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Fine Things For Plain Occasions

Aloha and Happy Weekend–or any day that you find yourself reading this!

I hope this post gives you an opportunity to enjoy something beautiful from our world of knitting!

Etiquette Books Stacked

I had the opportunity to interview Hunter Hammersen on the podcast that aired last week (To listen to Episode 11 head here) It was SUCH a delightful time! She was gracious and wise, inspiring and funny! If you haven’t had the chance to listen, I encourage you to treat yourself to a listen now! We talked about so many things that are helpful and motivating for knitters, designers, people who breathe 😉

We also had some fun going through her new book which is based on, of all things, vintage etiquette books! The ideas and beliefs held in some of those books were…well…they were like what you see below!

The book includes 15 projects: socks, mitts, shawls, slippers, hats and a unique scarf-cowl. The layout of the book makes you want to make tea, sit down to a lovely spot near a window and enjoy at your leisure. Which is exactly what I plan to do for you now!



The beautiful shawl on the cover shown here

The beautiful shawl on the cover shown here

The little details with this book reinforce the need to cherish it and keep it safe in your knitting treasury 


To miss hearing Hunter share in her own words, chatting to you Dear Reader, is missing so much of the heart of this book. So give a listen! And when you do, you will hear about a free gift Hunter shares with all listeners. And they are perfect for last-minute gift knitting projects. Trust me! I know. I have banged out 2 pair already! I promise to show you them after Christmas as they really are last-minute gifts!

The Special Gift Pattern Just for Podcast Listeners

The Special Gift Pattern Just for Podcast Listeners

So, head over and hear all that Hunter has to share with you! And be sure to get your free gift that she created just for podcast listeners! And remember if you like what You hear, your friends might like to listen too! Share the podcast with them! The more the merrier!


In the spirit of full disclosure: I bought my own copy of this book from Hunter. She was super sweet and asked if she could gift me one, but I know how much work goes in to creating patterns and I wanted to support her creative work!  This book was well worth the investment!

~With love and Aloha,



Grab Those Moments!

Waiting at the Dr’s office? Those knitting needles get clicking and you almost wish there had been one more person in front of you.  •••  Somebody else driving? A dozen more rows before the next stop!  •••  Coffee date? As long as it isn’t decaf (amen?!), I am down with SOCK KNITTING!

As knitters we look for moments to work our projects. We multi-task like champions.



I have been so busy preparing for the launch of 6 Bits Storybooks for Knitters that I have not been able to juggle what I love most about knitting—connecting with knitters.

Then yesterday happened…I spent just over 20 minutes sitting in real time, doing what amounted to a podcast, only I didn’t show one single bit of yarn AND I GOT INSTANT FEEDBACK FROM YOU DEAR ONES! It was easy and fun and instant!

It blew my mind!


{{That is Y.O.U!}}


We talked of helping our knitting community, ways to be our own cheerleader and I even gave away a free pattern!

During the chat I mention the 6 Bits publication and I was flooded with emails asking for more info. & sneak peeks, how you could spread the word and the free advertisement for Local Yarn Shops!

So to connect with you again and give you the scoop on things you are eager to know, I am chatting live tomorrow Aug 25th, 2015 at 4pm EST on Periscope**. We can connect on the beach tomorrow (weather and wind permitting!) I plan to share all about the awesome new adventure and give you an opportunity for special media about 6 Bits!

Give it a try! Steal away for 15-20 minutes tomorrow or just watch the recording if you can’t be there live!

Follow me on Periscope and twitter as MSkiKnits




**Periscope is a free app for tablets and smart phones/devices. You can communicate with me as well as other like minded participants without saying a word! You text and share emojis and give feedback, ask questions, INTERACT!

And PS. Pictured is an awesome collaborative work between myself and Infinite Twist that I am bursting to share!

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Aloha Friends!

{This post is going to be short in order to connect quickly with You! And if you make it to the end, there is a TREAT!}

YOU have been missed!

I recently un-plugged and got away for almost 2 weeks in order to organize things for the new adventure. I spent my time in a log cabin from the 1700s and a reconstructed boathouse from the 1800s. In posts ahead I will share more about those incredible places and the impact they had on my creativity.

Though I was Low-to-No-Tech during this time I thought of you Dear Reader. I was very aware of missing out on things that were happening in your world.  I looked forward to reconnecting, to hear and see all that you were creating and doing, where you were adventuring and relaxing!

Don’t ever forget that YOUR VOICE is important and valued! Your ideas and discoveries serve to encourage others. You bring a unique perspective. Your knitting projects, yarn and photos don’t have to be like everyone else’s. That would get boring fast now wouldn’t it?

While I was offline I realized that I wasn’t missing posting and telling others what I was doing. I missed finding out what others were discovering!

I look forward to connecting more! For now CATCH ME UP! How would you say Your summer has been? What are things You could share?

I hope the sun is shining on You wherever You are,


>>Ps. For those adventurous knitters that have the 6 Bits: Wander Collection Drumlin was added yesterday! And for the 48 hours if you gift the 6 Bits: Wander Collection to a friend on Ravelry, YOU get it free! (For those of you who missed the limited release of the collection and bought one of two patterns individually, this is a great cost saving way to ensure you get all the patterns, yarn articles and look book! The articles, look book and Overlook pattern are only available with the collection) You share and I share! After you gift the collection to a friend you receive and email from me within 24 hours with a unique Ravelry download code! This deal is available Wednesday July 29th- Friday July 31st midnight.


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Wandering Wardrobe Project: Weekend Edition!

Sanctuary Shrug

Some eye candy today…

Inspiration for ways to wear a simple shrug.

Dress it up, or down.

Wear in urban or leafy jungles.

Wear it right side up, or up-side-down and even inside out.

If you look below K8 wears the Sanctuary shrug in•side•out as she likes the texture as well as the exposed seams for her outfit.

K8 wears Sanctuary Shrug in•side•out

K8 wears Sanctuary Shrug in•side•out



Andrea prefers it right way around worn with a soft blouse and jeans.

Sanctuary Shrug


Knit it in 2 colours with contrasting cuffs or all as one solid colour.



Shrugs are that little bit extra that YOU can wear


College Student


A Fresh Vibe

Easy to wear, simple to knit, hard to look bad in it! You can even put it on UP SIDE DOWN and find a whole new vibe (this way provided by my eldest daughter has become my fave!)

So shrug off any misconception that you can’t rock the shrug! And if you are ready to start knitting a shrug now Sanctuary Shrug is available here! 

Ps. Want a glimpse of the newest shrug to come…


Talus cuff view

I would love You to weigh in on shrugs! Do you like lightweight and lace versions? Oversized and chunky ones? For your wardrobe are they summer essentials or winter chill busters? Share below! And then share with friends! I would be so thankful for your sharing this post wherever you find yourself on social media!

My best aloha to you!



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In Case You Missed it…

The first in a series to increase the knitting population launched! Perhaps you saw the button in the menu sidebar? There is also one on our home page

It looks like this:

image 3

I want to thank the amazing test knitters who knit the pattern, watched the videos and helped me create this tool for anyone to use! You were all brilliant and your help so valuable!

It would be great fun to get your feedback too! I am sure ideas and suggestions you have may come in handy for the following knits. Just email me at connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and share your thoughts!

Next, could I humbly ask you to share the Patterns With Class Page wherever you find yourself in the social media world? Individuals, groups, even LYS can use this pattern series to help start someone on the road towards adventurous knitting!

I look forward to knitting Oahu first, a colorful sideways scarf! Then waiting in the wings is a fun cropped cardi with sweet snaps! And then…well you just have to wait and see!

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Learn To Knit!

Last week I was overjoyed to teach at the Carolina Fiber Frolic in Western North Carolina. The whole event brimmed with inspirational muses ready to spur you on in a new crafty adventure. It was incredible! In days ahead you’ll hear more about the great time everyone had at The Frolic.

While I was out and about in the local area I had opportunity to chat with folks that lived there. Many said: “Oh, I would love to learn to knit, but I wouldn’t know how to begin.” Still others shared: “I couldn’t figure out what needles or yarn or whatever I should even start with let alone what to begin as a project.”

Have you heard those honest and very good reasons before?  Hearing the confused where do I start, what do I need, how do I begin? gave me the idea to create Patterns With Class, a series of building block patterns that were free, with tutorials to enhance the pattern that would hopefully teach a bit about the hows and whys of the particular project also free. The easy to follow patterns would start with sharing solid foundations in knitting through short videos designed intentionally for the pattern you were learning or using.


I am “auntie” to a few Kauai girls now in college that were interested in learning to knit or had specific ideas of what they wanted to learn to knit. (Shealynna that’s you and the SoCal crew!) The plan was teach them first to knit a scarf in perhaps college colors, then take the few skills from that and learn just one or two new things to make the perfect cropped cardi and then we make a shrug and then… well we’d just keep going! Each pattern teaches you a bit more about knitting, not just the process but about other things: what’s up with all the needles, why am I doing this for this pattern, what ways can I alter this even though I still a newbie? And it is all free! Free for new knitters to go solo or to start a group, for seasoned knitters to make fast fun projects or to teach someone during vacations, LYS to incorporate at knitting group, the *K1, R1* project for the girls to practice on our off weeks…anyone, anywhere can learn not only how to knit, but how to knit this particular project with a few easy videos to supplement.

And then I chatted with Cate of Infinite Twist who was stoked to support the pattern with quality kits that have what you need for each project! Knitting the scarf? Want that in 3 colors? Done! Want it in 8 colours but not 8 full sized balls of yarns? Done again! You get the yarn you need in exactly the same yarn the original pattern is knit in, plus all the tools needed: stitch markers, needles, tapestry needle… If it was used in the creation of the project then it is included! The pattern and the video costs nothing which gives you more money to spend on things you need as you develop your knitting toolbox.

  • The kits for Project 1: Oahu are available now. It is a colorful sideways knit scarf that can be knit as a rainbow or in just a few awesome colours as seen below. Pattern and videos release April 2nd.
  • Project 2: Molokai is a little cardigan that is short in length but long on style and fun! It comes out next!
  • Project 3: Lana’i  will help knitters quickly learn a few more skills as they whip up a shrug to wear!
  • And even more!

image 4



All can be knit in whatever knitters choose but have awesome support by way of kits from Infinite Twist available in a range of colours! Molokai even comes with the fun snaps so you don’t have to hunt for closure! And if you use the “WithMel” code at checkout, Infinite Twist has a free gift of you! =)

And the pattern and videos will always be free! So gather your own materials at your LYS! If you don’t have a place near you let Infinite Twist help you along!

Looking forward to increasing our knitting population!

Go out and make knitters!


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Each 1 matters

If you dropped a stitch in your knitting you might not know it right away… but it would matter, don’t you think?

Imagine a beautiful swath of luscious cashmere stockinette working up oh! so beautifully.

As you look down you see 2 stitches, here and there…unraveling…

You would notice where the stitch was dropped and you’d feel frustrated and maybe a bit bummed.

What if you think of those dropped stitches as kids who are missing a secure environment to share and create…

Just like fixing a dropped stitch, there are ways for each dropped kid to be noticed, picked up, lifted row by row by row.

We each have the power to reach 1. We can do it in different ways.

Over here at our hale (casa, abode, home…) we plan to take a night twice a month for starters to invite girls who could use attention, love and a creative outlet. We are launching the *K1,R1*: Knit1 Reach 1.


We plan to offer a comfortable, safe environment with a home cooked meal or dessert served family style,  focusing time on them, listening to them. We then will gather in smaller groups for our knitting adventure. This isn’t just showing a kid the skill of knitting. This is a connecting point, 1-on-1, so a young life gets to hear directly that they have loads of creativity and value that matters.

You can be a part! Help this idea reach others, either to encourage them to do the same thing or to support the *K1,R1* Project. Share this post on social media. On Ravelry, link it in a group you are a part of. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take anything away. It creates momentum. It shares opportunity!

Support is through your knitting! The Wikiwiki pattern is the first in a series of patterns you can purchase that 100% of your purchase goes to buying needles and yarn, tools of empowerment and brilliance. The price is low to make it a great gift to give as well! We are not taking cash donations. We want there to be a good exchange between what you give and what we give you in return. You may think it is only $2, but when other knitters purchase and share this pattern too, those 2 bits add up!

Take advantage of joining the giveaway on Ravelry to win the handspun yarn donated by InfiniteTwist. Head here and share your ideas for a simple hat pattern, which is the first project requested by the crew of soon to be knitters.

You can totally reach one! With your pattern advice, with your purchase, with your sharing of this post.

With appreciation,


FullSizeRender 3

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Let’s Get Together!


There is a new podcast up!

After quite some time since I had the pleasure of sitting down with you, I have a new podcast to share!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Quick points of interest:

∞ The Hats Off thread is here: click this link!

∞ The free handspun hat pattern releases to all knitters on the newsletter list. Want one? Click here! The pattern will be mailed **FREE** to everyone who has signed up on or before 12 March. You will see the pattern pdf download on 13 March 2015 in your inbox! =) Nothing could be simpler! Everyone else will be able to get the pattern on 27 March! image

∞ Ready to deepen you understanding of yarn? Why not look in to Begin Your Swatching Adventures!


∞ Want the Swatch Hat patten? It is almost ready for you! It will first be heading out to Swatch Like You Mean it Class participants and Space Cadet mini-skein club members. For everyone else the pattern will be available for $1.00 on 11 March 2015.

YOUR $1.00 purchase will go directly to help fund the learning project my daughter and I are about to embark on: K1R1:Knit1Reach1. Your $1.00 buys you a hat pattern with more versatility that you can imagine! That same dollar will provide yarn and needles for girls in our area interested in the art of knitting!

∞ You have until Sunday March 8th at 10 pm EST to enter the most wonderful—wonderfully easy!—giveaway! It celebrates the new design I have with Quince and Co. Scarves, etc 2015 collection. Have you entered? Pop over and try! But you better hurry! Link is here!

My best aloha to you!

It was such a delight spending time together once again! We should do it again very soon…like tweet me now! 😉



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Substitution in Knitting

This topic is a far reaching as there are colours of yarn with which to knit! And the possibilities only begin with colour! But colour does make a HUGE difference in the vibe your knitting gives. Just look at the two different versions of the Pomaika’i shawl. Same yarns, different colors. Completely different moods.

Substitution in knitting matters. I have been preparing for some time for a class I am teaching at the Carolina Fiber Frolic on this very subject.

There are so many reasons to knit a pattern in the yarn recommended. The designer often has a host of thoughts and insight for pairing the pattern with the yarn. Obviously they make a great team.

When you dig in to the reasoning behind that and understand the yarn to pattern relationship it really frees your creativity to twirl and leap and dance…without falling off the stage in to the orchestra pit. Have you been there? Are you feeling me? Yeah buddy! That has been me so many times. (Ever substituted faux fur or eyelash  for wool? I know I can’t be the only one who thought that would be a great idea….)

Perhaps you haven’t made alterations to a pattern before, except the colour of your yarn. Or maybe you switched brands but kept the fiber content identical not feeling that taking that big leap was something you were prepared to do. Or it could just be you haven’t had the need or seen a reason to substitute.

I want to learn together, experiment alongside you, if you are interested. No pressure, just a bit of learning at our own pace.

And then maybe later you’ll join me for a bit of stretching and leaping…maybe? For now lets just enjoy learning a bit together.

Let’s start the conversation, here and on Ravelry.

For here, let’s try a poll! (I know! I know! POLLS! But they are fun to make and quick to get an overview from and so I made one up below!) It is just 2 quick questions, so let your voice be heard!

And once you are done with that, head over to the Ravelry group! There are some fun things to share on the forum thread marked Some New Fun: Substitution in Knitting.

As always, thanks for dropping by and Aloha Friday!


image 3

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A Good Sport Yarn

This post was slated for earlier this morning, but in the excitement of the Quince & Co. Scarves, etc. 4 release I waited until this evening! For all of you who have been showing the pattern some love on Ravelry BIG THANKS! (the photo above is Pomaika’i)

Now on to the regularly scheduled post…and a winner….

I love sport weight yarn. It is probably the yarn I have most of in my stash. What makes it appealing to me? There are several reasons:

  1. I enjoy it for its versatility*. —I know what you are thinking: “Can’t all yarn weights be versatile?” Yes, yes, they can, but I love HOW sport shows off its “Put me in Coach! I can play any position!” attitude and it does it at a SPRINT! I can whip up a pair of vanilla socks or fingerless gloves that were meant to be done in fingering weight yarn while boiling water for my tea when using sport. OK, OK, you got me! Not that fast for sure, but it seems so much faster than fingering weight and not quite so tiring on my fingers as a bulky yarn might be.                                                                                                                                                                                   *And by versatility I mean: one minute it is the cutest slouchy hat (see below) and the next minute it is an elegantly draping sweater! (see further below…look for a hot pink sweater!)

Drizzle in extra slouchy

2. With the increased speed I gain, I don’t lose drape! I like certain fingering weight patterns simply because those little stitches created with little yarn on little needles make a BIG IMPACT. That trio creates stunning drape and definition. It makes me long to cast on so many elegant and fluid patterns knit in 2, 3 and 4 ply! But Sport works for me equally well as the drape and gentleness created still gives me fabric that moves and dances lightly in to what I want to create.


3. I gain what I want, but I avoid too much bulk. What do I mean? Hand knit socks are so awesome. I love them! I just wish they would fly off the needles as quickly as they flew on! What appeals to me about hand knit socks is the quality of fit, comfort and warmth–and of course beauty! I have found I can make socks in Sport, still enjoying these qualities, AND STILL GET MY FOOT IN THE SHOE. They zip along faster, and for my littlest Knit•Wear-Now demander recipient, she can delight in the joy of her “Made Just For Me!” item all the sooner!

4. And now we have what is probably my strongest point of why sport weight yarn is so appealing to me:



Isn’t that the happiest of coincidences?

I have the biggest crush on Lyra yarn by Space Cadet. I am not sure if it is the playful way the yarn behaves in my hands and on my needles, or if it is the incredible colour pallet I have from which to choose, but I love this yarn! My hat pattern Drizzle is knit in it and actually was created for it. A fun hat knit from fun yarn.

Quite recently I re-created a pattern that was originally an exclusive pattern for SpaceCadet. The striped version still is. But the solid version shown here is available now on Ravelry!  Yes! It is!

Stripeless Mauna Kea

Stripeless Mauna Kea

This sweater knits up fast, can be easily adjusted (lengthen the sleeves, adjust body length and fit, add a stripe or two of your own in a contrasting colour….)

And what was super fun this time around was being able to knit the smallest size sweater and still have leftovers enough to create the Beanie version of Drizzle (shown below).

Drizzle {Beanie Version}

Drizzle {Beanie Version}

If you aren’t a Sport Fan yet, I have some things in the works to hopefully get you in the game! But for now Team we have an exciting announcement!


Commentor #1: bellasocks !!!  Woohoo and Congrats!

She shared this comment:

Some ig folks that inspire me…

For those of you who didn’t win the free pattern, here are two wee treats to give you cause to smile:

#1 ∞  You may use the code EveryOneWinsWithAloha on the Mauna Kea Pattern for $1 off {Offer good until 5pm Thurs. Feb 26th}

#2 ∞ And for everyone who could benefit from 1 minute of an island music & a getaway…well really a minute and a half…enjoy the video below!