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You have a story. Meet others that do too!

6 Bits Storybooks

You deserve to be inspired and enriched by stories and patterns as incredible as your own

{written in words, photos, yarns and friendships}

It has been quite the long journey putting all the pieces together, and now I am excited to offer you something to encourage, teach and delight you!

6 Bits Storybooks

Each themed collection is a collaborative endeavor with 6 unique knitting patterns crafted with your love of knitting and community in mind.

These quarterly publications from 6 Bits are opportunities for you to see beautiful places, discover interesting yarns, create among open-hearted teachers while you develop your talents.

You will feel the collaborative spirit of ohana on every page. In every possible way 6 Bits strives to bring you a publication that is as unique as you are!  Contributors are invited to share, create, develop; something I feel you will sincerely appreciate. Together we vision cast and laugh, we question and re-work, we cultivate friendships in the background of each and every collection.

And then we share everything with you!

Each 6 Bits Storybook will be available as limited time collections. Beautiful knits, educational and enriching articles, helpful substitution suggestions and ideas are included in every issue and delivered to your inbox so you can easily rewrite your knitting narrative!  You can subscribe right now for great savings!

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Not sure what to expect?

Your subscription includes:

      • 4 storybook issues: Unearth in October, Dwell in January, Reflect in April and Return in July each with 6 assorted patterns
      •  4 collection exclusive patterns that will not release as individual patterns
      • Articles, stories and encouragement from inspirational artisans
      • Sourcing suggestions featured in every issue for yarns in the USA/North America as well as abroad. You will learn what can work for you in your corner of the world!
      • Storybook delivered to your inbox with a Ravelry code to add to your library
      • $46  for the year of 4 storybooks–less than $2 per pattern and $27 less than buying each collection as they release!

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Discover intentionally. Recapture moments of importance. Learn more than just stitches.

You and your knitting are worth deeper connections.

In days ahead I look forward to introducing you to key members of the team!

For now I am just so stoked to share this with you! It has been a long time coming and lots of work, but if you have enjoyed the style and vibe of 6 Bits: Wander you are going to love what lies ahead!




4 thoughts on “You have a story. Meet others that do too!

  1. Kat says:

    This sounds like a great idea! The patterns look really interesting & I am looking forward to using your yarn to make some of them.


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