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Ides Of March

Ahhhhh, Beware The Ides of March Caesar!

For me March 15th was wonderful. It came on the heels of a Saturday migraine that was horrible. The Ides of March was a pleasant one…no betrayal by Brutus…

Why not pull up a seat, grab a project to knit or skein to wind and join me as I share some winners of handspun, an alterknit I am doing and a fun new KAL starting! Then be sure to read below for more details!

In this podcast you see me wearing my Another Piper’s Journey

I introduce you to Moeke-yarns which has a beautiful story behind it! I love this yarn—LOOOVVVEEE!

I share about revamping a shawl from Chickadee yarn to Sparrow which I blogged about here. Which leads us in to our new KAL…and which I am calling the brainstorming thread “Springboard for Brainstorming” and it is open on the Ravelry thread here. BE ADVISED: The Kal will actually have its name altered: ALTERKNITKAL Our Rav tag for projects will be alterknitswithmel and out hashtag is #AlterKnitsWithMelKAL

The moment I finished recording the podcast the renaming of it hit me, and I liked it immensely, so in keeping with the alterknit-ing vibe, I am issuing an alterknitive one! 😉

image 2

Easy peasy guidelines:

• You are invited to participate now through 25 May 2015 to knit one of my patterns (any of them: in my Ravelry store, plus Laredo and Pomaika’i) any way you want! Change colours, add stripes, insert new stitch patterns, add long sleeves, shorten the sleeves, exchange fingering weight yarn for worsted! Plan your own alterknit way to create something! I will be around to help! {Important info: I will be around to help and suggest things, but not to rewrite and re-work patterns completely, so proceed at your skill set and comfort level for experimentation}

• We will have lots of great yarny prizes and other awesome gifts to be announced and awarded starting 1 April! Yup! You read that right! Start participating now and you could get lots of treats along the way, not just for our FO thread! Enter as many different patterns as you like, each specific pattern may have one alterknit entry in the FO thread for prize drawing eligibility, more on that in the thread when it starts!

I will be sharing in weeks ahead specific pattern you can tweak and ways to consider the revamping! I hope you will join me and invite others to join in as well!

Much aloha,


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Let’s Get Together!


There is a new podcast up!

After quite some time since I had the pleasure of sitting down with you, I have a new podcast to share!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Quick points of interest:

∞ The Hats Off thread is here: click this link!

∞ The free handspun hat pattern releases to all knitters on the newsletter list. Want one? Click here! The pattern will be mailed **FREE** to everyone who has signed up on or before 12 March. You will see the pattern pdf download on 13 March 2015 in your inbox! =) Nothing could be simpler! Everyone else will be able to get the pattern on 27 March! image

∞ Ready to deepen you understanding of yarn? Why not look in to Begin Your Swatching Adventures!


∞ Want the Swatch Hat patten? It is almost ready for you! It will first be heading out to Swatch Like You Mean it Class participants and Space Cadet mini-skein club members. For everyone else the pattern will be available for $1.00 on 11 March 2015.

YOUR $1.00 purchase will go directly to help fund the learning project my daughter and I are about to embark on: K1R1:Knit1Reach1. Your $1.00 buys you a hat pattern with more versatility that you can imagine! That same dollar will provide yarn and needles for girls in our area interested in the art of knitting!

∞ You have until Sunday March 8th at 10 pm EST to enter the most wonderful—wonderfully easy!—giveaway! It celebrates the new design I have with Quince and Co. Scarves, etc 2015 collection. Have you entered? Pop over and try! But you better hurry! Link is here!

My best aloha to you!

It was such a delight spending time together once again! We should do it again very soon…like tweet me now! 😉



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My Joy!

Today Quince & Co. released their Scarves, etc 4 book.

I have a pattern in it.

P O M A I K A ‘ I

There is so much happiness and joy in this moment.

Kauai inspired. Kauai represented. Kauai stitched in Quince & Co. yarn.

My joy is so wonderful.

May this start your morning off with a joy that nature gives best.

En-joy the Aloha!

{And after you watch, visit the Quince & Co shoppe here to see more!}

My best Aloha will always be towards you,


PS. See something you NEED to knit? HEAD HERE and enjoy!


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Adventures: Hither, Thither and Yon

Aloha My Friends!

How dearly you have been missed! I have found myself quite all over these past few weeks. I don’t think I can catch you up in one post, so I won’t be trying that today. Instead I will give a wee bit of words and pictures in the post and a bit more in the podcast as I share some finished things! Let’s begin with a blast from the past…exactly a year ago today!

11Oct2013To start, this was my view on October 11, 2013…Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii.

I had gone for a run in the morning instead of afternoon/evening as was my norm. This is what I wrote in my journal

“It seemed like a great idea to run at different times in the day, to savor Kauai as a whole instead of just afternoon memories. I can not fully wrap my mind around the idea that this time next year my view will not include the sights and smells of Major’s {Major’s Bay has a trail that is along the ocean and in the woods that I ran each day}. I hope my new adventure has me excited…doing and seeing new things, making new friends, going new places…fighting the urge to be homesick.”

Ahh! I do miss Kauai, but I was spot on with the adventures being exciting! Want to hear about them?

It began with flying out to meet Barb, a dear friend and incredible knitter, spinner and human. As you can see, our together time was filled with smiles. Isn’t that just the way it is with knitting pals? She and I enjoy the outdoors so a large portion of time spent in company together had us out and about adventuring by foot.

The Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat was a bit earlier this year and so the weather was so much warmer for me. Wanderings through Kennebunk/Kennebunkport were highlighted with sunshine, gentle breezes and smiling faces. The town had a delightful village feel and with so many instances of bumping in to other knitters from the retreat out and about during our free time I felt like a local! (No, I didn’t eat the lobster, but I did make friends with one!)

Nice locals were everywhere

During the retreat I took a morning session of Susan B. Anderson’s class on toys. We all began in the class together casting on a wee little bunny. I share in-depth quite a bit about the experience in the podcast. In short Susan makes learning not only fun, but addicting. You want to learn, make and do…and her kindness makes you want to do it well and show her! The class gave me great confidence, Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) have been something I have been not used much after the coconut incident, but using size 4mm and a worsted weight yarn I was feeling like a champ!

Adjusted things and pleased with the results! An incredible teacher filled with some amazing students

I would like to take a moment and give a HUGE MAHALO NUI LOA to Unicorn Crafts and Opal Yarn for providing such beautiful pattern handouts for Susan’s class. I show you all these in the podcast. In short, that are a treasure. I plan to email them directly to thank them. I encourage any other retreat attendees to do the same. These were quality pattern handouts, rich in colour and formatted so well the least i can do is thank them…but I also plan to look around to see what products they sell! Unicorn Books and Crafts and Opal Yarn have won my patronage with these gifts! The patterns are worth adding to your library, check them out here.

I was delighted to share dinner one evening with a sweet group of amazing ladies, Angie, Missy, Kristie, Kelly, Barb as well as Susan and Auntie Paula. The Ramp was a fun place with a breathtaking view. Dinner was filled with laughter, stories and beautiful women sharing delightful stories. It is one of my favourite memories.

I got a little crazy when left to my own devices... Can not even express the joy behind this photoSmile: And share a book! We were Instagram NINJAS!Missy and I knit in the sun

There is so much more to share and show, which I will, but not all at once today.

So I leave you with my “stoked selfie”–I am showing you one of the most famous houses in Kennebunkport. Recognize it?


Enjoy the podcast! And look for updates this week to include: More On Maine, Pattern Chatter, Beautiful People: An Interview With Stacey Trock, Washcloth Mania (hundreds HUNDREDS  have come in! I have been spending hours with the family doing inventory and prepping items to send to Haiati…YOU ALL ARE STUNNING!) , a Free Pattern Friday, and some amazing things to come! ,–and by “amazing” I mean hold on to your knitting needles!

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{A wee bit of housekeeping: I am recovering from a huge computer crisis…more on that another day…but I did want to let you know if you have not seen me in a few days it is because I have somehow managed to work a 40+ hour stint at my desk with computers and related electronic since Thursday…Yes, over 40 hours in 3.5 days…my eyes are bugging. SO if you have been expecting a message from me and wondering Where Is Mel?! I have been at my desk, doing nothing glamorous, nothing fun, nothing in fresh air and daylight. So afford me a bit of grace and I will get back to you soon!}

And now on to MUCH more pleasant things: Yarn, yarn accessories and amazingly wonderful yarn shoppes!

This week we (ad)venture off to my Local Yarn Shoppe (LYS). The Salty Sheep is a delight, and not due entirely to the incredible collection of Kelbourne Woolens in stock, though that is a real draw! I don’t want to say too much and spoil what is sure to be a great time together, so just enjoy the podcast. Be sure to share with me what YOU are knitting at present. Are you enjoying your project? Your yarn? Be sure to tell me in the comments! Just a wee little reminder, YOUR voice in the comments IS WANTED. You bring something very special to this blog: Your Insight! You know things that someone else may not, you have knitting or crochet someone has never tried, and more importantly You are such an incredible human you should definitely share yourself! So be sure to share a little!

Lastly, since this week and next we will be visiting the LYS I get to call home I want to spend time encouraging LYS Owners! What is your LYS like? Share about it! Use the hashtags: #withmel #LoveMyLYS and add a photo on instagram or twitter. You can just give your LYS a shout out in the comments. Feel free to add their website in the comments so others can look around where you knit! n the podcast I encourage you to encourage you LYS. Get creative and keep me in the loop! You may have a great idea to cheer on your LYS that others might benefit from hearing about and putting to practice.

Later this week I share more about things discussed on the podcast. As long as the computer doesn’t gobble me up…

With Aloha,



With Mel {Video#5}

We head out and about, not straying too far from H2O…or things crafted by hand!


You can see from the photo I have my Menehune…do you have yours? I can’t wait to see it! Share with me your progress in any way you feel comfortable… Twitter or Instagram are fun places for “selfies” and I would love to see your smiling face wearing Menehune! As you watch today’s episode I will share with you how you can let me know you would like the Menehune Pattern in its traditional form, written out on paper. The free pattern option will be available to you until 10 Sept. 2014 if you have been knitting along with us on the podcast.

Today there is a lot You can share with me…everything from what you are knitting now, to Greek Mythology, to proudly listing what things you have finished or just begun this month! So enjoy the adventure, then hurry back and share your thoughts…and then share this post! If YOU smiled during our time together don’t you think someone else might too?


And be sure to keep up with the blog by subscribing! if you don’t you may have missed some incredible things!   Or may miss what is set for this week! I have a very unique Knit2Gether coming soon with SpaceCadet Creations. Did you see it? It will be a whole new approach for me…knitting little by little, together, sharing insight with each new bit of the pattern! So be sure to stay connected with the blog! Not just the blog, With Me! And bottom line… I blog to share with you! When you aren’t around I notice. When you share with others what I share with you, I notice! Each Re-tweet, each repost, every like on Instagram…all the ways You engage with me and then pass on the aloha makes me smile! So Mahalo to You! Enjoy the podcast!

Aloha Friends,