About Me Is Really About YOU


It is lovely we can meet here!

I have been waiting to meet YOU!

My name is Mel… my last name is actually 22 letters long so Mel seems to make life easier.  After having the SingleHandedKnits brand, I have begun a new adventure, new blog, new podcast, new brand:With∞Mel

Initially I had knitting thrust upon me by an elderly woman from Sweden that knew I was bed ridden for the duration of a pregnancy. Just 4 weeks in to the pregnancy I was stuck in bed with tubes of all sorts plugged in to me and my morale was gone. She decided I needed knitting as a life raft and began to teach me daily, apart from Sundays, a skill that saved me not only at that time…but would again, 9 years later. It was at this time I was struck by a coconut and lost complete use of my left arm. My morale was the lowest ever in my life. I was plagued by thoughts of all the things I could no longer do with ease—-everything from cooking, playing with my kids, brushing my teeth, to tying my running shoes, to running… The list of Can’t Do Anymore was overwhelming. It was heart breaking.

I determined this stupid accident wouldn’t rob me of my love for knitting. So I began relearning everything… EV-ERY-THING in knitting. I won’t lie or sugar coat it, what happened to me sucked and was hard to work my way through. Knitting became a saving grace that not only built up my self esteem again, but it reminded me of how people all around struggle, and I need to be more mindful of that fact. Now I knit like a ninja. I also avoid walking beneath coconut trees.

I blog and share and create and daydream so that I can share the experience With YOU. The one thing that drives my creativity is the insatiable desire to learn and connect. I see knitting as an opportunity to either learn from someone and connect with their story.

When I design a pattern I try to envision what You might like or need or want to experiment with on YOUR needles. I wonder if what makes me stoked to wear will affect You the same.


About me is simple:

I like community.

I like friendships.

I like writing old fashioned letters.

I like sitting on the beach so long my butt hurts.

I like being in the ocean so long I prune up.

I love my family more than my next breath.

I love getting to know people.

I love pressing people towards a positive vibe.

My favorite word is thank you

My least favorite word is almost

Knitting makes me feel like I am connecting:

with the past, the present, the future, with others, with myself…


—>You connecting with me<—







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2 thoughts on “About Me Is Really About YOU

  1. Just found your blog through Hapa pattern on Ravelry. Thinking of you and your family as the weather bears down on your beautiful islands – praying for safety for all. Your designs are lovely and your story is inspiring!


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