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Wandering Wardrobe Project: Weekend Edition!

Sanctuary Shrug

Some eye candy today…

Inspiration for ways to wear a simple shrug.

Dress it up, or down.

Wear in urban or leafy jungles.

Wear it right side up, or up-side-down and even inside out.

If you look below K8 wears the Sanctuary shrug in•side•out as she likes the texture as well as the exposed seams for her outfit.

K8 wears Sanctuary Shrug in•side•out

K8 wears Sanctuary Shrug in•side•out



Andrea prefers it right way around worn with a soft blouse and jeans.

Sanctuary Shrug


Knit it in 2 colours with contrasting cuffs or all as one solid colour.



Shrugs are that little bit extra that YOU can wear


College Student


A Fresh Vibe

Easy to wear, simple to knit, hard to look bad in it! You can even put it on UP SIDE DOWN and find a whole new vibe (this way provided by my eldest daughter has become my fave!)

So shrug off any misconception that you can’t rock the shrug! And if you are ready to start knitting a shrug now Sanctuary Shrug is available here! 

Ps. Want a glimpse of the newest shrug to come…


Talus cuff view

I would love You to weigh in on shrugs! Do you like lightweight and lace versions? Oversized and chunky ones? For your wardrobe are they summer essentials or winter chill busters? Share below! And then share with friends! I would be so thankful for your sharing this post wherever you find yourself on social media!

My best aloha to you!




6 thoughts on “Wandering Wardrobe Project: Weekend Edition!

  1. Michelle says:

    I usually wear mine dressy and lacey, but I love your sneak peek – it looks a little more casual and I love the 2 tones 🙂 I will keep me eyes open for this one!


  2. Ted says:

    Sanctuary is only the second shrug I’ve ever made. I love it! I’m a guy so I have yet to wear it out of the house, but when the AC gets a little too cold, I wear it as intended. The 1st one I made was a stockinet stitch with raglan increases, so pretty solid. I made it for a court reporter friend. I definitely like Sanctuary better, it is visually more exciting. It’s a shame I don’t wear it more, but I can’t bring myself to give it as a gift to someone who could wear it in public, either.


    • Hahaha! I love how you struggle with the idea of passing it along to someone else! I feel that way at times to with things I knit! It is comforting to know I am not alone! (And ps. I have a fun Instagram-shrug activity I am planning in the very near future! Hoping you will join in!)


    • Debated on letting this comment through, but thought the better question is “What idiot miss ALL the bigger pictures to bitch about someone’s parental name choices?”
      By the way, it is MY pet name for a dear artistic friend who is all kinds of incredible. So the idiot would be me.
      And I am totally cool with that.


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