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Starting Strong

Knitters, don’t you just love all the promise of great things that starting a new project seems to hold?

Pick the pattern. Acquire the yarn. Get knitting!

Or maybe for you it is more akin to:

Struggle between 5 patterns… Waffle back and forth and back again between far too many yarn options…only to change your mind after returning from the Local Yarn Store… Start swatching…and then decide to skip the swatching and just go for it!

There are so many ways to begin a project. And why wouldn’t there be? We are, after all, unique individuals with so many clever ideas.

Today I invite you to listen to an episode on Starting Strong. It includes a free gift to download (and a simple easy way to have it delivered to your inbox if you live in the US)

So have a listen as you knit, or as you plan out your next project! Head here: https://www.podomatic.com/episodes/7815091

You can also get the show notes, iTunes link and download  by heading here & clicking on Episode 7: http://www.6bitsstorybooks.com/podcast/

Free PDF from 6 Bits Storybooks Podcast


3 thoughts on “Starting Strong

  1. I’m in Jaen province, Spain, last night in the caravan before arriving back at our house in Spain after 8 months in England. I’ll catch up with everything from Monday, seems odd to be back online after a week without internet, but lot’s of knitting in the car!


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