Please take a moment to download your free Overlook pattern— a pattern that is not available unless you purchased the 6 Bits: Wander collection this summer.

It is my way of saying how thankful I am you spent a few moments with me!


>>>> Here is your Overlook Pattern *Gratis!*

13 thoughts on “8.23.15

  1. knitstostaysane says:

    Good evening Mel! This evening we have BIG FAT RAIN!! I think our weather is coming from the continent. Swell!
    I love this pattern, it’s gorgeous!

    Periscope is a fun new app! Love it! It’s great to interact in real time without the limitations of numbers.

    Can’t wait to see what happens here soon.


    • I will communicate on more levels to alert folks as I get better at Periscope. Next chat is 8.25 2 4pm EST =) If you are following me on Periscope you should be able to set it to allow an alert!


  2. Ted says:

    Well, my favorite Island Girl, I had no idea about Periscope, but I caught the replay. Since I’ve already got the entire 6 Bit – Wander collection, I’ll have to decide who I pass the free pattern to. Love your work and looking forward to seeing more.


    • Aloha Dear One! Periscope is an interesting tool and just trying my hand at it. I must say, I like the instant feedback, but want to figure out how to effectively share quality content with you all!
      I am so happy you will be sharing your pattern with someone since you have it already!
      And mahalo for supporting the work that I do!


  3. Dear Mel, I could not watch you live, but I did the replay! What a great idea to share within the community. Thank you for your kindness and time. I also have the entire collection 🙂 awesome patterns and photos. Lots of love 🙂


    • Aloha Claudia! I am glad you caught the replay!
      Remember, if you already own the collection, I am happy to have you pass the PDF on to a friend that you think would enjoy it. Tell them aloha for me!


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