting, my first 6 Bits Collection has launched! If you are a newsletter subscriber, you already saw this, but keep reading because there are some fun things I saved just for the blog too!

This summer there will be 2 collections, each composed of 6 Bits—or patterns.

Wander title page

The first is Wander which includes







3 Bits are sleeveless tops, which look perfect baring your arms or layered over a shirt. 2 Bits are unique shrugs. And the last little Bit is a scarf. These pieces are created from linen, beautiful Quince and Co. Kestrel and Sparrow linens. Purchase the collection any time now until 15 June for under 3 bucks a pattern and also receive:

∞ Wander Kokee A Look Book of beautiful images and text about Kokee and the genesis of each unique piece in the collection
∞ A feature on the 2 yarns used in creating all the patterns, Kestrel and Sparrow
∞ A planning guide for substituting yarns

Helpful Info:

6 Bits: Wander available as a collection that will release June through July.

Canyon releases 1 June

Trail releases 15 June.

-Talus, Skyline, Drumlin and Overlook release 29 June, 1 July, 13 July and 27 July, automatically added to your Ravelry library!

-Pre-order the collection and receive the pdf patterns as they release.

-Limited time offer on the collection available for purchase through 15 June 2015 for $16

-After the 15th the patterns will be offered as stand alone purchases, without Wander Kokee book, yarn feature or substitution guide.

Interested in the collection for your library? Purchase now by heading here.

Now all the above is pretty darn exciting for me..especially as it was Memorial Day weekend last year when I cast off Trail from my needles…man, a whole year ago!

But something equally awesome is a project I plan to share with you in the days, weeks, and months ahead. The fun I have already been having with this crazy project and all the people from coast to coast who have been part of it… oh my goodness THE FUN! And it is just getting started!

Here are a few fun little teasers to share…just some snaps of how things look from L.A. when you are wearing hand knits… The pattern is Sanctuary Shrug, and K8 prefers it in-side-out!

My best Aloha is, as always, to you!

I would be stoked beyond measure if you would share this post with any of the share buttons below! Pin any of these stellar pics to your boards too! When you share, I get a warm feeling, that isn’t from sitting in the sunshine! So mahalo for helping me reach others!



6 thoughts on “Summer Time Excitement

  1. You’ve been busy! Can’t wait for all the designs to be released and I’m definitely jumping on the preorder. Thanks for making summer so much fun, Mel.


  2. Mahalo! I am glad you like them! The two tops are knit in yarn from Quince and Co. The grey shrug is yarn from SpaceCadet Yarn. I recommend both companies whole heartedly!


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