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Aloha Friends!

{This post is going to be short in order to connect quickly with You! And if you make it to the end, there is a TREAT!}

YOU have been missed!

I recently un-plugged and got away for almost 2 weeks in order to organize things for the new adventure. I spent my time in a log cabin from the 1700s and a reconstructed boathouse from the 1800s. In posts ahead I will share more about those incredible places and the impact they had on my creativity.

Though I was Low-to-No-Tech during this time I thought of you Dear Reader. I was very aware of missing out on things that were happening in your world.  I looked forward to reconnecting, to hear and see all that you were creating and doing, where you were adventuring and relaxing!

Don’t ever forget that YOUR VOICE is important and valued! Your ideas and discoveries serve to encourage others. You bring a unique perspective. Your knitting projects, yarn and photos don’t have to be like everyone else’s. That would get boring fast now wouldn’t it?

While I was offline I realized that I wasn’t missing posting and telling others what I was doing. I missed finding out what others were discovering!

I look forward to connecting more! For now CATCH ME UP! How would you say Your summer has been? What are things You could share?

I hope the sun is shining on You wherever You are,


>>Ps. For those adventurous knitters that have the 6 Bits: Wander Collection Drumlin was added yesterday! And for the 48 hours if you gift the 6 Bits: Wander Collection to a friend on Ravelry, YOU get it free! (For those of you who missed the limited release of the collection and bought one of two patterns individually, this is a great cost saving way to ensure you get all the patterns, yarn articles and look book! The articles, look book and Overlook pattern are only available with the collection) You share and I share! After you gift the collection to a friend you receive and email from me within 24 hours with a unique Ravelry download code! This deal is available Wednesday July 29th- Friday July 31st midnight.


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Let’s Get Together!


There is a new podcast up!

After quite some time since I had the pleasure of sitting down with you, I have a new podcast to share!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Quick points of interest:

∞ The Hats Off thread is here: click this link!

∞ The free handspun hat pattern releases to all knitters on the newsletter list. Want one? Click here! The pattern will be mailed **FREE** to everyone who has signed up on or before 12 March. You will see the pattern pdf download on 13 March 2015 in your inbox! =) Nothing could be simpler! Everyone else will be able to get the pattern on 27 March! image

∞ Ready to deepen you understanding of yarn? Why not look in to Begin Your Swatching Adventures!


∞ Want the Swatch Hat patten? It is almost ready for you! It will first be heading out to Swatch Like You Mean it Class participants and Space Cadet mini-skein club members. For everyone else the pattern will be available for $1.00 on 11 March 2015.

YOUR $1.00 purchase will go directly to help fund the learning project my daughter and I are about to embark on: K1R1:Knit1Reach1. Your $1.00 buys you a hat pattern with more versatility that you can imagine! That same dollar will provide yarn and needles for girls in our area interested in the art of knitting!

∞ You have until Sunday March 8th at 10 pm EST to enter the most wonderful—wonderfully easy!—giveaway! It celebrates the new design I have with Quince and Co. Scarves, etc 2015 collection. Have you entered? Pop over and try! But you better hurry! Link is here!

My best aloha to you!

It was such a delight spending time together once again! We should do it again very soon…like tweet me now! 😉



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…Ahhh Kollabora!


839e9472927741b95c75d7689c777666_400x400We are what we makeYou may not be familiar with this awesome site for makers and I want to help remedy that!

Kollabora is an online hub of creative muses sharing what gets them stoked! What draws me to this community is the photo rich platform–vivid LARGE photos… eye candy to make me want knitting, sewing, crafting ALL AT ONCE!

I was humbled to be the focus of the Nora Meets The Maker on Kollabora over the Holidays. Since I was on my first vacation in forever… I didn’t get a chance to tell you about it at the time of its posting. It was fun and I don’t want you to miss it!

To celebrate Kollabora’s kindness in featuring me, as well as show YOU and Kollabora some love and aloha, pop over to the post and comment after the interview for an opportunity to win a pattern from their site up to $12.00! Pop back over here and share what you liked best about Kollabora for an additional chance to win. And definitely use the social media shares both on Kollabora and below here to spread some warm sunny aloha! With temps threatening to dip in to the teens tonight, I am all about keeping it toasty!

Be sure to let everyone know if you are on Kollabora in the comments below! I am there as With∞Mel and would love it if you follow me! I have some fun things in store to share in the coming weeks over there and would love to see your awesome self plugging-in!

Peace, love and aloha in 2015,


{{Quick but important details: No purchase necessary to win free pattern. Simply comment on the Kollabora Blog here to enter. Additional chance earned by commenting below on this post. Opportunity to win runs through 14 January 2015. One winner will be randomly selected and announced here on the With∞Mel Blog on 15 January 2015. Prize must be claimed by 15 February 2015.}}

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Wanna Catch Up? Yeah, me too!

I had to sit and chat with you! So much has been going on here! I am preparing for lots of fun new adventures ahead, but I have been missing chatting with you! Pretty soon we can sit together face to face, but I have to put some final touches on a few things before that!

For now lets chat! http://www.buzzsprout.com/24412/225944-i-dig-colour-who-knew

Things I share on the podcast:

SpaceMonster Club! This actually is an awesome affordable gift! You can give a gift that the recipient will get treats for months to come! Pop over and peek!

Gimme 20! The heavyweight version and Gimme 40! The welterweight version will be coming out in time for you to whip up one or two or three before Christmas! The scarf kits are going to be so incredible…oh the colour!  And best of all…well the best of all is yet to come! The picture is a teaser, me sporting it with flannel as soon as it was off the needles!


Here is the Pound and Then Some fiber collection I have to spin. So eager to do this! Infinite Twist has a fiber kit for a shawl by The Knit Girllls. Have you seen it? I have signed up for Infinite Twist’s Critter Club Sock Membership. Seriously. GO. Look. ==>> and if you are tempted to buy anything use the “withmel” code for extra goodies and treats!

There is a spot for you in An Outlandish Clan Kit. Want more info Head Here. Ready to join in? Click that button below!

Tartan Buy button

I am knitting a vest and a pair of striped socks. I have come a much longer way that both these photos show. I will talk more about the vest for my little man in the days ahead, so look forward to more info on the pattern to come!

I am knitting like a ninja---see the blurred hyper speed shot? (And I am wearing Ikaika...another colourful sweater!)

I am knitting like a ninja—see the blurred hyper speed shot? (And I am wearing Ikaika…another colourful sweater!)


O K! Now go give a listen to the podcast! At the end are details about the Outlander inspired kit so be sure to give ear to the details! Here is a glimpse of the Highlands…by way of the project bag creator Louise of Caithness Craft Collective. Looking at it makes me want to buy my husband a kilt and raise wooly friends in Scotland!



I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you find yourself today!

My best Aloha is to you!


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It is November! Whhhhhaaatttt?

I feel like I just blinked and Summer started, now I am wearing flannel and dreaming of sitting in front of the fireplace! How about You? Did the fact that November is here suddenly pounce on you?

Well I am happily knitting along and thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of what is on and off the needles….

But first just a quick reminder:

If you want first dibs on seeing things, hearing about upcoming projects, receiving coupons…all those awesome treats that subscribers of the newsletter receive… Well be sure to pop over here and sign up! Some awesome things are due out in the very near future and those folks hear it first!


Well many of you saw me knitting Alana’s Back Up Jelly Bean Socks if you follow me on Instagram. I started them at Brother’s first lacrosse game in Myrtle Beach 2 weeks ago. I finished them off and we have one happy sweet kid! I did a true afterthought heel, and I must say I prefer the “forethought-afterthought heel”…you know the one where you put in the waste yarn rather than going back to pick up all those little stitches. I thought about trying to sugar coat it and say “It wasn’t bad….” but it was a pain. I was using my Signature Needles… and those small stitches were dropping off every other stitch and I had to pick them up, bring them back in to line with the others… True Afterthought Heels are for some…for me? I am popping in a wee bit of waste yarn in the future!



I began a pair of socks on Date Night With The Man about a week ago. I am using Stray Cat Yarn in Momentum colourway. They are cheerful and I plan to add a contrast Forethought Afterthought Heel (which from this moment and forevermore I will refer to as F.A.H.). The top ribbing is going to match the heels! These are 1 at a time on my sweet green signatures… and are living in my Caithness Craft Collective MacLeod Tartan bag. Louise is a blast to listen to and has awesome bags! (if you want to see the bags click the first link!)


The Mauna Kea Knit2Gether is off and running! We are making new friends as we create a sweater! I am having a blast as you can see below! I am also stretching myself out of my comfort zone and using some bright colors in this most recent interpretation of Mauna Kea in the Fervent Kit by SpaceCadet. Truth be told I am getting excited about how it is shaping up and find myself looking forward to the bright stripes when I am knitting with the dark ones. Do you like brights? This pattern will be available after we finish the K2G in December. And at that time those of you waiting for the pattern will be able to see some incredible inspiration for your version!

Speaking of INSPIRATION! My sweet friend and test knitter Michelle has been working with me to bring a modified Ikaika to those of you unable to get the kits. Now I have to say, knitting with Helix from Infinite Twist is my first choice for this sweater. You guys! I love the way Helix just pops with personality! Cate plans to share with you all the benefits of working with Helix held double as I used it for Ikaika.

Oh my stars is that persimmon not just JOY in Orange!?

For those of you wanting to work from stash…I am thinking of you too! So I shared some yarn with Michelle in exchange for her making sure Ikaika would work in a heavier weight single strand of yarn… And this Friday I will give you all the run down on it…with some insight from Michelle if we are lucky! She is pictured below before the sleeves were added!


I am working on stanza 2 for those of you that listened in to the {audio} podcast. The video podcast is coming and I do plan to make a go of it reciting from memory the poem! Anyone else trying to challenge themselves?

I am also listening to a Mark Twain audio book. I will soon share with you about that, as well as the sweater I just finished swatching for…It is my NovemberKnitTheWholeFreakingSweaterinAMonth Project I am doing. I am 98% certain I am not going to be able to get it done in a month since i have several deadline knits… but that 2% of hope…well it is going to motivate me. I may wind up knitting the whole thing inside of two weeks! And oh my gosh…the yarn! THE YARN! So stay tuned!

Well friends, I am headed back to my knitting. There is something on my needles that just has to get off very soon! And no, I don’t mean the aforementioned sweater…

And if you made it this far and read the whole post, I have a treat for you. Use the code WhenTheFrostIsOnMel in my Rav store and get $1 off any pattern. But shhhh! don’t tell anyone…they have to read the whole blog post and discover the treat for themselves. But you better hurry! The code is only good until Thursday November 6th, 2014. Do share the post wherever you want! The social media buttons are at the bottom of the page! And when you share, not only does it make my heart sing and my smile brighten, but You get a chance for a free pattern! The free pattern for the October “BlogShare” winner  is Ikaika*! Winner will be announced this Friday!


*What if I am Friday’s winner and I already have the Ikaika pattern? (Did you purchase the kit?)  Then you get your choice from the shoppe!

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Simply Share

Knitting is such a wonderful hobby…though some of you may want to throw daggers at my use of the word “hobby” as it may be a lifestyle, therapy, community, work…

What ever it is to you, it can always be MORE!

Your knitting can be inspiration to others. Folks in your knitting group may “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” over your creation.

The LYS owner may cringe in frustration with you as you have to rip out 11 rows…but luckily that class she taught on lifelines that you attended, so ripping out is so much less of a headache.

Maybe you knit at the local coffee shoppe and nobody else does, but doggone if they aren’t your biggest fan! “HOW do you do THAT? Hey guys! Come look at what he (she) made!” Love from non-knitters is a beautiful thing, and don’t be fooled in to thinking non-knitters do not appreciate this super power…they do!

But share, share, share my friend!

And one very easy way to do that is in pictures! Pictures connect us quickly, no matter what language we speak, no matter what fiber we use!

If you have a smart phone, have you tried Instagram? It is, in essence a Show and Tell time. A picture is captured on your phone, you small ever it as you add a phrase describing it (and a hashtag like #withmeldotcom to help folks sort through things quickly) and then you simply share it.

The photo at the top of this page I am sharing on Instagram and twitter today. It will take 3 to 5 seconds to share it and countless people will say What A Cutie! They may lean over to the person beside them and let them have a peek. If they spin, they may start to ask me fleece questions in the comment section. If they knit they will now see a face of the fleece donor representing so many others that make their hobby possible.

Sharing this simple picture brings a bunch of us a bit closer in our community. They squeals going up about this fleecy friend are nothing like the Hoorahs! you feel sent your way when you post your first sock image or progress on the sweater knit out of handspun…or your very first dishcloth! Yes, knitters do want to cheer you on!

You simply need to share!

Instagram screen shot

If you are interested now in sharing on Instagram, but don’t know where to start:

  • You will need a smart phone that can take pictures and connect on-line
  • You can also use you iPad or tablet if it has a camera and on-line capabilities
  • Download the free Instagram App by heading to the links below for helpful information :

FOR iPhones (Mac devices)



==>>Need something else? Simply google Instagram and “Your Type of Phone Name”

  • Make a clever user name for yourself. Lots of knitters use their Ravelry ID or their blogging name. Whatever you decide write it down in a safe place with your password too!
  • Find a few friends to follow! Following lets you see pictures those people share. There are many neat people to follow and you simply need to click the follow button on their profile. (the profile simply shares a bit of info about yourself or that person. When creating yours perhaps use 5 words that sum up your awesome personality or knitting ninja skills!)
  • Find me and say aloha! I am @MSkiKnits. If you look to the sidebar you may see some images I have posted recently, as well as a quick link to connect us!

Once you get on Instagram let me know! I will be sharing some simple things this month to make Instagram even more fun that it already is! (and it is! it really is!) So start with getting on Instagram today, look around, make yourself at home and see if you notice and inspiring pictures. You may find Instagram causes Cast-On-itis….but we will cover that another time!


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Just a Moment

Ever had this happen:

ready to pop in to a shop I absolutely adore but just can’t get to often enough, I see there are no cars in the parking spaces nearby. Walking to the entrance I notice how quiet and still the premises are and how bland the usually vibrant doorway is. I pause, shaking my head as I see the shoppe is empty. “Out Of Business” the placard reads. I walk away, a bit saddened as what was such a delightful place to patron: beautiful location, perfect ambiance, kind and knowledgeable employees and I loved the product,  is no more…

Small businesses reach us where we are. They meet a need, oftentimes personally as well as materially. We may pop in just to see what they are planning or sharing next. We don’t always need what they have to sell, but we enjoy, very much enjoy, the business. When we see that business close we shake our heads and notice the void it’s absence creates.

Supporting small businesses can be very simple and not cost you a penny…though I do encourage you to put your dollar (or pound) where your heart is!

Today here are a few super simple things you can do to help small business. These are things I sat thinking through as ways my customers, podcast viewers and friends could personally build my business without spending a penny. They could be applied to other businesses you enjoy.

  • Keep Yourself Connected: If you really enjoy the business, subscribe to the mailing list and see what available, new and important. Any chance you are on social media? See what they are up to on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Keeping connected these place can also show you more about the business you are supporting. As you get to know the business through these mediums you may be led to the next step…
  • Evaluate Your Connection: The more you see and read are you super encouraged? Awesome! Move on to the next bullet on this list! The more you see and read the less encouraged you are? That is ok! Every business is not for everyone. Wish them well and do no harm to their business as you move on by unsubscribing the correct way. Unsubscribe to mailing lists, don’t mark it as spam. Do they have an unsubscribe survey? Take a quick moment and share your feedback. Your feedback IS important. If you are leaving their business due to a marketing campaign they launched that you do not approve of, share that information in a helpful way so the business can hear from their target audience. No longer like receiving daily emails or coupons, let them know. Your feedback does count. 
  • Share Your Support! Free! In this interconnected life we have so many ways to share the business we love with others at no cost to us!  For example, I sell patterns for knitting. Yes, many of you buy these, but you may not buy them all and I count on that (every thing is not for every one). But I do share on this blog lots of things aside from patterns. I share what I hope are encouraging words, inspiring ideas, simply beautiful images. I work hard making content that you can share in the hopes that you will and THAT helps my business. I even put easy share buttons at the bottom of the page. When you enjoy the content and take the next step YOU build my business. When you RT (ReTweet) things I share on twitter those people who follow you on twitter see what I say. I evaluate and re-evaluate my content so that what I share is quality. I do that not just as a person standard, but so that you can share confidently. If you follow me, you will often times see I share with you certain businesses regularly and mix in others at times. These may be new to me businesses that someone else has shared! If it hadn’t been for Susan B. Anderson sharing InfiniteTwist on her blog a couple of years earlier I doubt you knitters would be seeing Hapa as a shawl pattern now. We would all be missing some incredible photos Nate captured through his lens. head covering I would not have this image as my desktop. I would miss collaborating with Cate not just on Hapa but all the other things due to launch soon.

Connect. Evaluate. Share. These are all free ways to help businesses. My blog is the entrance to my shoppe. I try to make it as inviting for you as I can. Not just for you to enjoy as you visit, but so you can take pride in pointing others here for a peek, and do it without reservation!

I share suggestions for styling your knits.

Now I also offer free patterns to readers once a month.

To newsletter subscribers I offer a free pattern and early releases, exclusive gifts, discounts and more.

Free podcasts.

Free images.

You can share these {free} by sharing with buttons below, retweeting or sharing the aloha by reposting links and Pin-ing things on Pinterest!

YOU are the power behind my businesses success. I never forget that. Neither should you! Your power to the livelihood of local business works the same way!

So what will YOU choose to do with that power?