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Fine Things For Plain Occasions

Aloha and Happy Weekend–or any day that you find yourself reading this!

I hope this post gives you an opportunity to enjoy something beautiful from our world of knitting!

Etiquette Books Stacked

I had the opportunity to interview Hunter Hammersen on the podcast that aired last week (To listen to Episode 11 head here) It was SUCH a delightful time! She was gracious and wise, inspiring and funny! If you haven’t had the chance to listen, I encourage you to treat yourself to a listen now! We talked about so many things that are helpful and motivating for knitters, designers, people who breathe 😉

We also had some fun going through her new book which is based on, of all things, vintage etiquette books! The ideas and beliefs held in some of those books were…well…they were like what you see below!

The book includes 15 projects: socks, mitts, shawls, slippers, hats and a unique scarf-cowl. The layout of the book makes you want to make tea, sit down to a lovely spot near a window and enjoy at your leisure. Which is exactly what I plan to do for you now!



The beautiful shawl on the cover shown here

The beautiful shawl on the cover shown here

The little details with this book reinforce the need to cherish it and keep it safe in your knitting treasury 


To miss hearing Hunter share in her own words, chatting to you Dear Reader, is missing so much of the heart of this book. So give a listen! And when you do, you will hear about a free gift Hunter shares with all listeners. And they are perfect for last-minute gift knitting projects. Trust me! I know. I have banged out 2 pair already! I promise to show you them after Christmas as they really are last-minute gifts!

The Special Gift Pattern Just for Podcast Listeners

The Special Gift Pattern Just for Podcast Listeners

So, head over and hear all that Hunter has to share with you! And be sure to get your free gift that she created just for podcast listeners! And remember if you like what You hear, your friends might like to listen too! Share the podcast with them! The more the merrier!


In the spirit of full disclosure: I bought my own copy of this book from Hunter. She was super sweet and asked if she could gift me one, but I know how much work goes in to creating patterns and I wanted to support her creative work!  This book was well worth the investment!

~With love and Aloha,



One thought on “Fine Things For Plain Occasions

  1. Melanie says:

    I enjoyed the podcast, but wondered why you hadn’t opened a thread on Ravelry as well. I guess you must be up to your ears in work on the next Storybook issue. Hunter was a lovely guest, and I do hope you’ll have her on again soon. I could have listened to her talk another hour about how she got Pantsville Press up and running.
    Now I’m off to see how I can get this book over the pond….


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