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{1} · DESIGNS that knitters will be eager to create

{2} · IMAGERY enriches the story telling from the first glance and strengthens our central theme.

{3} · LOCATION  6 Bits takes readers on a journey somewhere they may never visit and then encourages them to re-discover their own backyard.

{4} · WORDS inspire, inform and develop and encourage knitters to take a deeper look at their process and resources, including sourcing local substitutes.

{5} · LEARNING  the heart of 6 Bits that includes techniques, tips as well as a heartfelt exploration of the many elements at play within the collection

{6} · TOOLS  explore needles, notions, fiber, yarn and a host of other tools, old and new!


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Discover intentionally. Recapture moments of importance. Learn more than just stitches.

You and your knitting are worth deeper connections.

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Unearth releases mid-October 2015 and encourages everyone to  discover what the earth has to share.

Our story focuses on digging in, growing up and branching out

in textures, earthen colors, natural dyes, minimally processed yarns.

•• A 1 year, 4 issue subscription is $46 ••

Less than $2 per pattern and $27 less than buying each collection as they release!

All the articles, tips, local sourcing helps are available only when purchasing the collection.

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