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Wandering Wardrobe Project

Something I notice more and more is interest from people who want to knit… but don’t…yet. “It seems fun, like something I could see myself doing,” shared one college student I spoke with, “but I am not sure I would use what I made, you know? Where I live, covering my shoulders with a shawl doesn’t seem like a good fit. I guess if I saw other girls around me wearing things like we dress…I think that would make it more appealing.”

Other young women I talked with seemed to say the same thing. And a seed was planted…

“It seems fun, like something I could see myself doing…but I am not sure I would use what I made, you know?

Show someone how they can use what they are creating. This was the initial thought I had. The more I thought about it, the more I knew the diversity of “someone” was key. I couldn’t just get one person to wear one item and think that satisfied my idea. I would need several someones,real women with their own sense of style that are willing to share in different areas; a variety to give legs to this project.

L.A. Through the Stones/Gimme 20. New career starting.


And how those legs have stretched and transported this project from L.A., Seattle, Hawaii…Midwest, Central and Southern US… up and down the East Coast too!

Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s… College students, young mothers, ladies starting their careers, and those planning to retire. Teachers, veterinarians, volunteers, stay at home mothers. All receiving a wardrobe of hand knits to sort through and wear as they choose! Each Wednesday over the next few weeks we will travel to a new place, meet some seasoned knitters, new knitters, and not-yet knitters. They will share glimpses of their towns and thoughts on personal style. The hand knits will be worn in ways you already do…and in ways you may have never considered.

So join in the Wandering Wardrobe Project! Start by subscribing to the blog to get each post delivered right to your inbox! Join the newsletter mailing list and get a few behind the scenes tips, tricks and thoughts. Join in showing your version of the hand knits showcased styled by you each week! And lastly, share this project with the share buttons below!


Looking forward to wandering together!



10 thoughts on “Wandering Wardrobe Project

  1. I would love to join in the knitting/using knits activity! We wear a lot od hats up here in The Fourth Corner of WA. We are artsy and crafty, and organic based people for the most part, yet a new interesting diverse influx of transplants have moved in gicing an interestinc smoothing effect to our wonderful edginess. Bellingham, WA is a college town with one major university, one community college, and one technical college. It is a great place to live!

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  2. This is a great idea! I knit, but it sometimes it seems to me to be a silly hobby as where I live (in Australia) it is too hot to wear warm knitted clothes for most of the year. I’d like to learn how to make lighter, summer-appropriate knits, but I have no idea how!


    • There are lovely lighter weight designs to knit out there. In fact Mel has a few, go take a look at her patterns. If you are not familiar with Ravelry may I auggest you join? The pattern possibilities are endless!!!


    • I hear you! When I would knit on the beach in Hawaii people would ask “Why? Why HERE?”
      I found myself still being able to use lighter weight cardigans and shawls frequently. I tried adjusting sweaters to wool blends rather than just wool. If I really wanted to knit something bulky and warm I did it for a dear gift for someone special. Now HATS were indispensable wether wool or linen and I knit this guys up like crazy and wore them constantly…especially on the beach (hiding the wild beach hair!)

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