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6 Bits is an exciting innovation in knitting publications that flows from the journey of story tellers: knitters, photographers, writers, designers, friends and nature.

6 Bits is a digital quarterly for knitters who love to immerse themselves deeply in their knitting experience, inviting both readers and contributors to make new discoveries and meaningful connections with yarn providers, designers, writers and the creative community around them, paying close attention to the origin of all the elements that are integral parts.



Wander where You want

6 Bits connects many pieces of knitting inspiration, encourages meaningful reflection, allows readers to pause, enjoy and invest in the bits that create the whole.

We begin each collection with a shared story board to tie every bit together as one continuous and expanding story in fiber, color, design, articles, and location. When we finish we have a publication that catches the imagination with incredible stories at a glance, before a word is read or a stitch knit.


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1 · DESIGNS that knitters will be eager to create! 6 pieces developed around common values such as texture, color, and  techniques. These shared values provide natural growth from project to project supporting knitters, developing skills, deepening their interest and valuing their personal story. The 6 designs are all stunningly showcased in the next bit of our storybook…

2 · IMAGERY enriches the story telling from the first glance, teasing out themes and embellishing ideas with new sources of inspiration and an attention to details that strengthens our central theme. Without saying a word, our photographs can tell stories that knitters want to share in and be part of. They feel as if they are an integral part of where the story takes place, our next vital bit…

3 · LOCATION becomes a point around which the designs, resources, yarns and storytelling pivot. In exploring special  details of location, 6 Bits takes readers on a journey somewhere they may never visit and then encourages them to re-discover the wonder in their own backyard. We empower readers to find their own yarn substitutions and fresh new resources unique to their crafting local to them. We blend this in to the next bit…

4 · WORDS inspire, inform and develop our many strands through articles and stories that encourage knitters to take a deeper look at their process and resources. Though patterns are knit in specific yarn, designers highlight attributes of that yarn and explain characteristics to consider when sourcing local substitutes. Readers are given the option to knit as shown or support their community of yarn providers as they integrate another bit of the publication…

5 · LEARNING is placed at the center of 6 Bits and includes techniques, tips as well as a heartfelt exploration of the many elements at play within the collection. Whether knitters wish to soak up the rich story of the way a yarn is dyed or a fibre farmed, this is a place where deeper connections with our craft are made, and this making is esteemed in our next bit…

6 · TOOLS enjoy a special focus and are thoughtfully explored from the needle required for a technique to the notions necessary to get the best result for the finished knitted item.



The full year subscription to 6 Bits is now available  for $46 per yearly subscription

Readers will explore the first 4 storybook issues:

· Unearth in October

· Dwell in January

· Reflect in April

· Return in July.

  • These digital editions will include a download code that enables readers to add the 6 patterns to their Ravelry library.
  • Subscribers benefit from the discounted pattern prices.
  • Knitters may purchase individual collections during their limited time releases. Both subscriptions and collections include all the bits that create the storybook: images, substitution information, articles, tips and techniques and more.
  • Select individual patterns will be available but will not include all these added bits to enjoy.

>>>Download the PDF: 6 Bits Press Release Story•Board<<<