Akamai Pattern Helps & Support Page

Aloha Friend!

Mahalo for choosing to knit this pattern! I created this page as a place where you can work with me and others on your akamai sweater and have things available in one spot to make that knitting fun and simple!


Click HERE to download •a k a m a i• pattern

Video Tutorials: (more coming!)

Braided Edge Tutorial:

Knitting On New Stitches:

Putting Aside Stitches (On to Waste Yarn) and How to Reclaim Them:


Do you have questions? Ask below in the comments! Be sure to read what others have to share. This is a safe place to discuss questions or to cheer for yourself and others. As you knit akamai feel free to post photos on Instagram and Twitter and tag me: @mskiknits Use the #KnittingAkamai hashtag so we can all see each others beautiful cardigans. If you email me photos of your finished cardigan you may just see it in a slide show here! It could serve as the inspiration a fellow knitter needs to cast on and complete their work! You can send photos to: mel4shk@gmail.com





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