Wandering Wardrobe Project

Wandering Wardrobe Project: Hats

Hats make a bad hair day a style statement day!

Not only can you ward off the cold and rain with these accessories, they are FUN to knit!

And versatile! *In the knitting and the wearing!*

Be sure to notice the different styles from “My favourite grey T-shirt” to “A flirty little dress” and everything in between that you can rock a hat with…and it doesn’t need to be match-matchy!

Wiki Wiki

The Wiki-Wiki hat is fun to wear pulled low on the brow.

{That is actually how I wear all my hats from Wiki-Wiki to Drizzle to my favourite Yankees ball cap.}

You may like it back a bit further, which allows the world to see more of your beautiful face.

A thick brim on a hat gives you the ability to slide it back and scrunch the top a bit, or with Drizzle you can roll the brim a bit more.

Let your locks just hang out or you can tuck them underneath!


image 4

Through The Stones Beret

Through The Stones

Through The Stones

Through The StonesTams and berets are also loads of fun to wear. Their construction allows them to set in a jaunty way that evokes a lively vibe. Oftentimes folks say they can’t wear this style of hat for one reason or another, but I think knitting one up as a treat for yourself might help startle process of changing you mind. Doing a simple style and adding a pop of contrast is a great place to begin. Set it off side, or allow the extra pinch of fabric to fall back. Not ready to go the way of the beret? Maybe start one now to have on hand for the fun this fall that awaits us with hats…boy have I some fun in store…

For now why not share a tip you have with hats!

  • How do you store yours?
  • What is your style preference: a hat to match every outfit? matching doesn’t matter? 
  • Tips or tricks with care?


Hats shown are 

Through The Stones Beret




Through The Stones Beret 







Wiki Wiki Hat



Wiki Wiki Hat













5 thoughts on “Wandering Wardrobe Project: Hats

  1. I love wearing mine off to the side just a smidge! I also love slouchy hats with excess falling to the back. I’m not a huge fan of snug hats yet I am known to knit them up and gift people randomly with them “just because” you’re special to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MJ Martin says:

    I just bought Wiki and Stones hats patterns and the Infinite Twist yarns for each. Am excited to see that more hats will be coming this fall! Awaiting 2nd pattern in the knitting class–that will motivate me to finish the scarf!


  3. windybrookspinner says:

    I adore hats! They are so useful to keep you warm or protect you from the sun, and such a fun fasion statement at the same time. My favorite is my big, floppy sun hat. One time I was wearing a sun hat and this older man walked by wearing a hat too. He was so happy to meet someone younger with the sense to wear a hat. It was a delightful encounter. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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