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Wandering Wardrobe Project: Weekend Edition!

Sanctuary Shrug

Some eye candy today…

Inspiration for ways to wear a simple shrug.

Dress it up, or down.

Wear in urban or leafy jungles.

Wear it right side up, or up-side-down and even inside out.

If you look below K8 wears the Sanctuary shrug in•side•out as she likes the texture as well as the exposed seams for her outfit.

K8 wears Sanctuary Shrug in•side•out

K8 wears Sanctuary Shrug in•side•out



Andrea prefers it right way around worn with a soft blouse and jeans.

Sanctuary Shrug


Knit it in 2 colours with contrasting cuffs or all as one solid colour.



Shrugs are that little bit extra that YOU can wear


College Student


A Fresh Vibe

Easy to wear, simple to knit, hard to look bad in it! You can even put it on UP SIDE DOWN and find a whole new vibe (this way provided by my eldest daughter has become my fave!)

So shrug off any misconception that you can’t rock the shrug! And if you are ready to start knitting a shrug now Sanctuary Shrug is available here! 

Ps. Want a glimpse of the newest shrug to come…


Talus cuff view

I would love You to weigh in on shrugs! Do you like lightweight and lace versions? Oversized and chunky ones? For your wardrobe are they summer essentials or winter chill busters? Share below! And then share with friends! I would be so thankful for your sharing this post wherever you find yourself on social media!

My best aloha to you!



Wandering Wardrobe Project

Wandering Wardrobe Project: Hats

Hats make a bad hair day a style statement day!

Not only can you ward off the cold and rain with these accessories, they are FUN to knit!

And versatile! *In the knitting and the wearing!*

Be sure to notice the different styles from “My favourite grey T-shirt” to “A flirty little dress” and everything in between that you can rock a hat with…and it doesn’t need to be match-matchy!

Wiki Wiki

The Wiki-Wiki hat is fun to wear pulled low on the brow.

{That is actually how I wear all my hats from Wiki-Wiki to Drizzle to my favourite Yankees ball cap.}

You may like it back a bit further, which allows the world to see more of your beautiful face.

A thick brim on a hat gives you the ability to slide it back and scrunch the top a bit, or with Drizzle you can roll the brim a bit more.

Let your locks just hang out or you can tuck them underneath!


image 4

Through The Stones Beret

Through The Stones

Through The Stones

Through The StonesTams and berets are also loads of fun to wear. Their construction allows them to set in a jaunty way that evokes a lively vibe. Oftentimes folks say they can’t wear this style of hat for one reason or another, but I think knitting one up as a treat for yourself might help startle process of changing you mind. Doing a simple style and adding a pop of contrast is a great place to begin. Set it off side, or allow the extra pinch of fabric to fall back. Not ready to go the way of the beret? Maybe start one now to have on hand for the fun this fall that awaits us with hats…boy have I some fun in store…

For now why not share a tip you have with hats!

  • How do you store yours?
  • What is your style preference: a hat to match every outfit? matching doesn’t matter? 
  • Tips or tricks with care?


Hats shown are 

Through The Stones Beret




Through The Stones Beret 







Wiki Wiki Hat



Wiki Wiki Hat












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Wandering Wednesday: Start Small

(For Dear Readers not familiar with the Wandering Wardrobe Project: HEAD HERE)

When you first learn to knit, I dare say you start with a square something… perhaps a dishcloth. You may knit a rectangle and continue it for a long swath and create a scarf (one day I will tell you about the sweetheart I know in her last year at Penn State who just cast off her 12 year scarf. No, I do not make these things up…)

We start our first stitches focused on a smaller project. And the moment it is off the needles we have the feeling of a gladiator, banging sword against shield and roaring “I DID IT! I DIIIIIIIID IT!” –Wait, what? That wasn’t your response? Hmmm…Oddly enough, that continues to be my only response. If it wasn’t your initial, it is never too late to implement, and I highly recommend it.

Smaller projects in knitting are how we begin. They should never be forgotten or dismissed as the quick or mindless knit of the scarf creates a useful bit of wardrobe wow! Apart from making a great piece for your closet it is a superpower tool: You become Super Person getting a Not-Yet-Knitting Knitter started on the Knitter path when you use the scarf as a teaching tool.

Classic wrap around your neck style

Classic wrap around your neck style

So the focus today is on scarves…specifically garter stitch scarves. Created from the knit stitch, you get loads of muscle memory time as a new knitter creating one of these! Turn the creation of the scarf on its side, you get to work long stretches without interruption and fewer opportunities to add an extra stitch or two at each end, which is something that often happens as a new knitter. Knitting long ways reduces the number of edges to notice that strange phenomenon…and if it does occur, cover it with some fringe!

When it is cold those cozy creations are essential, keeping you looking and feeling hot! But as you can see Kate and Hannah, both in L.A. and Andrea, in the Hawaiian Islands, can use these where they live too!

Gimme 20 knits up super fast with bulky wool, shown here in SpaceCadet Elara When Life Gives You Lemons and Dark Skies. It is a free pattern that anyone who knows how to knit in garter can get on and off their needles rather quickly.

And if you don’t know how to knit, you can learn! Oahu is a great place to start! Every single step from what needles do I use, how do I start out, how do I turn my work (believe it or not when I started knitting turning my work made my heart race and palms sweat!)…

And if you want to knit and need supplies this free pattern and videos has a supporting kit you just have to head here. The kit includes every single thing you need to knit this scarf except your two hands!

Wearing a scarf adds colour to an outfit.  Andrea, wife & mom of a little guy on Kauai shows above how to keep it traditional.

Boldly try the way Hannah shows below. The soft drape of Oahu makes this bit of knitting great as a statement piece right from the top! I love how she pulls off a boho vibe!

Carrying them works too!  One of our gals said: “I seriously loved how squishy it [the scarf] was that I found myself toting it everywhere. Sometimes draped over my arm, other times over my bag. It’s as awesome as having your security blanket with you, but because it is much prettier than my ratty tatty old blanket I don’t get weird looks. I get lots of ‘Can I see that?’ ‘Did you make that for real?!’ ‘I wanna try it on!’ And can I just say my blanket isn’t that ratty and beaten up, and I do resist the impulse to take it out, mostly…”

Gimme 20 Scarf and Through the Stones Beret on K8

And so this Wandering Wardrobe Project Wednesday starts off simply. Making a simple garter scarf and adding it to any outfit gives it a pop! You don’t even have to get in to fancy tying and knotting for it to enhance your outfit. And the colour combos are endless! Mono-chrome is next on my list for Gimme 20! The Patterns With Class Oahu scarf can be worked up from a blue and grey and black kit for a bolder look or even from the rainbow kit that looks every bit like the rainbows everywhere in Hawaii.

Have you knit either of these?! Then join in this wandering! Simply share your photos with the #WanderingWardrobeProject and #MSkiKnits hashtags! Stretch the way you think about styling. Your stretch may be a little or a lot! But try something new and share!

Haven’t knit them yet? No worries! You can start whenever!

Next week we stick with small and add a few more faces to the mix. Want to get a jump on next week’s styling ideas? Why not try knitting the WikiWiki hat? It is a simple hat that is great for handspun yarn if you want to try yours! And at $2 it’s not going to break any piggy  bank! 😉 So you have free patterns today and one for less than a cup of joe at the local cafe!

I look forward to really kicking it up a notch next Wednesday with you!

Until then, I hope the sun is smiling on you wherever you are!


K8 rocking it as a wrap

K8 rocking it as a wrap

knitting, Wandering Wardrobe Project

Wandering Wardrobe Project

Something I notice more and more is interest from people who want to knit… but don’t…yet. “It seems fun, like something I could see myself doing,” shared one college student I spoke with, “but I am not sure I would use what I made, you know? Where I live, covering my shoulders with a shawl doesn’t seem like a good fit. I guess if I saw other girls around me wearing things like we dress…I think that would make it more appealing.”

Other young women I talked with seemed to say the same thing. And a seed was planted…

“It seems fun, like something I could see myself doing…but I am not sure I would use what I made, you know?

Show someone how they can use what they are creating. This was the initial thought I had. The more I thought about it, the more I knew the diversity of “someone” was key. I couldn’t just get one person to wear one item and think that satisfied my idea. I would need several someones,real women with their own sense of style that are willing to share in different areas; a variety to give legs to this project.

L.A. Through the Stones/Gimme 20. New career starting.


And how those legs have stretched and transported this project from L.A., Seattle, Hawaii…Midwest, Central and Southern US… up and down the East Coast too!

Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s… College students, young mothers, ladies starting their careers, and those planning to retire. Teachers, veterinarians, volunteers, stay at home mothers. All receiving a wardrobe of hand knits to sort through and wear as they choose! Each Wednesday over the next few weeks we will travel to a new place, meet some seasoned knitters, new knitters, and not-yet knitters. They will share glimpses of their towns and thoughts on personal style. The hand knits will be worn in ways you already do…and in ways you may have never considered.

So join in the Wandering Wardrobe Project! Start by subscribing to the blog to get each post delivered right to your inbox! Join the newsletter mailing list and get a few behind the scenes tips, tricks and thoughts. Join in showing your version of the hand knits showcased styled by you each week! And lastly, share this project with the share buttons below!


Looking forward to wandering together!